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      What Initiated After-Hour Surge In Airship AI (AISP) Stock?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 26, 2023

      10:57 AM UTC

      What Initiated After-Hour Surge In Airship AI (AISP) Stock?

      Airship AI Holdings, Inc. (NASDAQ: AISP) shares exhibited an upward trajectory during the extended trading session on Friday, marking a notable 4.00% increase to reach $4.42. This positive movement followed a decline of 34.52% in the regular trading session, concluding at $4.25. The surge in AISP stock value was instigated by the initiation of a multi-million-dollar contract delivery.

      In the preceding week, Airship AI (AISP) commenced the delivery of multiple firm fixed price contracts valued at $10.9 million. This contract, granted in September 2023 by an entity within the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), pertains to advanced integrated solutions supporting real-time intelligence collection operations along the borders of the United States. These solutions leverage Airship AI’s cutting-edge IoT appliance, Outpost AI.

      Outpost AI boasts highly efficient edge analytic processing and secure data transmission through a compact edge compute device designed for optimal performance in rugged operational environments. Equipped with an on-board deep learning accelerator, Outpost AI processes and analyzes substantial data volumes at the edge in real-time.

      This process extracts actionable intelligence through hot-swappable, custom-trained inference engines. Subsequently, the encrypted data seamlessly flows to AISP’s back-end enterprise management platform, Acropolis, for comprehensive analysis and distribution. Within the framework of the contracts, Outpost AI solutions will be deployed to facilitate real-time intelligence collection operations along the U.S. borders.

      This involves providing local high-definition recording with user-defined low-bit rate video stream encoding. Additionally, it includes on-board edge analytic capabilities for advanced object detection and recognition. The landscape of border security is undergoing rapid modernization in response to heightened threat assessments and activities. The global border security market is anticipated to reach $68.2 billion by 2030.

      Deploying border surveillance systems, advanced technologies, and equipment to enhance border protection is integral to boosting security and reducing manpower. AISP’s distinctive end-to-end solutions, capitalizing on the expanding use of AI, are poised to create efficiency, enhance speed, reduce costs, and improve decision-making, positioning Airship AI for sustained long-term growth.

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