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      What Took Zuora (ZUO) Stock Higher In Extended Trades?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      November 30, 2023

      6:41 AM UTC

      What Took Zuora (ZUO) Stock Higher In Extended Trades?

      Zuora, Inc. (NYSE: ZUO) shares exhibited an upward trajectory in the after-market session this Wednesday. The stock experienced a notable surge of 5.15%, reaching $8.78 in extended trading, augmenting the already substantial 1.46% increase in the regular session, concluding at $8.35. This positive movement ensued subsequent to the release of Zuora’s financials following the market’s closure.

      For its fiscal third quarter concluded on October 31, 2023, Zuora (ZUO) disclosed its financial results, showcasing successful execution of its strategic initiatives. The company not only surpassed its projections for subscription revenue, total revenue, and operating income but also demonstrated a resilient and recurring business model capable of generating robust margins and free cash flow. This achievement is attributed to a burgeoning customer base committed to innovative technology.

      ZUO further solidified its market position by extending its collaboration with Avalara, Inc., a premier provider of cloud-based tax compliance automation catering to organizations of diverse sizes. This expanded partnership is poised to empower Zuora customers with access to Avalara E-Invoicing and Live Reporting.

      The global trend of embracing e-invoicing mandates and digital reporting requirements, such as live reporting of invoice data and e-reporting of international transactions, continues. However, navigating the landscape of compliance is intricate and resource-intensive, given the divergent timelines and regulations across countries.

      The enhanced collaboration between Zuora and Avalara is strategically aligned to furnish companies with an integrated solution, enabling them to navigate and fulfill these evolving requirements adeptly. Zuora’s affiliation with Avalara serves as a technological catalyst for contemporary enterprises seeking sustainable global growth.

      With Avalara E-Invoicing and Live Reporting, Zuora’s clientele gains the capability to establish their credentials and configure the system according to their specific reporting needs. The integration facilitates seamless connection to both national and international networks, as well as government e-invoicing platforms.

      Customers of ZUO are now endowed with the capability to leverage Avalara’s global API for compliance with e-invoicing mandates, encompassing digital signatures, QR codes, digital archiving, and securing tax authority clearance and approvals.

      Moreover, they gain a consolidated reporting console for real-time visibility into the life cycle of e-invoices, including any messages or errors communicated by tax authorities. This empowers Zuora’s clientele to adhere to data localization, security, and retention policies by archiving e-invoices effectively.

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