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      AUVI StockWhat’s Driving Applied UV Up 30% Today?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      October 6, 2023

      6:46 PM UTC

      AUVI StockWhat’s Driving Applied UV Up 30% Today?

      Applied UV Inc. (NASDAQ: AUVI) shares have surged by an impressive 30.23% during the initial trading hours, reaching $0.3998 at the latest market assessment.

      Notably, Applied UV stock has experienced an atypical surge in trading activity, with over 42 million shares changing hands in the morning session, a substantial departure from the typical daily average of 0.41 million shares.

      The ascent of AUVI stock follows a noteworthy announcement regarding the unveiling of an innovative product set to be showcased at a prominent event.

      Applied UV (AUVI) has introduced the Airocide Pro+ air purification system for food preservation, set to be showcased at the prestigious Global Produce & Floral Show from October 19 – 21, 2023, at booth #3421 in the Anaheim Convention Center, California.

      This advanced system emerged from a collaborative effort between Applied UV and Canon Virginia, Inc. (‘CVI’), a subsidiary of Canon U.S.A., Inc.

      Research from governmental and academic bodies reveals that a significant cause of waste in the fresh produce sector results from overexposure to ethylene during fruit ripening and storage.

      Globally, fruits and vegetables contribute to substantial food waste, accounting for 45-50% of all harvested fresh products, totaling 1.3 billion tons and $680 billion annually.

      The Airocide Pro+ addresses this issue by controlling ethylene gas and eliminating harmful preservation practices. While refrigeration and humidity control slow ripening and decay, ethylene production continues. Thus, ethylene control is vital in the cold chain.

      AUVI’s Airocide line has already proven its effectiveness with industry leaders like Del Monte, Dole, and Whole Foods. Recently, AUVI collaborated with Fresh Taste Produce, involved in every aspect of fresh produce from over 35 countries.

      The Airocide Pro+ presents AUVI with an opportunity to combat ethylene-related problems in the produce supply chain. Developed with CVI, it caters to space constraints in refrigerated environments. This venture opens new revenue avenues for AUVI’s air purification business.

      AUVI’s Airocide Pro+ is a groundbreaking solution for food preservation, addressing ethylene-related waste issues and promising innovation and efficiency in the produce supply chain. Its debut at the Global Produce & Floral Show marks a significant step toward revolutionizing food preservation practices.

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