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      Trading Trends: Today’s Most Active US Stocks

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      December 7, 2023

      1:55 PM UTC

      Trading Trends: Today’s Most Active US Stocks

      This week, the US dollar exhibited mixed trends while equities have gained momentum globally, we turn our focus to the most active US stocks. Despite the divergence in currency performance, American equities are on the rise, with notable gains in the Asia Pacific region and Europe’s Stoxx 600.

      Amid these market dynamics, our spotlight is on the most active US stocks. As benchmark bond yields show a modest uptick, we delve into the standout performers and factors shaping their trajectory.

      Join us as we dissect the implications of this week’s market activity on the most active US stocks, offering insights vital for traders navigating the complexities of the financial landscape.

      Most Active Stocks Today

      Against the backdrop of fluctuating currencies and rising equities globally, our focus narrows to the most active US stocks today.

      Amidst the mixed trends in the US dollar and the robust performance of equities, the following stocks have stood out for their remarkable trading activity, making it to our list of most active US stocks:

      Ticker Company Industry Market Cap (M) Performance (Week) Volume Price
      AMD Advanced Micro Devices Inc. Semiconductors    188,722 -5.68%      60,599,028 116.82
      MULN Mullen Automotive Inc Auto Manufacturers              67 3.42%      71,749,024 0.16
      SERA Sera Prognostics Inc Diagnostics & Research            172 190.48%      78,807,112 5.49
      PLTR Palantir Technologies Inc Software – Infrastructure      37,274 -13.66%      96,110,976 17.13
      TSLA Tesla Inc Auto Manufacturers    760,938 -1.95%    126,436,176 239.37
      1. Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

        Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) has been seeing a surge in its trading volume since its robust Q3 2023 earnings report, released on October 31. AMD, a semiconductor powerhouse, outperformed analysts’ expectations in both revenue and earnings.

        At present, its trading volume stands at almost 60.6 million shares, making it a worthy contender among the most active US stocks.

        Investors were particularly enthused by the company’s rebound in desktop and notebook sales and its strategic foray into the Artificial Intelligence (AI) accelerator market, challenging competitor NVIDIA. Positive industry forecasts, indicating a semiconductor upturn in 2024, further fueled enthusiasm.

        Despite the stock’s impressive 26% rise since October 31, caution is warranted. Analysts express concerns over weak guidance, particularly in embedded and gaming segments, coupled with an inflated valuation.

        The article will delve into AMD’s opportunities and risks, offering a comprehensive view for traders navigating this dynamic market landscape.

      2. Mullen Automotive Inc

        Mullen Automotive Inc. (MULN) is currently experiencing an unprecedented surge in trade volume, with a staggering 71.7 million shares in play. This surge can be attributed to the stock’s unique trajectory.

        Initially gaining traction as a meme stock, it soared exponentially before undergoing a significant correction, plummeting by 99.6% in the past 12 months. While our list features some big names, MULN is actually the top player among most active stocks under $5.

        The current heightened trade volume stems from the company’s delayed filing of an SEC form, raising speculation and interest among investors.

        Despite concerns, it’s crucial to note that the absence of a formal announcement or press release regarding a lawsuit doesn’t necessarily imply a missed deadline or archived information.

        Potential scenarios include a grace period granted by the SEC for filing or ongoing settlement discussions, yet to be disclosed until a final agreement is reached.

        While other possibilities exist, it’s unlikely that legal professionals overseeing the case would overlook crucial deadlines or drastically alter the narrative after substantial compensation for initial information compilation.

        The uncertainty surrounding Mullen Automotive Inc. has sparked intense trading activity, reflecting the market’s keen anticipation of pending developments.

      3. Sera Prognostics Inc

        Sera Prognostics Inc (SERA) experienced an unusual surge in trade volume, reaching 78.8 million shares, following a groundbreaking development in its maternal and neonatal health research. It is an interesting name among top 10 active stocks today.

        The company’s Prematurity Risk Assessment Combined with Clinical Interventions for Improved Neonatal Outcomes (PRIME) study, focusing on predicting risks of preterm birth, witnessed an unexpected early halt.

        The Data Safety Monitoring Board (DSMB), responsible for trial oversight, recommended enrollment cessation due to statistical significance in the pre-planned interim analysis. This rare move, based on the trial’s efficacy, fueled investor optimism.

        The positive outcome was attributed to the study’s co-primary endpoints meeting statistical significance, prompting a 260% surge in SERA stock. Sera Prognostics’ CEO, Zhenya Lindgardt, expressed optimism, emphasizing the uncommon nature of trials stopping early for efficacy.

        This extraordinary development in predicting pregnancy complications has propelled SERA stock to new heights among most active stocks, reflecting the market’s anticipation of transformative outcomes in maternal healthcare.

