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      Weekly Winners and Losers in the Cryptocurrency Space - Stocks Telegraph

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      September 13, 2022

      4:06 PM UTC

      Weekly Winners and Losers in the Cryptocurrency Space - Stocks Telegraph

      Now with the dark days seemingly behind in the cryptocurrency markets, bulls have been rushing to drive up assets that they have reason to believe will result in gains. Given the positive recovery trend in some of the biggest crypto-names, a number of digital currencies experienced impressive climbs throughout the week. As of the writing of this article, the following cryptocurrencies achieved the most spectacular rise since last week:

      Top Weekly Gainers

      Phoenix Global

      Phoenix Global (PHB) stood as the biggest winner of the week by a long shot, ballooning from $0.21 to $2.37 in a matter of only a seven-day period. This rise amounts to over 1000% and reflects the highest rally that PHB had been a part of since its existence. The hype surrounding this cryptocurrency can be gauged through the surge in trade volume which was less than $600,000 in the prior week and is presently at almost $530 million. Interest around PHB seems extremely high, with bulls anticipating it to push past the $3 mark today. Only time will tell if such a climb is ever actualized.


      Franklin (FLY) has been another big performer, that was in the market’s spotlight after an intense roller coaster of a price trajectory seen since last week. FLY was off to a slow start on the first day of the week, barely moving much. The second day, however, saw the cryptocurrency take-off in incredible flight from $0.00050 to a staggering high of $0.00640, which amounted to a single-day rise of nearly 1180%. The following days saw a hard plummet, and an attempt at a fight back, followed by a steady descent throughout the week which continues till the present. Amidst the rises and falls of the week FLY still is up 420% since its price a week ago, making it a big winner of the week.


      Ambrosus (AMB), has been taking off in an upward flight, with no indication of a drop-down, anytime soon. The cryptocurrency was priced at $0.0094 exactly a week ago and is presently pushing upwards beyond $0.0463. This translates to AMB growing almost 5 times in price in a single week. A growth rise of this nature could make fortunes for those that had ensured exposure to this rising star throughout these seven days. Daily trade volume for the cryptocurrency has also been rapidly rising by the hour, and presently stands at almost $190 million.


      Kambria (KAT) stands as another name amongst weekly winners, which has more than tripled its price in the week. The weekly trend for the cryptocurrency has been largely stable and climbing very steadily for most of the week. The wonder started yesterday when KAT abruptly exploded from $0.000671 to $0.004496, in a matter of hours. This sudden growth of 570% was followed by an immediate drop and a steady decline for the rest of the day. Despite this correction, however, KAT is still up 210% since last week, with a daily trade volume presently at almost $5 million.


      Viberate (VIB) also made it on the list of the week’s big winners. The trend throughout the week has been positive, and climbing continuously without fail, pushing VIB up from $0.019 to $0.049, translating to a growth of 158%. Despite being a consistent climber since mid-June, its jump in the last week is the sharpest in the cryptocurrency’s trade history. With today’s trade volume exceeding the $8 million mark, only time will tell how much higher this star is going to rise.

      Top Weekly Losers

      Although the week has been positive for many cryptocurrencies, with confidence returning once again to the market, not all have basked in the glorious gains that many anticipated. Unfortunately for many, a number of cryptocurrencies fell hard in the last week, resulting in serious losses for those placing bets upon them. The following were the biggest losers of last week:


      DaoVerse (DVRS) came in with one of the most substantial losses of the week, falling by almost 70%. DVRS was also listed amongst the top weekly losers in our last week’s update, indicating another disappointing week for its holders. The cryptocurrency is down to $0.000292, whereas a week ago it was up at $0.000987, and at $0.03124 on the week before that. The cryptocurrency has been on a constant free fall since mid-August, continuously dropping to new lows. Trade volume since last month has been consistent at close to the $1.5 million mark.


      DigitalBits (XDB) was another name among the unfortunate cryptocurrencies of the prior week that fell quite hard, compared to the wider market. XDB declined in 7-days from $0.0074 to $0.0029, translating to a weekly depreciation of nearly 60%. The fall has not been uninterrupted, as bulls did attempt to fight back, and push up XDB price with temporary success. At one point, the cryptocurrency was trading at $0.0082 in the week. This, however, was unsustainable, and eventually undertook a descent in the following days to its present low.

      Spume Protocol

      Spume Protocol had also fallen sharply in the last 7-days cutting its price in half, from $0.21 to $0.10 in this period. With the exception of a brief climb on Thursday, Spume has fallen consistently by at least 10% each day of the week, with its present drop for today exceeding 15%. Its trade volume, which is still at the $1 million mark, suggests that this fall could persist further into the following days, forcing out holders until flatlines.

      Meta MVRS

      Meta MVRS (MVRS) comes in as another big loser of the week despite some extraordinary moments. MVRS fell from $0.000000662 to $0.000000333, which was almost half the price of a week ago, spelling serious disappointment for all backing it. Despite this fall of almost 50%, MVRS did see two brief spikes this week, with the first on Sunday at $0.000000951, and the second on Monday at $0.000001777, which represented the highest point for MVRS throughout the entirety of 2022. These peaks both saw almost instantaneous correction, as the downward descent continued onwards.

      Vita Inu

      Vita Inu (VINU), the canine-themed cryptocurrency has also been on a fall this week, dropping consistently in the last 7-days. VINU fell from $0.0000000378 down to $0.0000000211, translating to a fall of 44%. The cryptocurrency was in the spotlight due to its epic rise till late August, challenging similar assets such as DogeCoin. September however brought the downfall of VINU, with brief fightbacks which could not overcome the force of market bears.

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