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      What Pushed Redwire (RDW) Stock Higher After-Hours?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 13, 2023

      1:54 PM UTC

      What Pushed Redwire (RDW) Stock Higher After-Hours?

      Redwire Corporation (NYSE: RDW) exhibited notable momentum during the after-market session on Tuesday, registering a 5.65% upswing to reach $2.99. This positive movement served to counterbalance the 3.08% decline experienced during the regular trading session, concluding at $2.83. The impetus behind the surge in RDW stock value was a strategic business advancement.

      Redwire (RDW) unveiled a significant achievement as its L-Band Link 16 Helical Antenna technology effectively showcased the transmission of a Link 16 signal from the cosmos. The Link 16 waveform, renowned for providing a tactical edge to military personnel, facilitates swift and secure communication directly to the battlefield, expediting decision-making processes.

      This represents a pivotal milestone in the ongoing development of tactical warfighter networks in space. The antenna system, developed by Redwire for an undisclosed national security client, saw RDW overseeing system design, testing, manufacturing, and the delivery of flight hardware for three Link 16 antennas.

      These antennas are poised to empower warfighters with beyond line-of-sight communication capabilities through the Link 16 tactical network—a military data link network designed to furnish secure, anti-jam communications to personnel operating on land, in the air, and at sea.

      Redwire played a pivotal role in achieving this transformative milestone, highlighting the company’s commitment to delivering indispensable capabilities crucial to space development—capabilities that have been proven and deemed effective in bolstering national defense. The successful demonstration of Link 16 coincides with RDW’s imminent delivery of additional L-Band antennas to another national security client.

      These accomplishments build upon Redwire’s extensive experience in the development of antenna and RF systems for both industrial and military clients. RDW’s antennas and RF systems are produced at its recently expanded facility in Longmont, Colorado, boasting a factory capacity exceeding 120 antennas annually.

      These antennas constitute a vital component of RDW’s rapidly expanding portfolio of antenna and RF payloads. Notably, Redwire’s antenna technology was chosen for the initial pathfinder mission, illustrating its prowess in demonstrating this waveform from space.

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