      4. Palantir Technologies Inc.

        The surge in Palantir Technologies Inc.’s (PLTR) trade volume, reaching 96.1 million shares, can be attributed to the company’s recent financial performance.

        The latest quarterly results revealed significant positive developments. With a 16.8% year-over-year revenue growth, reaching $558.2 million in Q3/23, Palantir demonstrated consistent profitability, reporting $40.0 million in income from operations and $0.03 in diluted net earnings per share.

        The company’s adjusted free cash flow soared to $140.8 million, marking a 285% YoY increase. Additionally, Palantir raised its full-year guidance for fiscal 2023, expecting revenue between $2,216 million and $2,220 million.

        While concerns about slowing growth persist, recent efforts in the U.S. commercial sector showcase promising developments, with a 33% YoY revenue increase. The company’s innovative product, AIP, contributed to this growth, with a threefold increase in users over the last quarter.

        Palantir’s strategic positioning for an unpredictable world, as emphasized by CEO Alex Karp, aligns with increasing global complexities, potentially driving higher demand for the company’s solutions.

        Despite differing analyst opinions on Palantir’s valuation, the recent financial indicators and growth potential could be fueling the heightened trading activity, that has pushed the stock up among most active intraday stocks today.

      5. Tesla Inc

        On our list of most active US stocks, Tesla takes the cake with its staggering trade volume of 126,436,176 shares. The catalyst behind this surge is the anticipation and excitement surrounding Tesla’s groundbreaking Cybertruck.

        With over 2 million pre-orders, the Cybertruck represents a futuristic leap in the auto industry, boasting an exoskeleton made of SpaceX-grade steel, remarkable performance, and a competitive price range.

        Positioned to tap into the lucrative U.S. pickup truck market, the Cybertruck’s potential sales could contribute significantly to Tesla’s revenue, reaching an estimated 9.6% of total sales by 2025.

        Despite the bullish outlook, potential threats, including market competition, production challenges, and economic factors, loom.

        As traders and investors respond to the Cybertruck’s game-changing potential, the heightened trade volume reflects the market’s anticipation of Tesla’s successful foray into the pickup truck world.


      When it comes to active US stocks, the diverse trajectories of these market movers paint a nuanced picture. As we navigate through fluctuations in currencies and global equity momentum, caution remains paramount.

      The surge in trade volumes reflects not just market optimism but also uncertainties surrounding legal landscapes and transformative breakthroughs in healthcare. Financial indicators showcase promise, but growth concerns linger.

      In this ever-shifting terrain, investors are reminded to tread carefully, considering macroeconomic shifts, management changes, and industry dynamics. There is a need for meticulous due diligence, diversified portfolios, and, above all, an awareness of the market’s fluidity.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why Are Some Stocks More Active Than Others?

      Market dynamics, financial performance, and breakthroughs drive heightened trading in stocks like AMD, MULN, SERA, PLTR, and TSLA.

      What Factors Impact a Stock’s Trading Volume?

      Earnings reports, unique trajectories, legal speculations, transformative research, and financial performance contribute to heightened trade volumes.

      How Does Market Sentiment Affect Stock Prices?

      Positive sentiment, driven by financial indicators and breakthroughs, can propel stocks, while caution amid uncertainties may lead to fluctuations.

      Why Does Caution Surround Stock Investments Like AMD And MULN?

      Despite strong performances, concerns over weak guidance, legal uncertainties, and growth challenges warrant careful consideration.

      What Drives the Surge in Stock Volume for Companies Like SERA?

      Breakthroughs in maternal healthcare research, like SERA’s PRIME study, can trigger market optimism, leading to a surge in trade volume.

      How Does Financial Performance Impact Stock Activity, As Seen With PLTR?

      Robust financials, revenue growth, and strategic positioning can drive heightened trading activity, even amidst differing analyst opinions.

      Why Is Tesla’s Cybertruck Creating Market Excitement?

      The anticipation of groundbreaking products, like Tesla’s Cybertruck, can drive trade volume, signaling market optimism about the company’s future prospects.

      Are There Risks Associated with High Trade Volumes in Stocks?

      Yes, potential risks include market volatility, uncertainties, and threats, emphasizing the need for cautious investment strategies.

      How Can Beginners Navigate the Complexities of Stock Markets?

      Beginners should conduct due diligence, diversify portfolios, and stay aware of macroeconomic shifts, industry dynamics, and management changes.

      Is The Stock Market a Guaranteed Investment Opportunity?

      No, while opportunities exist, the stock market is dynamic. It requires careful consideration of risks, thorough research, and a recognition of its ever-changing nature.

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