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      Mullen Auto News: Latest Updates and Developments

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      August 24, 2023

      7:25 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      September 15, 2023

      5:10 PM UTC

      Mullen Auto News: Latest Updates and Developments

      In the wake of a substantial downturn, Mullen Automotive Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN) has reported a marked decline over the past year, with its stock price plummeting from a noteworthy $160 to a mere fraction, now standing at less than $0.50.

      The dramatic plunge has raised concerns among investors and industry observers alike, prompting a keen interest in uncovering the latest updates and developments surrounding the company.

      As Mullen Auto news shows this challenging period, the significance of its recent news cannot be overstated.

      This article delves into the unfolding narrative of Mullen Auto news, shedding light on the events, decisions, and shifts in recent days that investors might want to stay updated on.

      From strategic decisions to technological advancements and market responses, a comprehensive understanding of these facets becomes crucial in navigating the intricate landscape of Mullen Auto’s trajectory.

      CEO Addresses Declining Stock Values

      The first aspect of Mullen Auto news we look into is a recent CEO address. In an open letter to Mullen shareholders, CEO David Michery has acknowledged the growing concerns regarding the company’s falling stock prices.

      Michery expressed disappointment over the performance of the stock, emphasizing the disparity between the trading price and the company’s perceived value.

      He noted that despite meeting significant corporate milestones, including vehicle production completion within projected timelines, downward pressure from stock traders continues to drive the price down.

      In response to suspicions of unlawful trading practices, Michery revealed that the company has engaged Share Intel and other entities to investigate the matter.

      The data collected from these investigations is expected to be disclosed in the coming days.

      Michery voiced his frustration that the remarkable progress and successes achieved by Mullen are overshadowed by the undervalued stock amid this Mullen Automotive Inc news.

      Michery reassured shareholders of his commitment to the company’s business plan and determination to eradicate any illegal trading practices affecting the stock.

      He also highlighted several recent achievements of the company, including its financial and operational highlights.

      The CEO’s letter concludes with a reaffirmation of his confidence in Mullen’s future and commitment to its initiatives.

      $25 Million Stock Buyback Program for NASDAQ Compliance

      Next up on Mullen Auto news, we look at how Mullen Automotive launched a $25 million stock buyback program last week as part of its strategy to meet NASDAQ’s minimum bid price requirement and boost market confidence.

      The program commenced on August 16, 2023, with the repurchase of 3.7 million common shares worth $3,626,000.

      A specific highlight of this Mullen Automotive news is that CEO David Michery also personally acquired 102,040 shares at $0.9842 per share on the same day.

      The initiative aims to maintain a bid price of at least $1.00 per share for consecutive business days to avoid delisting, adhering to NASDAQ’s guidelines.

      The move reflects the company’s confidence in its Class 3 EV production and strong financial position.

      The Board of Directors authorized this program until December 31, 2023, enabling share repurchases based on market conditions and regulatory compliance.

      Inaugural Production of Mullen THREE Electric Vehicle

      Mullen Automotive achieved a pivotal feat this week as the inaugural production of its Class 3 electric vehicle, the Mullen THREE, commenced in Tunica, Mississippi.

      The company intends to gradually escalate Mullen THREE’s production throughout the year, targeting 3,000 vehicles annually per shift.

      A second shift will be introduced to accommodate heightened electric vehicle adoption, ultimately enabling an impressive annual manufacturing capacity of 6,000 units.

      This Mullen Automotive news today is currently making the rounds throughout the market.

      The comprehensive manufacturing strategy also encompasses the forthcoming Mullen ONE, a Class 1 EV Cargo Van, with both models scheduled for production in Tunica.

      Notably, the company has already garnered $79 million in purchase orders for its Mullen THREE EV trucks.

      The sprawling 120,000 square feet Tunica facility, strategically located near vital transport networks, underscores Mullen’s commitment to meeting demand while CEO David Michery highlighted, “We have been true to our commercial Class 3 vehicle production commitments and have now achieved a significant milestone with the first trucks rolling off the line,” according to the official press release.


