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      Today, EUDA Health Is On The Rise

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      October 20, 2023

      3:15 PM UTC

      Today, EUDA Health Is On The Rise

      EUDA Health Holdings Limited (NASDAQ: EUDA) shares are ascending today, defying the absence of any noteworthy developments emanating from the digital health platform. At the last check in the early session, EUDA Health’s stock exhibited an impressive surge of 13.85%, commanding a unit price of $0.91.

      It is discernible that there are no recent press releases or submissions to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) originating from EUDA Health that might account for today’s upward momentum. Correspondingly, the financial analysts have not introduced fresh coverage of the stock that would function as a catalyst for today’s market activity.

      In this context, let us scrutinize recent occurrences to acquire insights into EUDA’s current state. EUDA Health has recently formalized a letter of intent, effective from October 4, 2023, pertaining to a proposed merger with TheoremRx Inc. The involved parties have concurred upon a 30-day exclusivity phase, which possesses the potential for extension by an additional 15 days, subject to mutual accord.

      The primary objective during this period is to deliberate, negotiate, and engage in the due diligence process, with the ultimate aim of arriving at a definitive agreement. According to the terms of the letter of intent, TheoremRx would merge with a subsidiary of EUDA. The subsequent legal framework, ownership interests, nomenclature, and branding following the transaction will be determined through a mutual consensus during the due diligence phase.

      This proposed merger signifies an exhilarating opportunity for EUDA to reinforce its standing in the market through a strategic amalgamation with a biotechnology enterprise that offers immediate growth prospects and avenues for innovation. TheoremRx possesses robust access to capital and a substantial pipeline of compounds designed to address high-demand unmet therapeutic domains that are poised for near-term inflection points.

      Furthermore, its project portfolio has been carefully selected for its potential for substantial upside, with an expedited timeline and cost-efficient path to achieve pivotal monetization milestones. By harmonizing and synergizing the inherent strengths of both companies’ platforms, EUDA is poised to facilitate the advancement of critical new biopharmaceutical treatments through the labyrinthine clinical trial process, while concurrently generating significant value for its shareholders.

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