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      Early Bird Action: Most Active Premarket Stocks Today

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      December 8, 2023

      1:56 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      December 8, 2023

      2:03 PM UTC

      Early Bird Action: Most Active Premarket Stocks Today

      As the S&P 500 Index steadily recovers ground lost during the recent correction, today’s focus shifts to the most active premarket stocks, revealing early indicators of market momentum.

      With the index hovering just below its July peak, investors are keenly watching for a decisive breakthrough, which could signal a departure from the established trading range.

      Meanwhile, the benchmark US 10-year Treasury yield’s recent decline to 4.12% is drawing attention, potentially fortifying equities. Amidst growing confidence that rate hikes have ceased and rate cuts may loom, the question emerges:

      How sustainable is the link between sliding interest rates and buoyant stock prices? Analysts seem to be suggesting that declining yields may reflect a quicker economic downturn.

      As the market navigates these dynamics, our spotlight turns to today’s most active premarket stocks, shedding light on potential early bird opportunities in this evolving financial landscape.

      List of High-Volume Premarket Stocks

      Amid economic uncertainties and market shifts, today’s premarket activity highlights five standout stocks seizing attention. As the S&P 500 teeters on the edge of a potential breakthrough, these most active premarket stocks offer a real-time look into evolving market opportunities.

      Name Symbol Last Chg. Chg. % Vol.
      Nikola Corp NKLA 0.79 -0.19 -18.99% 12.02M
      Hempacco Co Inc HPCO 0.4999 0.1635 48.60% 13.52M
      Cyngn Inc CYN 0.42 0.18 74.25% 31.04M
      Esports Entertainm. GMBL 0.02 0 -12.00% 31.81M
      Bit Brother Ltd BETS 0.0234 -0.0116 -33.14% 107.43M
      1. Nikola Corp

        Nikola Corp. (NKLA) experienced a significant 19% plunge in premarket trading with a substantial 12.02 million shares changing hands.

        This sharp decline can be attributed to the company’s recent announcement of plans to issue $100 million in new shares and $200 million in green convertible senior notes due in 2026.

        Investors reacted to the dilution of shares and the debt offering, causing a swift sell-off. The funds raised, according to a securities filing, are intended for working capital, general corporate purposes, and projects aligned with the Green Bond Principle.

        Nikola’s stock tumbled to $0.80, marking a 55% year-to-date decline. The company’s struggles, including managerial turmoil, electric truck issues, and layoffs, have contributed to its challenging performance.

        With these financial moves, Nikola aims to navigate its challenges, but the market’s reaction underscores the concerns and uncertainties surrounding the company’s future prospects, among other most active US stocks.

      2. Hempacco Co Inc

        The remarkable surge in premarket activity for Hempacco Co., Inc. (HPCO), among most active stocks under $5, can be attributed to its groundbreaking move into the expansive Asian market.

        With a staggering 48.60% uptick in premarket trading and 13.52 million shares changing hands, the catalyst lies in the company’s exclusive Master Distribution Agreement with CBDAY Global Private Limited, a major player in the hemp and cannabis market in India and Asia.

        The agreement empowers CBDAY to exclusively distribute Hempacco’s innovative hemp and CBD products, including those from celebrity collaborations with Cheech & Chong and Rick Ross.

        This strategic alliance taps into the vast potential of the Indian market, known for its historical use of hemp and a growing preference for natural, sustainable alternatives.

        Hempacco’s visionary expansion into Asia aligns with global trends, opening doors to a trillion-dollar industry and positioning the company at the forefront of the evolving hemp landscape, as well as among most active stocks.

      3. Cyngn Inc

        The impressive 74.25% surge in premarket trading activity for Cyngn, Inc. (CYN), among most active Nasdaq stocks, is driving a volume boost exceeding 31 million shares. The driving force behind this heightened interest lies in the company’s latest announcement of a groundbreaking patent, US-11,837,089-B2.

        This patent safeguards Cyngn’s innovative modular extensible behavioral decision system for autonomous driving, a pivotal aspect of their DriveMod autonomous vehicle solutions.

        Chairman and CEO, Lior Tal, emphasized the company’s commitment to building a robust patent portfolio to protect their intellectual property.

        The newly issued patent distinguishes Cyngn by incorporating environmental elements, such as regions of interest and objects, into the decision-making process of autonomous vehicles.

