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      What Elevated Rubicon (RBT) Stock After-Hours?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      October 11, 2023

      6:46 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      October 12, 2023

      5:02 AM UTC

      What Elevated Rubicon (RBT) Stock After-Hours?

      Rubicon Technologies Inc (NYSE: RBT) has experienced a notable after-hours increase of 6.34%, elevating its value to $2.18. During the regular trading hours, the Rubicon (RBT) stock exhibited a modest 0.49% incline, settling at $2.05. It is worth noting that this surge in RBT stock occurred in the absence of any substantial news catalyst. Therefore, it is prudent to explore the most recent corporate developments within the company.

      Rubicon (RBT) recently unveiled its latest initiative, “Trash or Treasure,” aimed at curbing the excess waste that typically accumulates during seasonal celebrations throughout the year, commencing with Halloween in 2023.

      Over the past four years, with the invaluable support of educational institutions, community entities, and independent enterprises nationwide, Rubicon’s annual Halloween waste mitigation campaign has successfully redirected a substantial volume of discarded candy wrappers away from landfills.

      This concerted effort has allowed for the recycling of thousands of pounds of plastic within the framework of the circular economy. Since its inception in 2019, campaign participation has exhibited remarkable exponential growth. Presently, the organization marks the fifth anniversary of the program with a rebranded name and an expanded mission.

      “Trash or Treasure” will extend its influence to educational institutions, community organizations, and small businesses throughout the year by offering convenient mail-back recycling containers. These containers can be used to collect and return discarded candy wrappers, with carbon-neutral shipping provided through our enduring partner, UPS.

      The “Trash or Treasure” program will be in operation year-round starting this autumn, featuring dedicated campaigns for Halloween, Valentine’s Day, and other seasonal celebrations in 2024. Rubicon’s overarching goal is the eradication of waste, and the “Trash or Treasure” campaign represents a tangible manifestation of this commitment. Furthermore, RBT has announced the program’s expansion, enabling the diversion of candy wrappers from landfills on a continual basis.

      An essential facet of the “Trash or Treasure” initiative’s success is its educational component, which was developed in collaboration with The National Wildlife Federation (NWF), the official educational partner of the campaign. Easily accessible resources such as lesson plans, reading materials, signage, and other materials are provided to assist campaign participants in reevaluating what is typically deemed waste and recognizing its potential value within the circular economy.

      In addition to these developments, Rubicon (RBT) is proud to introduce Wood Partners as a new partner for the “Trash or Treasure” campaign. Wood Partners, a nationally acclaimed leader in the development, construction, and management of multi-family communities across the United States, joins the campaign as a commercial sponsor.

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