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      What Led The Mass Megawatts (MMMW) Stock To Increase 33%? - Stocks Telegraph

      By ST Staff

      Published on

      May 17, 2021

      1:47 PM UTC

      What Led The Mass Megawatts (MMMW) Stock To Increase 33%? - Stocks Telegraph

      On Friday, Mass Megawatts Wind Power Inc (OTCPink:MMMW) closed at $0.0695, up 33.65 percent on the day. MMMW stock has been trading between $0.0900 and $0.0570. Mass Megawatts stock fell more than -244.40% in the last month and more than -76.28% over the quarter. After announcing an improved cash position, MMMW stock surged.

      How MMMW stock improved cash?

      A leader in developing low-cost, clean energy systems, MMMW stock develops eco-friendly technologies to meet global energy needs. This includes MMMW’s patent-pending innovations that provide an affordable alternative to solar power for commercial and residential users.

      Friday, Mass Megawatts announced that it had ample cash to fund new product development and other corporate expansion strategies.

      • More cash has been made available to the MMMW stock recently, particularly during the past few months.
      • In addition to fulfilling the MMMW’s goals, launching the solar tracker into the marketplace gives the group a new sense of optimism.
      • MMMW also intends to use some of the funds to become an SEC reporting company and to maintain the expenses necessary for continuing to do so.
      • Solar trackers are MMMW’s primary product and allow solar power projects to become more productive.

      MMMW’s strategy moving ahead:

      In 2021 and 2022 Mass Megawatts (MMMW) will only reach a very small part of global energy demand, but solar trackers’ market potential is estimated to exceed $3 billion by 2025, growing from the current market value of $2 billion. In this fast-growing solar tracker market, MMMW stock sees an opportunity to compete by offering a cost-effective alternative.

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