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      The Upward Trajectory Of Veritone (VERI) Stock After-Hours

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      November 30, 2023

      6:40 AM UTC

      The Upward Trajectory Of Veritone (VERI) Stock After-Hours

      Veritone, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI) witnessed a notable uptick of 12.13% in its stock value during the extended session on Wednesday, reaching $2.45. The regular-session trades, however, saw Veritone’s stock closing at $2.19, reflecting a 2.46% decline. This surge in VERI stock was prompted by its recent integration into a significant network.

      Veritone (VERI) declared its status as a contributing entity to the newly established Generative AI Center of Excellence (CoE) for Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partners within the AWS Partner Network (APN). The Generative AI CoE for AWS Partners aims to equip them with the necessary resources and tools to foster responsible development in generative AI.

      These include educational and training materials bridging the potential of AI and the evolving landscape of generative AI tools, applications, and use cases that are poised to enhance customer experiences. Boasting nearly a decade of expertise in delivering generative AI technology solutions geared towards advancing human capabilities, Veritone is set to contribute its knowledge to support the burgeoning landscape of generative AI tools, applications, and use cases.

      VERI’s solutions, catering to some of the world’s most prominent brands, prioritize principles such as fairness, privacy, and safety. This ensures that Veritone’s technology remains transparent, trustworthy, secure, compliant, and equitable, facilitating efficiency, accelerated decision-making, and increased profitability for its clients.

      Since 2014, Veritone has been steadfast in its commitment to responsible AI, placing it at the core of its operations. The company envisions a world where humans can elevate their capabilities through AI, adhering to its AI for Good principles. The Generative AI Center of Excellence for AWS Partners not only serves as a valuable resource but also as a community hub where partners can leverage data-driven insights and tools to support customer adoption journeys.

      This is facilitated through guidance, learning pathways, solution roadmaps, customer engagement frameworks, and interactive curricula. With nearly a decade of experience in developing AI solutions for various sectors, including the public sector, human resources, and media and entertainment industries, VERI brings a distinctive perspective on how to integrate responsible AI design into generative AI solutions.

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