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      How Come BON Stock Rises After-Hours? - Stocks Telegraph

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      October 10, 2023

      7:35 AM UTC

      How Come BON Stock Rises After-Hours? - Stocks Telegraph

      Bon Natural Life Limited (NASDAQ: BON) shares exhibited a noteworthy uptick of 5.24% during the after-hours trading, reaching a valuation of $0.40. This surge in the price of Bon Natural stock followed a prior decline of 6.31%, where it settled at $0.38 during the regular trading session. Remarkably, this resurgence in BON stock during the extended session occurred in the absence of any notable news or developments, suggesting a potential rebound.

      Last week, Bon Natural (BON) made a significant announcement regarding the formalization of an accord with Guangdong Jiangwang International Holdings Limited (“Jiangwang”). This Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) serves as a pivotal precursor to potential negotiations aimed at establishing a comprehensive agreement. Under this prospective agreement, BON is poised to become the exclusive distributor of Jiangwang’s Chinese White Spirits (“Spirits”) and related health products within the Chinese market.

      Jiangwang, headquartered in Guangdong with production facilities in Moutai Town, Guizhou Province, is a prominent player in the Chinese spirits industry. The spirits produced in the renowned Moutai Town are highly regarded, and Jiangwang’s products have consistently garnered acclaim within the spirit sector. Their position as a leading spirit brand in China is well-established, with their products enjoying widespread distribution throughout the country.

      On the other hand, BON brings over 16 years of experience in the natural, health, and personal care industries. Their strategic expansion into the spirit market finds an ideal partner in Jiangwang. By distributing Jiangwang’s spirits, BON aims to catapult itself into the spirit industry as a distinguished and well-recognized brand. Their focus is on developing health-conscious spirit products that embody the attributes of “Green Spirit and Healthy Spirit.”

      Jiangwang’s decision to collaborate with BON is driven by the potential synergy between BON’s diverse product range and expansive distribution networks. This partnership is anticipated to enable Jiangwang to extend its global reach and leverage BON’s innovative capabilities. Reciprocally, BON has chosen Jiangwang for its reputable history in spirits and related health products.

      This agreement signifies BON’s inaugural venture into the spirit industry, leveraging its significant research and development expertise in health-conscious spirit products. While the MOU marks the initial phase of their collaboration, BON anticipates the finalization of a comprehensive distribution agreement, paving the way for mutual development and growth in the foreseeable future. This strategic partnership holds promise for both entities to thrive in the dynamic Chinese market.

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