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      Why Clearmind (CMND) Stock Remained Surging After-Hours?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      December 6, 2023

      9:00 AM UTC

      Why Clearmind (CMND) Stock Remained Surging After-Hours?

      Clearmind Medicine Inc. (NASDAQ: CMND) shares demonstrated sustained upward momentum following the market’s closure on Tuesday. The stock of Clearmind surged by 7.09%, reaching $4.68 in the extended trading session, following a notable 14.10% increase in the regular session, concluding at $4.37. The surge in CMND stock followed remarkable trial results.

      Clearmind (CMND) has officially disclosed positive outcomes in its endeavors to address addiction, particularly focusing on cocaine addiction. This pioneering achievement revolves around Clearmind’s inventive psychedelic molecule, MEAI, representing a significant breakthrough in the ongoing battle against addiction.

      The conducted trial, spearheaded by Professor Gal Yadid and his team at the Gonda Multidisciplinary Brain Research Center in Bar Ilan University, Israel, builds upon a prior experiment that showcased a substantial reduction in cocaine-induced cravings in rats treated with MEAI.

      These previously revealed results serve as a ray of optimism, illustrating MEAI’s potential efficacy in mitigating conditions linked to cocaine use. CMND’s distinctive psychedelic compound has exhibited noteworthy outcomes in pre-clinical trials targeting cocaine addiction, suggesting a potential paradigm shift in addressing the intricate challenges posed by this addiction, which currently lacks a dedicated treatment.

      Clearmind’s inventive strategy represents a transformative leap forward in tackling a global crisis. Considering the millions worldwide grappling with cocaine addiction, the successful utilization of MEAI could revolutionize treatment approaches and instill fresh optimism for those ensnared in the cycle of addiction.

      The groundbreaking research has led to a patent application in the United States as part of the ongoing collaboration with SciSparc, a specialized clinical-stage pharmaceutical company dedicated to central nervous system disorder therapies. The collaboration specifically focuses on integrating Clearmind’s MEAI, a unique proprietary psychedelic treatment for addiction, with SciSparc’s CannAmide.

      Within this collaborative effort, Clearmind has filed a provisional patent application related to cocaine addiction. As Clearmind Medicine persists in leading the way in the realm of psychedelic medicine, this development underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to unlocking the latent potential of psychedelic compounds in the realm of medical treatment.

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