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      Stocks Under a $1 for December 2021 - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ali Hassan

      Published on

      December 13, 2021

      5:29 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      May 4, 2023

      9:21 AM UTC

      Stocks Under a $1 for December 2021 - Stocks Telegraph

      Investors are also enthused and excited to enter into the last month of 2021. Stocks under a $1, also known as penny stocks, are a lucrative source of income. With the advancement of social media and platforms like Reddit, the idea of investing in cheap stocks emerged on the global stage.

      That means everyone who has little amount can invest in the stock market. Whilst the volatility of these stocks, cheap stocks can also net some impressive returns in a short time. Let’s take a look at the best stocks under a $1 for December 2021.

      Zomedica Corp.

      Zomedica (ZOM) is a veterinary health company that focuses on the unmet needs of clinical veterinarians by developing products for companion animals. The company is known for its diagnostic biosensor platform named TRUFORMA. TRUFORMA helps in detecting disorders in dogs and cats, and adrenal disorders in dogs.

      Zomedica stock made a stunning upward movement earlier in 2021. Thanks to that, ZOM is up by 608.89% in 2021. However, the stock has been trading near 52-week lows after it dropped from $1 in July.

      The company has made some decisions that can help the stock pump in the coming months. Zomedica recently appointed Larry Heaton as the President and Mr. Heaton has will assume the role of CEO upon the retirement of the current CEO Robert Cohen.

      Larry is ambitious and plans to make TRUFORMA an indispensable part of the Veterinarian’s practice by expanding the array of tests available. Another important news is Zomedica’s acquisition of the Pulse Veterinary Technologies businesses for $70.9 million. Through the acquisition of PulseVet, Zomedica will expand its footmark in a new segment of Biotech.

      PluseVet is a world leader in electro-hydraulic shock wave technology for the treatment of a wide variety of conditions in veterinary patients. Those investors who were worried about Zomedica’s single focus on TRUFORMA would certainly have got the answer. This expansion will improve ZOM’s financial results in the coming months.

      At this point, ZOM stock is a pretty good buy in December.

      Gran Tierra Energy Inc.

      Gran Tierra Energy (GTE), along with its subsidiaries, engages in the exploration and production of oil and gas properties in Colombia and Ecuador. This seems to be a perfect stock for you going into December.

      The oil and gas company has done an exceptional job in both improving its operations and financial results. The company has updated its third-quarter 2021 outcomes. Following the blockades during the second quarter of 2021, Gran has ramped operations back up throughout its Colombia portfolio.

      In Q3, the company achieved average production of 29,000 barrels of oil per day. That recorded a significant improvement of 26% over the last quarter. Moreover, Gran improved its current average production between October 1 and October 11, 2021, to 30,600 barrels of oil per day. That’s the highest production since February 2020. With smooth work on the production side, Gran paid down the credit facility balance to $140 million. That’s a big relief going forward.

      Gran Tierra Energy puts on an attractive balance sheet for investors. Gran’s cash by the year-end of 2020 was $13.69 million, up from $8.30 million in 2019. In the trailing 12-months, the working capital has increased to $84.47 million.

      With production restored, a successful 2021 drilling program, strong world oil prices, Gran looks to be in a perfect position. GTE stock could be one of the stocks under a $1 buy in December.

      Avinger Inc. 

      Avinger Inc. (AVGR) is a commercial-stage medical device marketing the first and only intravascular image-guided, catheter-based system for diagnosis of Peripheral Artery Disease.

      With three new medicines introduced in the last three years, Avinger is well poised to deliver on a growth strategy to revolutionize the treatment of PAD. That has been the point of attraction for investors around AVGR stock.

      The company recently presented positive clinical data from the INSIGHT study. INSIGHT trials evaluated the safety and effectiveness of Avinger’s Pantheris image-guided atherectomy system. It is being studied for treating in-stent restenosis in lower extremity arteries.

      The positive outcome from INSIGHT trials is a major breakthrough for Avinger. The treatment of in-stent restenosis represents both a significant market and healthcare burden. Avinger’s solution to this problem will really benefit the healthcare sector and bring chunks of revenue to the company.

      AVGR stock is trading near its 52-week lows, which puts it in a high upside. In December we can see the buying volume increase based on a positive future. Moreover, Avinger will also release its third-quarter outcomes in December. The quarterly results are expected to continue growth momentum from the last quarter.

      With a strong balance sheet and all the positive news, AVGR stock is one to look forward to in December.

      SeaChange International 

      SeaChange International (SEAC) is a leading provider of video delivery, advertising, and streaming platforms. The company ended on a high note during the second quarter, and the growth spectrum is expected to improve in the third quarter as well.

      SEAC stock has done pretty well in 2021 with soaring over 25%. If we look at SEAC’s trading pattern, it really gives options to make a profit in the short term. The stock is trading in its major support zone of the year, which is the point to pick the stock. But let’s see what can back the stock to pump in the coming months.

      During the second quarter, SeaChange increased its revenue by 29% with the execution of its growth strategy. While gross margin expanded to 63%. The increasing financial momentum reveals the traction SeaChange is achieving on key sales initiatives.

      The highlight was the launch of a cloud-based OTT platform, StreamVid. StreamVid is introduced to help operators and content owners manage and optimize their streaming businesses. Moreover, the company decreased its operating expenses by 17% from the same quarter last year. That’s due to SeaChange’s ongoing efficiency measures. With all that, the company holds a strong balance sheet with zero debt and $18.9 million in cash and cash equivalents.

      SEAC stock is one of the best under a $1 stocks that could give you a high profit in the coming months.

      AIkido Pharma Inc.

      AIkido Pharma Inc. (AIKI) is a biotechnology company and focuses on developing small-molecule anti-cancer therapeutics. AIKI stock has done pretty well this year and it can be a decent stock to choose among stocks under a $1  in December.

      So far, Alkido stock has soared over 69% in 2021. Currently, it trades around its 52-week low range putting it in an upside position. Moreover, Aikido has been in the news which is important to attract investors.

      Alkido recently secured an equity interest in Tevva Motors Ltd, an electric truck producer with range-extended vehicles on the road now. Tevva is known for its modular electrification systems for medium-duty commercial vehicles. Investment in Tevva is really an attractive play for investors of AIKI stock.

      From a commercial standpoint, delivery trucks are a $100 billion global market and demand for a cost-effective. Tevva is well-positioned to take advantage of this rapidly growing sector. That means Tevva’s growth will ultimately increase profits for Alkido.

      Another investment Alkido made in recent times is securing an early equity interest in telehealth company, Kerna Health. Kerna Health is a next-generation digital health monitoring and virtual care company that is exhibiting growing momentum. Alkido believes that telehealth is an important sector that will continue to rise in the future, and we’ve already seen the growth during the COVID-19 period.

      Moreover, the company also owns 525,000 shares of DatChat that went public a few months ago. With all these investments and expansion strategies, Alkido seems one of the hot stocks under a $1.

      Stocks under a $1 can be volatile as a lot of day traders are involved in investing in $1 stocks. Whilst the volatility of these stocks, cheap stocks can also net some impressive returns in a short time.

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