      In conclusion, Mullen Auto’s steep stock decline and subsequent efforts to address concerns highlight a crucial phase for the company amid Mullen Auto news.

      CEO David Michery’s letter acknowledges the stock-value gap and his commitment to combating illicit trading practices.

      The $25 million stock buyback program reflects Mullen’s drive for NASDAQ compliance and market confidence.

      Commencing production of the Mullen THREE Electric Vehicle marks a significant stride, showcasing the company’s resilience and EV market ambitions.

      The strategic expansion of manufacturing capacity and strong order demand underlines a promising outlook.

      Based on the latest Mullen Automotive news, it is clear that the company’s path forward hinges on transparent leadership, strategic initiatives, and sustained innovation, shaping its potential for recovery and long-term success.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why Did MULN Stock Drop So Much?

      MULN stock dropped significantly due to investor concerns over the company’s falling stock prices, suspicions of unlawful trading practices, and the need to meet NASDAQ’s minimum bid price requirement, despite achieving corporate milestones and launching a stock buyback program to boost market confidence.

      Will MULN Stock Recover?

      There is potential for MULN stock to recover, as the company’s CEO is taking actions to address the falling stock prices, including a stock buyback program and positive developments in production and purchase orders. However, the ultimate recovery will depend on various factors, including the outcome of investigations and market conditions.

      Why Has Mullen Auto’s Stock Price Experienced Such a Drastic Decline Over the Past Year?

      Mullen Auto’s stock price has declined drastically over the past year due to the company’s lack of revenue and profits, as well as its issuance of a large number of shares.

      What Were the Key Factors That Contributed to Mullen Auto’s Stock Falling From $160 To Less Than $0.50?

      The key factors that contributed to Mullen Auto’s stock falling from $160 to less than $0.50 include the company’s financial situation, concerns about its corporate governance and leadership, and the broader market for electric vehicles cooling off.

      How Has Mullen Auto Responded to Its Declining Stock Price and Financial Challenges?

      Mullen Auto has responded to its declining stock price and financial challenges by raising additional capital, cutting costs, and hiring a new CEO and CFO.

      Are There Any Specific Industry Trends That Have Affected Mullen Auto’s Performance?

      Specific industry trends that have affected Mullen Auto’s performance include the rising cost of raw materials and the global chip shortage.

      What Strategic Decisions Has Mullen Auto Implemented in An Attempt to Reverse Its Fortunes?

      Mullen Auto’s strategic decisions to reverse its fortunes include focusing on commercial vehicles, partnering with other companies, and improving its corporate governance and financial transparency.

      Has Mullen Auto Introduced Any New Technological Innovations or Product Offerings Recently?

      Mullen Auto has recently introduced new technological innovations and product offerings, such as an electric SUV and a battery-powered van.

      How Have Investors Reacted to Mullen Auto’s Current Situation, And What Is Their Outlook For The Company’s Future?

      Investors have reacted to Mullen Auto’s current situation with bearishness, and the outlook for the company’s future is uncertain. However, there are some signs that the company is starting to turn things around.

      What Measures Has Mullen Auto Taken to Address Concerns About Its Corporate Governance And Leadership?

      Mullen Auto has taken measures to address concerns about its corporate governance and leadership by hiring a new CEO and CFO with experience in turning around troubled companies.

      Are There Any Potential Partnerships, Acquisitions, Or Collaborations That Mullen Auto Is Currently Pursuing?

      The company is also pursuing potential partnerships, acquisitions, and collaborations that could help it grow its business.

      What Regulatory or Market Challenges Has Mullen Auto Encountered, And How Have These Impacted Its Operations and Prospects?

      Mullen Auto has encountered regulatory challenges in the United States and China, which have delayed the development and launch of its vehicles.

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