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      What does the Greed and Fear Index Shows? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      June 2, 2022

      4:31 PM UTC

      What does the Greed and Fear Index Shows? - Stocks Telegraph

      To choose a superior investing and trading decision, traders and analysts have spread the word about a record as Greed and Fear Index. This record considers various variables like Volume, momentum and retail patterns, and social media trends. This is finished to know about the assessments of people. This index rates the reaction out of 100.

      In the past, it has been seen that during the bear market the crypto greed and fear index would drop down drastically and this is what we are seeing nowadays. Yesterday when the price of BTC was touching a higher value, we saw that the greed and fear index was showing a value of 17/100. This was comparatively higher as compared to the current value as the index shows a rating of 13/100. In the past month, the index had a value of 27.

      Normally it is said that when there is fear in the market, those points are for buying but the current situation and high volatility of the crypto market have made even the best traders very confused.

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