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      SYLA Technologies (SYT) Surges on Real Estate Venture

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      October 30, 2023

      7:41 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      October 30, 2023

      7:55 AM UTC

      SYLA Technologies (SYT) Surges on Real Estate Venture

      SYLA Technologies Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: SYT) made significant headway on the financial charts, demonstrating an increase of 1.21% in its valuation, which stood at $4.17 as of the latest assessment during the regular trading session on Friday. This uptrend in SYLA Technologies’ stock value is directly attributable to the commencement of a new real estate offering.

      SYT operates as the premier purveyor of a subscription-based real estate crowdfunding platform in Japan, known as Rimawari-kun. SYLA Technologies (SYT) has recently declared the initiation of sales for its subsidiary, SYLA Co., Ltd., offering investment opportunities in the SYFORME NAKANO condominium units, effective as of Wednesday, October 11, 2023.

      The SYFORME NAKANO properties occupy a strategically advantageous location within the burgeoning Nakano district, conveniently situated in close proximity to public transportation hubs, merely one stop away from the heart of the Shinjuku city center. This nine-story condominium building encompasses 25 units, a collaborative achievement brought to fruition by the synchronized efforts of SYLA Co.’s in-house development, construction, sales, and management teams.

      Remarkably, this marks SYLA Technologies’ inaugural sale of an independently constructed property. In the backdrop of prevailing economic challenges, most notably the surge in raw material costs, this venture pioneers an innovative approach within the real estate sector. By leveraging its internal expertise in real estate, construction, and advanced technologies, SYLA Co. aspires to carve out a fresh trajectory in real estate development.

      Their overarching objectives encompass the elevation of operational efficiency and the delivery of properties distinguished by superior value, safety, and security in strategically prime Japanese locales. Furthermore, SYLA Co. anticipates that this reinvigorated strategy will yield cost reductions and heightened productivity within the SYFORME Series. The construction of these properties is slated for completion by the close of November 2023, with move-in dates scheduled for early December 2023.

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