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      SentinelOne (S) Stock Rose Even After Insider Selling

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      November 13, 2023

      2:03 PM UTC

      SentinelOne (S) Stock Rose Even After Insider Selling

      SentinelOne, Inc. (NYSE: S) shares exhibited a noteworthy ascent of 2.55%, concluding the weekend session at $15.68. This positive trajectory occurred despite significant insider selling reported on Friday. Tomer Weingarten, the President & CEO of SentinelOne, divested 104,742 shares of the company. The executive shunned the shares at an average price of $15.77, generating gross proceeds of $1,642,239. Following this transaction, the executive retains ownership of 829,013 shares.

      SentinelOne (S) recently entered into a strategic collaboration with Snyk, a renowned figure in developer security, aimed at alleviating the complexities associated with prioritizing modern applications and the software supply chain. The announcement revealed the integration of Singularity Cloud Workload Security, SentinelOne’s real-time Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP), with the Snyk Developer Security Platform.

      This integration facilitates the correlation of cloud runtime threat detections identified by SentinelOne with vulnerabilities detected by Snyk in container images. This correlation empowers cloud security, application security, and developer teams to enhance collaboration and effectively address the underlying causes of these issues.

      Future enhancements to this integration will provide security teams with tools to manage application risk in the cloud, expanding on the combined code-to-cloud context of SentinelOne and Snyk. This, in turn, simplifies prioritization and remediation focus for developers. SentinelOne made the announcement of this development during its inaugural customer event OneCon.

      The collaborative efforts of SentinelOne and Snyk bring consolidated visibility to developers, offering insights into vulnerabilities and threats from both platforms. This consolidated information equips customers to comprehend container security risks comprehensively and make informed decisions to mitigate them.

      Given the escalating complexity of software supply chains, development and security teams require comprehensive context to effectively address risks. In partnership with Snyk, SentinelOne aims to deliver complete visibility from code to cloud, empowering enterprises to exert greater control and visibility over their security programs. This collaborative initiative facilitates improved management and scalability of developer security initiatives.

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