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      Up Ticking WisdomTree (WT) Stock After An Analyst Upgrade

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 29, 2023

      11:49 AM UTC

      Up Ticking WisdomTree (WT) Stock After An Analyst Upgrade

      WisdomTree, Inc. (NYSE: WT) shares experienced a noteworthy upswing of 6.42% during the preceding trading session, concluding at $7.13. The impetus behind this surge was attributed to an elevation in the analyst rating for WisdomTree stock.

      On Thursday, Northcoast, an esteemed analyst firm, upgraded its recommendation for WT from a “Neutral” stance to a “Buy,” albeit maintaining the price target for WT stock at $9. The surge in stock value was also influenced by recent developments, notably the introduction of a new fund by WisdomTree.

      The WisdomTree Bianco Total Return Fund (WTBN) was launched on the NASDAQ, with its objective being to mirror the price and yield performance of the Bianco Research Fixed Income Total Return Index. This index, formulated by Bianco Research LLC, an investment and financial analytics firm, carries an expense ratio of 541 basis points after accounting for fee waivers.

      Employing a multi-step rules-based process, the Bianco Research Fixed Income Total Return Index aims to surpass the performance of a market-cap weighted universe of US Dollar-denominated debt. This is achieved by strategically adjusting exposures to specific factors historically acknowledged for driving fixed income performance.

      The introduction of the WTBN aligns with WisdomTree’s commitment to diversify its fixed income product portfolio through innovative strategies offered by Bianco Research. Investors now have the opportunity to align with Bianco Research’s investment philosophy through the WTBN, which utilizes a fund-of-funds structure to construct a comprehensive portfolio consistent with Bianco Research’s established investment process.

      The collaboration between Bianco Research and WisdomTree, known for their data-driven financial market analysis, reflects a shared dedication to aiding clients in achieving growth. The WTBN’s tracking of the Bianco Research Fixed Income Total Return Index, which invests in other bond ETFs, is strategically timed given the anticipated volatility in the bond market in 2023, as preparations are made for the transition to 2024.

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