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      What is BORA – The Entertainment Platform - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      November 26, 2021

      4:32 AM UTC

      What is BORA – The Entertainment Platform - Stocks Telegraph

      There seems to be an upward trajectory of attention tokens over the past month or so. Attention tokens are those cryptocurrencies that incentivize users and content creators by awarding them their utility token for the time spent or used. Bora seems to be another one of those tokens that have taken the market by storm in a month. The central reason, in our estimation, seems to be well thought out plan and the subsequent migration of it on the Mainnet.

      Bora is a decentralized entertainment platform that distributes digital content on an incentive-based mechanism to its participants. While at first built on the Ethereum blockchain (ERC-20), it has exhibited duality as the token swap into the new BORA token (KCT, Klaytn Compatible Token) along with the Mainnet migration from Ethereum to Klaytn had been completed. This restricted the trade of BORA tokens to those that are only Klaytn-based.

      What Bora does is allow an ecosystem of dApps on its platform that can be efficiently is used in providing participants with the BORA token. This means a list of games available to be played on the network. This is sure to increase with time. Numbershoot is an example of one of these dApps games.

      The allocation of BORA tokens is both written and executed as smart contracts. 40 percent of the tokens were issued from the total to be sold for financing the development and service operations of the BORA Ecosystem. 20 percent was to be reserved for the further development, expansion, alliances, and investment budget for the BORA Ecosystem. 25 percent was to create initial incentive programs and to raise funds and support early partner development. While 15 percent was to be directly paid to teams and contributors.

      Current Price Movement – Bora

      At the time of writing, the current value of the BORA token is $1.35, a 17.29% increase over the past twenty-four hours. It has a trading volume of $930,267,304 with a 71.86% increase over the past twenty-four hours. The performance of the coin over the past month has been especially impressive where, when it shifted to Klayton, went from $0.33 on the first to its current value today. This is nearly a 400 percent increase in value. Bora has been audited by SlowMist and has been declared secure. The prospects of the coin look dim in the short run due to being a non-English coin. Wallet Investor predicts that the value of the token would be $1.309 by the end of the year but within 5 years’ time, the token is going to have a value of $2.371.

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