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      The Three Best Cloud Computing Stocks to Buy in 2021 - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ali Hassan

      Published on

      March 30, 2021

      4:07 AM UTC

      The Three Best Cloud Computing Stocks to Buy in 2021 - Stocks Telegraph

      The technological rift in the industries has made cloud stocks investors’ favorite.

      The cloud computing companies are growing at an escalating speed as cloud computing services are in high demand. One of the few segments which benefited heavily from the global pandemic is cloud software.

      However, the stock market is a bit different and it moves on to various factors. We have many emerging stocks from the cloud sector and some old-lady techs that are developing power in cloud computing Google and Microsoft are prominent examples. So, let’s have a look at the three best cloud computing stocks to buy in 2021.

      Microsoft (MSFT)

      Microsoft (MSFT) is the leading firm in computing software and cloud software services. The company is significantly developing its roots into commercial cloud traction. More importantly, Microsoft’s exposure to all layers of the cloud stack makes it the top investment.

      Recently, the company reported that it is set to invest in a Data Innovation Centre of Excellence in Canada. The objective of this investment is to support local businesses to integrate digital transformation. Moreover, Microsoft (MSFT) will also add an Azure Edge Zone in Western Canada to strengthen its cloud presence in the country.

      Microsoft’s commercial cloud business includes Office 365, Azure, LinkedIn Commercial, and Dynamics. All these cloud segments are worth $60 billion of business. According to Goldman Sachs analyst KashRangan, Microsoft is well-positioned to double in size or even get bigger between $120 billion and $140 billion in the long run.

      Magnite (MGNI)

      Magnite (MGNI) is an online advertising technology firm based in LA, California. The company has massively advanced with the enhancement of digital advertising technology. Magnite offers its cloud-based services that help production studios and TV services with monetization via ads.

      Recently, the company announced a new, state of art data center facility in Singapore. This will lead Magnite to unify its ecosystem for all media segments in the core of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region. This investment will support the rapid growth in digital advertising services across the region. Moreover, the company will also stamp its authority in the global leadership in CTV and omnichannel digital advertising.

      Magnite (MGNI) is swiftly growing and developing into a bigger cloud firm. So, investors should have a good look at the company.

      Splunk (SPLK)

      Splunk (SPLK) is a US-based firm that produces software for searching, monitoring, and analyzing machine-generated big data through a Web-style interface. Currently, the stock is trading in the downside swing. This is the time to buy the stock and hold it.

      Splunk’s shares have attracted valuation and offer long-term investors a reasonable risk-reward investment opportunity. It’s the kind of risk worth taking. SPLK is one of the few big data pure plays in the market.

      As of December 2020, Splunk (SPLK) was in 47 hedge funds’ portfolios, whereas, its all-time high is 49. The hedge funds are interested in building a portfolio of Splunk more than ever before. So, go with it and hold it.

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