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      The Coins Still Making their Name in the Market - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      July 7, 2022

      3:15 PM UTC

      The Coins Still Making their Name in the Market - Stocks Telegraph

      There has been a sudden surge in minor profitability in some of the coins. Here are the top movers of the day:

      Top Movers


      This is a crypto-currency that is using blockchain technology to create a cloud-storage program. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain network. It saw a serious jump of about 18.25% in the last twenty-four hours. Currently, it has a value of $0.758. This can be attributed to major brands using Strorj to store NFT assets, which is a very big deal.


      Interest is given by banks to incentivize people into putting their money into their stores. But in the crypto-market, there are seldom such apps. But COMPOUND is a Dapp that allows users to earn interest by storing their cryptocurrency within COMP. It has a trading volume of $103,323,796. At the time of writing, the current price of the COMP coin is around $49.12.


      Advertisement is the way in which money flows in the world. Without advertisements, there would be no consumer awareness of products. But apps it seems take consumer data to advertisers without giving users anything in return Basic Attention Token ventures to change that. In the last seven days, it has seen a surge of 26.77% increase in its value. It has also seen a 4.58% increase in its value to its current price at $0.4537.


      NEXO is the 89th ranked coin on coinmarketcap. At the time of writing, the value of the NEXO token is $0.6475 with an increase of 5.15% over the previous week. The NEXO coin, like COMP, relies on the concept of crypto-interest. But it can also lend loans on only certain cryptocurrencies on which it owns or has made a deal. In this way, the users can get collateral of a stablecoin in return for depositing their cryptos.


      Built on the Binance blockchain, the FTT token is the native token for the trading platform FTX. It is one of the biggest exchanges in the world in terms of volume. At the time of writing, the current value of FTT is around $26.71, a rise of about 4.73% over the last twenty-four hours. Its trading volume has fallen a little short but that is understandable considering that the current status of the market is bearish.

      All-Time High Coins


      Defigram reached its all-time high value of $2.76 today. But it quickly fell down to $2.28. The price is still a 55.85% increase in the value over the past twenty-four hours. The attractive feature of Defigram is that it is an instant messaging application but it also has a decentralized wallet. This means that it is messaging software specifically designed for crypto-traders.


      Altava is also gaining heights. What they want to do is to create a marketplace where NFTs could be displayed and sold. The rise in price in TAVA might be a consequence of the rise of STORJ over the last week. It reached its all-time high-value today of about $6.41. But due to the market correction, it has come back to Earth a little.


      XI had an All-time low value of $0.0302 on the 28th of June. Within two weeks, it has been able to rally to its All-Time High value of $0.170. But the value seemed to be a subject of extreme greed as the current value of the coin has fallen down to $0.0446. The coin does seem to have scam-like vibes.


      From the perspective of the increase that has been made to PESA, it has had an increase of 163,401,823,217.8% from its all-time low value. At the time of writing, PESA has a value of $0.330 but it did reach its value all-time high value of $0.333 today. Basically, PESA is a blockchain app made for remittances in Africa. It is basically a charitable blockchain network.

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