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      What dragged Vistra Corp (VST) about 25% lower? - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      February 27, 2021

      7:44 AM UTC

      What dragged Vistra Corp (VST) about 25% lower? - Stocks Telegraph

      Vistra Corp (VST), a  nuclear power generation company shows a decline in the last trading session, of about 24.21% after they launched the report of their 2020 results. VST provides essential resources for customers, commerce, and communities.

      The February storm in Texas brought extreme fluctuation in the prices of natural gas and electricity. This important factor has not been discussed in detail but the results given by Vistra highlights the damage and potential for overhauls to regulation in the state. The company was expecting the storm to take wipe out roughly $1.1billion in 2021 earnings.

      Vistra stock was up almost 16% and for the month. This change shows that investors were optimistic about the extreme weather condition and believed that the cold was going to be positive for 2021 financials which didn’t happen to be the case.

      Although the company’s report shows that it has made top-notch progress but investors do not agree with this. The CEO of the company said that the global pandemic has been a huge hurdle in their way of progress while the historic winter storm in Texas made the situation more unmanageable but they are extremely proud of their company members because of their effort Vistra under such hard circumstances still managed to show results better than expected.

      There is a clear difference of opinion between investors and company which is the reason behind the decline in the stock, despite the positive report given by the company. The company is trying to ignore the critical interdependence of the gas and power infrastructure while investors are looking at every aspect of the scenario.

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