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      Why Is AGRI Stock Increasing Pre-Hours Today?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      August 7, 2023

      1:01 PM UTC

      Why Is AGRI Stock Increasing Pre-Hours Today?

      AgriFORCE Growing Systems Ltd. (NASDAQ: AGRI) is painting a vibrant picture in the premarket session on Monday, with its shares surging by an impressive 75.04% to $0.2279.

      The previous trading session also saw a noteworthy climb of 6.90%, closing at $0.1302. What’s igniting this financial spark is an intriguing revelation regarding the company’s latest innovation, propelling its stock price to new heights.

      This game-changing development revolves around AgriFORCE’s UN(THINK) Awakened Flour, a product that is sending shockwaves through the culinary world. The latest update from AgriFORCE (AGRI) brings to light the extraordinary advantages of this flour variant over conventional options.

      Rigorous assessments conducted by independent laboratories have affirmed the product’s supremacy, showcasing over 5 times the fiber, double the protein content and a remarkable 77% reduction in net carbs compared to regular all-purpose flour.

      The driving force behind this revolutionary flour lies in its ingenious production process. UN(THINK) Awakened Flour is a manifestation of AgriFORCE’s 100% natural patented technique, encapsulating the inherent goodness of grains.

      This approach bestows upon the flour a cornucopia of nutritional and dietary benefits akin to germinated wheat. The true marvel is that this amplification of nutrition doesn’t compromise on the delectable aspects of baked goods; the texture, richness, and natural sweetness remain intact, making it the ideal choice for crafting tantalizing breads and pastries.

      Bereft of any additives, UN(THINK) Awakened Flour harnesses the entirety of the wheat kernel, elevating its nutritional prowess to unparalleled levels.

      While comparing UN(THINK) Awakened Flour to conventional all-purpose flour, the distinction is palpable. Flour concocted from the entire wheat kernel boasts significantly heightened fiber content. This amplified fiber quotient, coupled with the inclusion of bran and other kernel components, can result in denser and coarser end products such as bread, pancakes, and pastries.

      The decrease in gluten percentage, which endows baked goods with structure and texture, contributes to this altered outcome. Furthermore, specific natural compounds residing within the bran, namely tannins and phytic acid, occupy a prominent role. Though rich in nutritional value and health benefits, these compounds lend a distinctive bitterness to whole wheat bread, leaving an unmistakable aftertaste.

      The culinary landscape is no stranger to sprouted flours, particularly those derived from sprouted wheat. These variants boast heightened digestive and dietary advantages. However, this progress arrives at a cost; the resulting baked goods often lack the desired texture and structure, occasionally even exhibiting a slightly “grassy” note due to the presence of acrospires, or sprout tails. A lacuna in standardized protocols for sprouted wheat further compounds the challenge.

      AgriFORCE stands steadfast in its commitment to cultivating organic growth, positive cash flow, and value for its stakeholders. This entails a strategic reallocation of resources towards product commercialization, accentuating the food verticals best suited for its intellectual property.

      Recent shifts in senior management have fortified AgriFORCE’s position to execute its ambitious growth endeavors, channeling immediate revenue streams for UN(THINK) Foods, AgriFORCE-RCS, and the monetization of their patented GrowHouse technology.

      Notably, AGRI has achieved a commendable 31% reduction in average monthly operating cash burn since the close of the previous year, coupled with diligent scrutiny of discretionary expenses. The company remains resolute in bringing ongoing acquisitions to fruition, advancing seamlessly through due diligence processes.

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