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      Why The ASNS Stock Spiked Pre-Market?

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      July 26, 2023

      10:10 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      July 26, 2023

      10:11 AM UTC

      Why The ASNS Stock Spiked Pre-Market?

      In the pre-market session today, shares of Actelis Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: ASNS) rose by 6.15% to reach $2.76.

      However, during the regular trading session, ASNS stock experienced a decline of -1.52%, closing at $2.6. Interestingly, Actelis managed to recover from this decline despite no apparent new developments being reported.

      What Has Happened Recently At ASNS?

      Actelis (ASNS) recently made an exciting announcement regarding its cutting-edge hybrid fiber-copper networking solution.

      The United States military has chosen this innovative technology to enhance connectivity for their Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system monitoring and control.

      Partnering with Actelis integration specialist, Jacobs, the new solution will replace the client’s current third-party connectivity setup.

      The HVAC monitoring systems involve numerous sensors generating a constant flow of data to track energy consumption and system performance.

      Actelis ensures the secure transmission of this critical information, utilizing existing copper wiring or fiber optic cables to promptly alert operators about any faults or inefficiencies.

      One of ASNS’ remarkable features is its hybrid fiber-copper approach, enabling clients like the military to swiftly and cost-effectively deploy multiple IoT devices and sensors.

      This approach maximizes the use of the existing network infrastructure and delivers fiber-grade connectivity to areas where deploying fiber would be challenging and costly.

      For instance, achieving HVAC monitoring connectivity can be achieved within hours and saves hundreds of thousands of dollars compared to laying new fiber.

      Actelis boasts an impressive portfolio of cyber and temperature-hardened network switches and aggregation devices.

      Through encryption, data fragmentation, and scrambling, Actelis safeguards client data against cyber-attacks. This is especially crucial for military operations where security is paramount.

      These industrial-grade, managed devices offer unparalleled convenience as they can be deployed both indoors and outdoors, in various climates.

      Furthermore, remote monitoring through Actelis’ MetaASSIST EMS system ensures high uptime and performance.

      ASNS Launched Advance Features

      In addition to their existing offerings, Actelis has recently introduced a new line of advanced, software-managed, temperature and cyber-hardened layer 2 and layer 3 fiber optic switching devices.

      This expansion enables Actelis to provide a more extensive range of solutions for networks of all sizes, operating at higher speeds. These products further support hybrid-fiber-copper networks with a significant fiber component.

      As ASNS customers pursue cyber-safe, rapid deployment solutions for large-scale IoT projects, they also seek a greater variety of features and capabilities to accommodate ever-expanding networks.

      The newly launched GigaLine products from ASNS address these demands effectively.

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