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    What does the Crypto Greed and Fear Index Shows?

    By Ammar Mukhtar

    May 26,2022

    9:20 AM UTC

    To settle on better trading and investing choice, investigations have made a record known as Crypto Greed and Fear Index. This record considers numerous factors like Volume, energy/momentum, virtual entertainment, and patterns. This is done to be aware of the opinions of individuals. This record rates the response out of 100.

    In the past whenever BTC dropped from $40k we saw that the index dropped really hard. Whenever it rose above $40k we saw that the index got better. But it wasn’t long before the BTC dropped even lower and went to touch the price of $26k. At that time, the index got at its lowest.

    Last month, the index was at 27/100. This marked fear in the market and showed that the investors were really scared to take positions in the market. But now the index has gotten even lower and stands at the level of 12. Yesterday it was even lower and was at 11. This marks extreme fear in the market.

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