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      Top Weekly Winners and Losers in the Crypto Realm - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      August 23, 2022

      12:35 PM UTC

      Top Weekly Winners and Losers in the Crypto Realm - Stocks Telegraph

      Despite the broader pessimism that seemingly dominates the crypto-markets, there have emerged a number of coins that performed impressively, and have taken the lead amongst all those struggling to push their prices upwards.

      Top Weekly Gainers

      Santos FC Fan Token:

      Given present price standings, Santos FC Fan Token (SANTOS) stands as the biggest winner of the week, nearly tripling its price from $5.60 to $14.30, in a mere 7-day window. At its peak, on Friday, SANTOS had crossed $21, which was its all-time high. The token is among those leading in the sports fan and community category. The last 24 hours saw its volume climb up 11.4%, to an impressive $168.2 million.

      Stargate Finance:

      Stargate Finance (STG) has been another coin that had turned heads this week and is likely to continue to do so in the coming days. In the last week alone, STG had gone up by 110%. Despite the sharp dips and rises of the last 24 hours, the stock maintained its impressive gains for the week, climbing by a further 2% today. As of the time of this writing, STG is trading at $0.7138 in the market. In February of this year, the coin had seen a plummet from its all-time high of $4.21. It now approaches its initial trade price of $0.73.

      S.S. Lazio Fan Token:

      S.S. Lazio Fan Token (LAZIO) is another sports fan token that undertook an epic growth ride in the last week, shooting up from $3.4695 to a present price of $5.97. This rise denotes growth of almost 70% in the span of a single week. LAZIO has been on a bearish slide since its early highs of late 2021, where it peaked at almost $24. Its present upward surge is highly impressive, considering that its reaching prices it was trading at, as early as March of 2022.

      FC Porto Fan Token:

      The last week brought a spectacular growth phenomenon of sports fan crypto-assets, in which yet another name stood tall amidst the winners of the week. FC Porto Fan Token (PORTO) shot up from $3.65 to an impressive present price of $6.23, bringing in the week’s gains to almost 69%. Interest surrounding the token continues to climb in the market, with its trading volume jumping 25.5% to $78.87 million in the last 24-hours alone.

      Continuing its push closer to its peaks of June 2022, (SSV) continues its upward rise, having gained 82.20% in just the last 7-days. With an impressive upward momentum in full throttle, its gains in just the last 24-hours have topped 19%, in its rise from $10.17 last week, to its present $18.53. To put this price into context, SSV reached an all-time high of over $21 in early April, which saw a plummet in June, with the token falling beneath $4. If present trends continue, SSV stands well-positioned to surpass a new all-time high.

      Top Weekly Losers

      Unfortunately for many of those exposed heavily to the crypto-markets, the losers of the last week far outweighed the winners. The pessimistic and bearish conditions dotting the markets have had many panicked investors pulling out of their positions, thus driving down prices of the virtual currencies they had invested in. The following have been some of the worst performers of the week:


      Barely a week ago, we had reported Celsius (CEL) as being a weekly winner, with its impressive rise from $1.62 to a peak of $4.41. This rise has proven short-lived, with CEL falling down hard to as low as $1.55 earlier today. Presently, the crypto-asset has lost upwards of 40% of its price in just a 7-day window. CEL was trading at immense highs throughout 2021, yet its present price fall brings it back to levels seen as far back as March 2020.


      DFI.Money (YFII) was another name among the unfortunate coins of the last seven days, delivering significant losses to all holding them. It started the week at a price of $1648, and briefly climbed to a high of almost $1750. What followed was a steadily consistent fall throughout the week, dropping to its present level of $980, denoting a loss of above 40%. Prices this low were seen exactly 2 years ago, when the Covid-19 scare had dominated the market, and investors were just beginning to consider turning to digital assets.

      Unifi Protocol DAO:

      The digital currency Unifi Protocol DAO (UNFI) has seemingly been on a freefall throughout the last 7-days with no indication of a rebound. Its fall from $12.90 to $8.25 translates to a loss of over 36%. The last 24-hours, however, did see an attempt of a fightback to reverse losses, with UNFI climbing over 6%. This was then followed by an immediately plummeting correction, bringing down the day’s losses to over 1%.


      XMON (XMON) too had fallen significantly throughout the last week, causing a substantial loss of value to its holders. Given the fact that XMON only has 1,495 coins in circulation, it is presently trading even higher than the king of crypto, BTC. The week started off with XMON trading at $48,225, a coin, and continued its plummet down to a staggering $26,372 on Sunday. This represented a loss of a stinging 45% in just five days. The next two days did show a resilient fight back by XMON climbing back up to its present price of $33,180. Despite the 25% climb of the last two days, its losses for the week stand just above 32%.


      The last of this week’s biggest losing crypto-coins is Flamingo (FLM), which fell from $0.19 to below $0.13, a fall of nearly 32%. The last two months have been an epic roller coaster for FLM, seeing a brief high of $0.43, as well as lows of $0.08. Most of August has been disappointing for the coin, continuing its steady fall from $0.25, to its present price.

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