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      What Kept Mobilicom (MOB) Stock Surging Even After-Hours? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      October 10, 2023

      7:38 AM UTC

      What Kept Mobilicom (MOB) Stock Surging Even After-Hours? - Stocks Telegraph

      Mobilicom Limited (NASDAQ: MOB) shares experienced a substantial 17.94% upswing during post-market trading on Monday, reaching a closing price of $1.71. The stock had exhibited strong performance during the regular trading session as well, closing with an impressive 11.53% gain at $1.45. This noteworthy surge in MOB stock value can be attributed to the company’s active participation in a significant defense-oriented event.

      Mobilicom (MOB) has been presenting its comprehensive solutions to procurement specialists from the U.S. Army and defense contractors at the prestigious Association of the United States Army’s (AUSA) Annual Meeting & Exposition held in Washington D.C. from Monday through Wednesday.

      Mobilicom is showcasing its solution at Booth #3431, in collaboration with Mistral, its strategic partner in the U.S. market, which serves as a primary contractor for the U.S. Department of Defense. Mistral is seamlessly integrating Mobilicom’s solutions into their contract proposals for their established clientele within the U.S. defense industry.

      Mobilicom has been demonstrating its field-proven solutions, which include military-grade cybersecure systems tailored for ground, avionic, and maritime unmanned drone and robotics platforms operating in the most challenging and demanding environments. As Mobilicom continues its foray into the U.S. defense sector, its presence at AUSA is anticipated to further bolster its foothold in this critical market.

      MOB has high expectations of fortifying existing, long-standing relationships with government entities and defense contractors, while also cultivating new connections with prospective customers in search of cybersecure solutions for their autonomous vehicle initiatives.

      Recently, Mobilicom secured a new grant of approximately $250,000 from Space Florida, the Aerospace, Finance, and Development Authority of Florida. This grant has also renewed Mobilicom’s contract for an additional year. Mobilicom is currently in the process of developing a Multi-Link (MLU) communications system, which incorporates three concurrent transmitting transceivers (SDR/Cellular/Satellite) to ensure automatic redundancy in compliance with U.S. civil drone regulations.

      This MLU will enhance Mobilicom’s ‘beyond visual-line-of-sight’ datalink capabilities by integrating satellite connections for redundancy, thereby enabling the operation of unmanned systems in regions with limited or nonexistent cellular network coverage.

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