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      Where NFTs come to die? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Ammar Mukhtar

      Published on

      July 14, 2022

      4:01 PM UTC

      Where NFTs come to die? - Stocks Telegraph
      • With the trouble in the market, Damien Hirst’s The Currency is burning its NFTs for corresponding art. More NFT holders are burning their art NFTs to get the corresponding work in the material, paper form. But it does not mean that the NFTs are losing. This was an experiment by Damien Hirst to challenge people about their perceptions related to money.
      • NFTs are making their way into the mechanism of the British political system, or to be more precise, within the British legal system. NFTs were served as documents within the case. It is important to mention here that documents here also include of transmission of information that is not etched onto paper. This is the first time that courts have used Distributed Ledger Technology to serve documents.
      • Over the past week, the Saudi collection NFT has been traded the most. The collection has seen a trading volume of a whopping $7.4 million dollars over the past week in a bear market, no less.

      NFTs to watch

      With the drop in the market value of the King and Queen of the crypto-market, there has been a significant drop in the value of the NFTs as well. But this might be the perfect opportunity to capitalize on the “dead” NFTs.


      The Azuki-based NFTs are artworks drawn in the noir-anime style. They are cooly drawn artworks that attract a large group of millennials. With your Azuki, you can also pair BEANZ which serves as its sidekick. Out of its total ownership, 51.09% has been sold.  Currently, 5,109 are owners of the collection. The floor price of the collection is around 11.99 ETH. Its trading volume has seen an increase of about 3.17% in this market at about 143.78 ETH.

      Devo Royal Court

      The Devotional Royal Court is an assortment of 9666 special demon NFTs that are contending to turn into the following expert of the malevolent presence in their Metaverse. By guaranteeing a Devo, you become a financial backer in the business and are qualified to get a few utilities and advantages. Each Devo is made from among at than 6 trillion possibly interesting blends. They have various bodies, faces, outfits, and enrichments.

      If you buy a Devo, there are a greater number of advantages than only the profile photograph. Furthermore, you begin to help the Devo. Each Devo offers you a vote so you might coordinate the undertaking toward the path you need. Over the long run, as Devo Royal Court develops, more advantages will be uncovered.


      Created by the artist myoo, they are 1000 unique NFTs. This NFT has seen a recent surge in its price and that might have to do more with its metaverse endeavors. It has seen a 100% increase in its value and currently, it has a floor price of 0.7 ETH and an average price of about 0.8821 ETH.

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