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      Stock Market Updates: FRLN Surges in the Pre Market

      By Hasnain R

      Published on

      October 5, 2023

      11:13 AM UTC

      Stock Market Updates: FRLN Surges in the Pre Market

      In today’s pre-market session, Freeline Therapeutics Holdings PLC (NASDAQ: FRLN) exhibited an impressive surge in stock performance, with its price reaching $5.26, marking a substantial change of 39.89%.

      The substantial increase in price found significant backing in the form of extensive trading, with the trading volume reaching a notable 4,750,000 shares.

      Moreover, it’s noteworthy that the company issued a press release merely 19 hours ago, potentially influencing the heightened US stocks market attention and the impressive pre-market performance of the stock.

      Investors are closely monitoring Freeline Therapeutics as it maintains its prominent presence in the market.

      Positive Initial Clinical Data from Phase 1/2 GALILEO-1 Trial

      October 4, 2023, Freeline Therapeutics’ revealed positive initial clinical data from its Phase 1/2 GALILEO-1 trial. The trial evaluated the safety and efficacy of FLT201 in patients with Gaucher disease Type 1. The data showed robust increases in plasma glucocerebrosidase (GCase) enzyme activity, with levels reaching up to 700-fold over baseline in the first two patients treated with FLT201. Additionally, leukocyte GCase activity, which indicates cellular uptake of the enzyme from plasma, reached normal levels in both patients.

      Strong Potential for Improved Outcomes in Gaucher Disease

      The promising clinical data from the GALILEO-1 trial suggest that FLT201 has the potential to provide improved outcomes for patients with Gaucher disease. Existing therapies for Gaucher disease have made a significant impact, but many patients still experience symptoms and face a lifelong treatment burden. FLT201, as a one-time investigational gene therapy, offers a new approach that has the potential to alleviate symptoms and reduce the treatment burden for patients.

      Freeline Therapeutics’ Differentiated Approach

      Freeline Therapeutics’ success can also be attributed to its differentiated approach in developing gene therapies. FLT201 leverages the company’s proprietary AAVS3 capsid, which is designed to deliver high expression at low doses. The gene therapy also incorporates a novel GCase variant that overcomes the short half-life of wildtype GCase. These unique features of FLT201 have shown promising results in preclinical and clinical studies, further reinforcing the therapeutic potential of the treatment.

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