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      IONQ Stock Is Performing Well Today

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      November 1, 2023

      5:11 PM UTC

      IONQ Stock Is Performing Well Today

      IonQ, Inc. (NYSE: IONQ) shares are up ticking in the current trading session, showing a 5.03% increase and currently trading at $10.13 per share. As of the last check today, IonQ’s stock had a trading volume exceeding 3 million shares, deviating from its daily average of 12 million shares. In the absence of any significant news developments, it appears that recent developments may be contributing to the positive momentum of IONQ stock.

      IonQ (IONQ) recently achieved a significant milestone by demonstrating 29 algorithmic qubits on a barium-based platform for the first time. This event represents a pivotal achievement in the company’s ongoing journey toward the development of quantum computing systems with the potential for commercial quantum advantage.

      IonQ has been actively exploring innovative avenues to advance trapped ion quantum computing, moving beyond the traditional reliance on ytterbium ions. One notable approach involves the incorporation of barium qubits. The current generation of ytterbium-based systems, such as IonQ Harmony, IonQ Aria, and IonQ Forte, plays a crucial role in addressing the complexities of contemporary algorithms.

      Nevertheless, the prospective adoption of barium-based systems holds the promise of unlocking a wide array of new technical applications. Furthermore, the intrinsic characteristics of barium qubits are expected to enhance the scalability and reliability of future quantum systems. During the recent Quantum World Congress 2023, IONQ underscored how the proliferation of quantum applications is poised to grow exponentially in tandem with the increase in algorithmic qubits achieved through each system.

      The latest developments illustrate that barium qubits have already reached parity with some of IONQ’s leading quantum systems from an #AQ (quantum advantage) perspective. These achievements highlight the significant strides the company is taking toward realizing its objective of achieving commercial quantum advantage.

      IonQ has also announced its commitment to providing 24/7 access and support for its cloud-accessible quantum systems, namely IonQ Harmony and IonQ Aria. This expanded availability ensures that users worldwide can access these systems at any time, facilitating their endeavors in tackling the most intricate commercial and research use-cases.

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