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      SGBX Movement Eyed Closely After New Facility in Georgia - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      March 14, 2022

      6:47 PM UTC

      SGBX Movement Eyed Closely After New Facility in Georgia - Stocks Telegraph

      Stock for SG Blocks, Inc. (NASDAQ: SGBX) has been on a downwards tumble, losing as much as 6.54% in the current market this afternoon. Its tumultuous volatility complicates predictions as to whether the stock will go green or red. The last week saw both high and low peaks of relatively significant magnitudes, which indicate the unpredictability associated with SGBX. The general bearish trend can be traced back to 2018, where the stock was at its all-time peak of $121.40, after which a persistent decline had been initiated.

      New SG Blocks Manufacturing Facility in Georgia

      The design company, SG Blocks, specializing in cargo shipping containers, made quite the news during its inception, with its innovative and sustainable concept. The recent press release making the rounds has been an announcement by SG Blocks, pertaining to the initiation of a manufacturing campus. This facility, as per a recent announcement, will be based in Georgia and would span 33 acres. It would further consist of a 114,000 square foot manufacturing facility employing 125 specialists. This initiative is a public-private partnership, which had been widely praised by the governor of Georgia, as a means of encouraging innovation throughout the state.

      Implications for SGBX

      From a stock movement standpoint for SGBX, the initiative does not directly translate to growth potential in the immediate sense, given its nature. However, investors looking to gain exposure to long-term gain may potentially drive-up price once volume sees an increase. From an operational standpoint, the move holds critical importance. This is because, as the firm expands the firm’s points of manufacturing centers, potentially expanding capacity. This news follows an earlier announcement from two weeks ago of a similar initiative in Durant, Oklahoma. SG Blocks had acquired a 114-acre facility to function as a mixed-use site. These breakthroughs point towards a gradually expanding scope of operation, which would facilitate the capture of further market share. SGBX could see a price drive up if these acquisitions result in direct capacity upscaling.


      SGBX stock is currently undergoing tumultuous volatility, with uncertainty as to whether the stock will close at red or green. Given the long-term bearish trend, there are discussions as to whether this could be the initiation of a wider swing. Initiatives in Durant and Georgia indicate plans of expansion and capacity enhancement, which could boost growth potential.

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