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      What is Kadena (KDA) and How does it Work - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      December 17, 2021

      5:46 AM UTC

      What is Kadena (KDA) and How does it Work - Stocks Telegraph

      Kadena (KDA) is a blockchain that is both public and private. That is, it combines elements of both public and private blockchains: public blockchain, which encourages growth by not limiting the number of users and is open to all, and private blockchain, where parties are restricted from accessing the blockchain and users must first gain access to the network before using it. Even if the blockchain is open to everyone, it still contains qualities like integrity, transparency, and security in hybrid blockchain. The blockchain that is to be hybrid is Kadena (KDA)

      Despite the fact that cryptocurrency is a revolutionary cry against autocratic Big Finance, it still has an energy problem. Bitcoin mining consumes a lot of fossil fuels. And, since this became clear, a slew of new cryptocurrencies have attempted to make cryptocurrency mining more practical and environmentally benign. This, as well as the question of scalability, is at the heart of the Proof-of-Stake vs. Proof-of-Work dispute. The Proof-of-Work POW technique was chosen by Kadena (KDA). The POW technique actually has a scalability difficulty, however, Kadena appears to have overcome the problem. Testing will be done later this year to see if Kadena’s claim of 100,000 TPS is true or not.

      Price Movement – Kadena

      At the time of writing this article, the value of Kadena is $13.73, a 40% over the past twenty-four hours. Kadena (KDA) also added NFTs to its network by coming into partnership with Immutable Records, following which the value of the coin jumped from $2.72 to its current value. Kadena promises its users safer smart contracts that have protection unlike that of Ethereum, No-cost transactions by the introduction of a gas station which eliminates transaction fees, Energy-efficient at scale which has already been described in detail above, Proven security because of POW, and Industrial Scalability that has been devised the Kadena team to power the evolution of the global financial system.

      Price Prediction – Kadena (KDA)

      In the long run, it is a highly good opportunity. In September it was being traded at the price of around $0.74 and now it has crossed fifteen dollars. According to the wallet investor, the price of KDA is to reach a value of $29.916 in a year. For a five-year plan, the price will reach a value of $107.616. The way the price of KDA has grown, the traders are even more bullish on the value and they think that it will reach even more.


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