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      This Morning, Ault Alliance Stock Is Gaining Momentum

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      October 26, 2023

      5:06 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      October 26, 2023

      5:07 PM UTC

      This Morning, Ault Alliance Stock Is Gaining Momentum

      Ault Alliance, Inc. (NYSE: AULT) shares are currently experiencing an upward surge, marking an impressive 9.29% increase to reach $0.17 in the current session. This surge in AULT stock is coming on the heels of a significant milestone achieved by one of its subsidiaries.

      Ault Alliance (AULT) has made an official announcement today, disclosing that its wholly owned subsidiary, Sentinum, Inc. (“Sentinum”), has successfully concluded rigorous unit testing for critical infrastructure components. These components are integral in meeting the power demands of high-performance computing (“HPC”) and artificial intelligence (“AI”) applications.

      Sentinum is now fully equipped to deploy and provide comprehensive support for enterprise-class servers and storage devices through its subsidiary, Alliance Cloud Services, LLC. These services will be delivered from Sentinum’s state-of-the-art data center, strategically positioned within a sprawling 617,000 square foot facility situated on a 34.5-acre site in southern Michigan.

      Notably, this data center is strategically situated in close proximity to power production facilities, boasting a current capacity of around 28MWs of power while being energy-efficient, with the potential for future expansions that could scale up to approximately 300MWs. This strategic move represents a pivotal advancement in AULT’s overarching strategy to broaden its portfolio within the Michigan data center domain.

      While Sentinum continues to emphasize its commitment to Bitcoin mining, its adaptability positions AULT Alliance to capitalize on growth prospects within the wider data center sector. Sentinum’s strategic objectives include a concerted effort to expand into non-mining data center services through carefully considered investments in additional infrastructure and advanced computing equipment.

      This expansion is anticipated to accommodate the burgeoning demand for HPC and AI applications. Sentinum is set to collaborate with third-party suppliers such as Nvidia and AMD to integrate a diverse array of hardware components into computing configurations capable of meeting diverse HPC and AI infrastructure requirements.

      AULT’s overarching aim is to provide a diverse range of service options tailored to the unique needs of its customers, rather than a one-size-fits-all solution. Furthermore, Sentinum has plans to extend its offerings to include colocation and hosting services tailored for enterprise clients and large-scale cloud service providers, often referred to as “hyperscalers,” who have substantial power density requirements.

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