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      What Is Causing CLNE Stock To Rise Premarket? - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      June 15, 2021

      10:58 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      July 14, 2021

      11:52 AM UTC

      What Is Causing CLNE Stock To Rise Premarket? - Stocks Telegraph

      Shares of Clean Energy Fuels Corp. (CLNE) climbed to $12.12, an increase of 8.5% in premarket trading hours on Tuesday. As of the close of the last trading session, CLNE stock was trading at $11.17, up 3.43%.

      Prices ranged from $10.92 to $12.569 for CLNE stock. CLNE stock traded 61.39 million shares, more than its daily average of 11.23 million. CLNE stock rose after the unveiling of new visual identity designed to signify the company’s role in a future carbon-neutral world.

      The new visual identity for CLNE:

      Clean Energy provides the cleanest fuel for the transportation market in the United States. Through CLNE, a renewable natural gas (RNG) derived from organic waste decarbonizes transportation. With CLNE, thousands of vehicles can reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including airport shuttles, city buses, waste, and heavy-duty trucks. Across the US and Canada, CLNE operates more than 500 fueling stations.

      Yesterday, Clean Energy presented a new company logo, the cornerstone of an entirely new brand identity that mirrors the company’s commitment to expand its renewable fuel solutions.

      • As more companies seek solutions to climate change, the demand for low- and negative-carbon renewable fuel is rising.
      • CLNE, as the industry leader in RNG, is now at the forefront of helping customers meet their sustainability goals.
      • CLNE’s rebranding plans include investments in the development of RNG from dairies, alongside TotalEnergies and BP.
      • CLNE is on pace to sell RNG at all of its stations by 2025, meeting one of its own sustainability goals.
      • RNG currently makes up 70 percent of the fuel sold at CLNE’s stations.

      CLNE’s strategy:

      Clean Energy (CLNE) has pivoted its operations to focus on developing fuels that can reduce fleets’ carbon footprint by up to 500%. A new CLNE website, featuring updated information about the company’s focus on providing end-to-end solutions to meet the demands of RNG, was launched as part of the rebranding effort.

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