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      Voyager (VGX) Coin – Solution to Many different Problems - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      November 19, 2021

      3:52 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      November 19, 2021

      4:59 AM UTC

      Voyager (VGX) Coin – Solution to Many different Problems - Stocks Telegraph

      Cryptocurrency has taken the world by storm but due to non-regulation, or inability to regulate the market. A large number of companies have detached themselves. They have launched their own exchanges or liquidity venues that have resulted in a highly fragmented and befuddled market. In order to exchange their currencies, many users and customers have to open their accounts in many exchanges. This has led to frauds or their security is susceptible. The different price fees for using these exchanges might also prove to be a burden. Voyager (VGX) solves many problems in the market.

      Voyager (VGX) plans to resolve these issues. It is an online brokerage devised for the protection and regulation of crypto and digital assets. VGX is a regulated crypto broker that gives investors the same easy, safe and convenient experience that made online equities trading the force it is today. It executes orders across multiple exchanges. VGX offers the best available execution and the customers have an access to an extremely liquid market. They are doing this in order to “level the playing field”. So to speak and create a democratic environment for the exchanging of cryptocurrency.

      For the problem of lack of liquidity Voyager (VGX) uses a Dynamic Smart Order Router and a Custody solution to tackle the liquidity issues. The platform of Voyager lets you custody your way with funds that are always secure and liquid ensuring that your funds are safe and available when you need them. As far as the high fees problem is concerned, Voyager promises (without a setup of why it does) that its customers shall have the best possible execution without the extraneous fees. Finally, for the concern of security, Voyager (VGX) works with Ledger Vault to give a highly secure system that is safest for everyone to use.

      Price Movement – Voyager (VGX)

      At the time when this article is being written, the value of VGX, the utility token of Voyager and built on the Ethereum blockchain, has a value of $3.65, a 22.12% increase over the past twenty-four hours, with a trading volume of $74,309,524 (an 800% increase over the past twenty-four hours). There are currently 278,482,214.19 VGX in supply which is out of the maximum supply of 279,387,971. Considering the whole trajectory of the market, the monthly performance of the coin has been good. It had a monthly low of $2.31 and a monthly high of $3.98 just a few days ago.  It has also been verified as secured by Quantstamp.

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