        With an additional four patents recently granted for proprietary technology, including vehicle sensors and obstacle detection systems, Cyngn is poised to deliver advanced automation with unique value propositions to its customers, solidifying its standing in the dynamic landscape of autonomous driving solutions.

      4. Esports Entertainment Group

        Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. (GMBL) today, saw a notable 12% drop while 31.81 million shares exchanging hands, has caught the attention of market participants. This has put the company among the top 10 active stocks today.

        EEG operates in iGaming, traditional sports betting, and esports through its EEG iGaming and EEG Games segments. The iGaming segment offers casino and sportsbook products, while the Games segment focuses on the infrastructure software GGC and creating esports content.

        Interestingly, there’s no clear catalyst for this heightened interest. However, market speculation is rife with rumors suggesting a potential buyout by PENN Entertainment at $0.05, a significant premium compared to the current $0.02 stock price.

        This unverified speculation may be driving the increased premarket activity, as traders and investors position themselves based on the prospect of a substantial acquisition offer, adding an element of excitement and anticipation to EEG’s early morning trading landscape.

      5. Bit Brother Ltd

        Bit Brother Ltd’s (BETS) premarket plunge of 33.14% with a staggering 107.43 million shares volume has drawn attention, prompting traders to dissect the reasons behind this flurry. It is by far the most widely traded stock on our list of most active premarket stocks.

        The catalyst lies in the recent announcement about its cryptocurrency mining farm in Abilene, Texas. The company revealed that the 2-acre facility secured a Certificate of Occupancy and is set to launch operations in early 2024.

        However, the market’s initial optimism took a hit when the company issued a subsequent clarification, urging investors to disregard the news.

        This clarification triggered a negative market response, suggesting a discrepancy between market expectations and the company’s communication. Investors, sensitive to information shifts, likely engaged in substantial premarket trading as they digested and reacted to these developments.

        The stark premarket movement reflects the market’s uncertainty and rapid response to evolving narratives, underlining the importance of vigilance in the volatile world of premarket stocks.


      In the dynamic premarket session, today’s analysis unveils trends shaping early market sentiment. As the S&P 500 inches toward a potential breakthrough, attention focuses on the most active premarket stocks. These fluctuations underscore the importance of vigilance in interpreting premarket movements.

      It’s a landscape where opportunities arise, but prudent consideration, amidst uncertainties, is paramount. Remember, premarket actions offer insights, not certainties; approach with caution and comprehensive analysis.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why Focus on Premarket Stocks?

      Premarket activity provides early indicators of market momentum, offering a real-time look into evolving opportunities before regular trading hours. The most active intraday stocks today can be seen as a glimpse of which players have caught the market’s attention.

      What Caused Nikola Corp’s Premarket Plunge?

      Nikola’s sharp decline was triggered by plans to issue $100 million in new shares and $200 million in green convertible senior notes, fueling concerns and a swift sell-off.

      Why Did Hempacco Co. Experience A Surge?

      Hempacco’s remarkable premarket surge results from a strategic move into the expansive Asian market through an exclusive Master Distribution Agreement with CBDAY Global.

      What’s Driving Cyngn Inc.’s Premarket Boost?

      Cyngn’s impressive surge is fueled by a groundbreaking patent safeguarding their autonomous driving technology, reinforcing the company’s standing in the market.

      Why Did Esports Entertainment Group’s Stock Drop?

      EEG’s 12% drop in premarket activity is shrouded in speculation, with unverified rumors suggesting a potential buyout, adding an element of uncertainty to the stock’s early morning landscape.

      What Led To Bit Brother Ltd.’s Premarket Plunge?

      Bit Brother Ltd’s steep decline is linked to market confusion caused by conflicting information about its cryptocurrency mining farm in Texas, highlighting the impact of communication clarity.

      Are Premarket Movements Certain Indicators of Future Stock Performance?

      No, premarket actions offer insights into potential trends, but they are not definitive indicators; exercise caution and conduct a thorough analysis.

      How Does The S&P 500 Impact Premarket Trends?

      The S&P 500’s movements influence premarket sentiment, with investors keenly watching for a breakthrough that could signal a departure from the established trading range.

      What Factors Contribute to The Volatility of Premarket Stocks?

      Premarket volatility can be attributed to a range of factors, including company announcements, economic uncertainties, and speculative market behavior.

      Should Beginners Consider Premarket Stocks for Investment?

      While premarket stocks can offer opportunities, beginners should approach with caution, considering the inherent uncertainties and the need for thorough research before making investment decisions.

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