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      Why IBIO Inc [IBIO] is the Best Covid-19 Vaccine Stock to Bet On - Stocks Telegraph

      By Nicholas K

      Published on

      September 10, 2020

      8:30 PM UTC

      Why IBIO Inc [IBIO] is the Best Covid-19 Vaccine Stock to Bet On - Stocks Telegraph

      IBIO Inc [NYSE: IBIO] is trading on a monthly support level, and it seems to be holding up quite well. One factor that could trigger a run in this stock is the discovery of a viable COVID-19 vaccine. Yesterday, the company announced that it had settled on its most viable COVID-19 vaccine.

      The company announced that while it had two vaccine candidates named IBIO-200 and IBIO-201, it was going forward with IBIO-201. The company stated that both candidates did well in pre-clinical studies on the production of antibodies for fighting the virus.

      However, it also discovered that IBIO-201 did better in terms of producing more antibodies than IBIO-200, making it a more viable candidate. Nonetheless, the company stated that it would continue pre-clinical development for IBIO-200 and see where it goes.

      Commenting on these developments, CEO Tom Isett stated that the decision to observe the two vaccines together was beneficial as it helped the company to settle on IBIO-201 as the most viable candidate. He added that the company would now go ahead with the toxicology studies on this vaccine candidate and also conduct clinical development on the same. On IBIO-200, the CEO stated that pre-clinical development would go on, and would use it as a potential plug-and-play vaccine system.

      What next for IBIO

      With the company’s vaccine candidate showing potential, the company is in a unique position in the race for a vaccine. That’s because timing will be critical for companies to profit from a COVID-19 vaccine. Companies that will be among the first to release a vaccine are likely to win the majority of the orders. So far, IBIO is among those in the lead for a vaccine.

      A few days ago, the Oxford-led vaccine was paused due to adverse effects on some test subjects. This means that IBIO is still within the right timelines for potential COVID-19 vaccines. If it makes a breakthrough anytime soon, the stock could see an exponential surge in value.

      There is also the fact that the company is small-cap compared to the much bigger companies that are working on a vaccine. This means that if the company’s vaccine is approved, it would have a much bigger leeway for growth compared to companies that already have large market caps. It also means that if it releases a vaccine at the same time as a large-cap, it would have a better chance of exponential gains.

      About IBIO Inc

      IBio is a biotech company that offers manufacturing services for clients and 3rd party companies. It is based in New York, New York.

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