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      What Instigated After-Hour Rise In TC Biopharm (TCBP) Stock

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 19, 2023

      8:10 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      December 19, 2023

      8:12 AM UTC

      What Instigated After-Hour Rise In TC Biopharm (TCBP) Stock

      TC Biopharm (Holdings) Plc (NASDAQ: TCBP) experienced a notable upswing of 8.43%, reaching $2.83 in the extended trading session on Monday. In the regular hours, TC Biopharm recorded a modest ascent of 1.16%, concluding the session at $2.61. This positive momentum in TCBP shares was instigated by the establishment of a novel division within the organization.

      TC BioPharm (TCBP) has officially unveiled the establishment of a Commercial Development Division, a strategic initiative helmed by Dr. Lauren Bor, PhD. This newly formed division is poised to concentrate on streamlining the production processes of TCB-008, with a keen anticipation of ACHIEVE data in 2024.

      Furthermore, it will address the recent IND clearance for TCB-008 in the United States. The division’s responsibilities extend to devising a clear regulatory pathway for commercialization, researching innovative technologies to enhance future manufacturing efficiencies, and exploring collaborative ventures with external entities to leverage the company’s GMP licensed facility for monetization purposes.

      The inception of this new division is a proactive measure by TC BioPharm, positioning the company for the forthcoming trial data and regulatory commercialization filings, a focal point for regulators in the realm of cell therapy. This strategic move is designed to circumvent potential supply-chain setbacks, leveraging the robust manufacturing capabilities of TCBP.

      The Commercial Development Division, under the leadership of Dr. Bor, will not only oversee the production and manufacturing of cell therapies but will also strive to elevate processes to the highest standards, ensuring optimal economics for large-scale commercialization.

      This heightened oversight is expected to yield a more efficacious product in the field of cell therapy, fortifying TCBP’s position as it endeavors to lead the way in pioneering a potent class of gamma-delta T cell therapies for cancer treatment.

      Dr. Bor, who joined TC BioPharm in 2019, has been instrumental in advancing the company’s Unmodified cryopreserved Vγ9Vδ2 T cell manufacturing process, specializing in process development and technology transfer within her research domain.

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