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      What is Mullen Automotive Inc. Stock Price Today?

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      August 23, 2023

      1:43 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      August 29, 2023

      12:43 PM UTC

      What is Mullen Automotive Inc. Stock Price Today?

      Amid the swiftly changing world of electric vehicles (EVs), all eyes are on Mullen Automotive Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN), a company that has sent ripples through the market.

      Witnessing an electrifying surge in its stock price in recent years, Mullen Automotive Inc. had captured the spotlight, although much of this surge rested on speculative ground.

      Although the hype has died down, and its price has collapsed from its highs, Mullen Automotive Inc stock remains closely watched.

      Fueling this market buzz are MULN’s calculated moves and strategic unveilings. Amidst a backdrop of hefty US government investments in the EV sector, MULN’s capacity for producing 50,000 EVs annually and its resolute focus on pioneering battery advancements resonate positively.

      As MULN embarks on its growth journey, investors tread a cautious yet optimistic path, tracing the company’s track record of astute acquisitions and strategic alliances.

      Mullen Automotive Overview

      As a pioneering company, Mullen Automotive Inc. is carving a distinctive path in the industry, focusing on the production of a wide spectrum of products ranging from passenger electric vehicles to robust commercial counterparts.

      Anchoring its operations at its Brea headquarters, Mullen Automotive Inc. boasts an impressive portfolio that not only addresses the needs of eco-conscious consumers but also caters to the demands of commercial enterprises.

      This diverse range of offerings underscores the company’s dedication to serving a diverse clientele, bridging the gap between individual preferences and industrial requirements.

      What sets Mullen Automotive Inc. apart is its trailblazing work in solid-state polymer battery technology, a game-changing innovation with the potential to reshape the landscape of electric vehicles.

      By harnessing the power of these advanced battery systems, the company aims to usher in a new era of enhanced EV efficiency, offering consumers extended ranges and swifter charging capabilities.

      Mullen Stock Price

      Throughout the course of this year, the shares of Mullen Automotive Inc. have experienced a sustained and profound decline, illustrating a persistent pattern of depreciation.

      While a brief uptick was observed during premarket trading, this momentary resurgence was regrettably short-lived, as the prevailing downward trajectory promptly reasserted itself.

      Presently, the Mullen Automotive Inc stock is actively traded at a meager $0.50 per share, which stands in stark contrast to its valuation of $160 per share merely a year ago.

      This drastic and alarming devaluation within the span of just 12 months paints a poignant picture of the extent of this price collapse.

      The company appears to have encountered a severe erosion of market confidence, resulting in a substantial erosion of shareholder value.

      This occurrence signals a profound shift in the perceived prospects of Mullen Automotive Inc., prompting concerns about its financial health, operational performance, and the broader market sentiment surrounding it.

      Class 3 EV Truck Launch

      Earlier this week, Mullen Automotive Inc. announced the initiation of production for its inaugural vehicle, the Mullen THREE, a cutting-edge Class 3 electric truck.

      This momentous event transpired at Mullen’s commercial vehicle assembly plant situated in Tunica, Mississippi.

      Emphasizing the accomplishment, David Michery, the esteemed CEO and chairman of Mullen Automotive Inc., emphasized the company’s dedication to its commitment to producing commercial Class 3 vehicles.

      The fruition of this commitment is evident as the initial batch of these groundbreaking trucks embarks on their journey.

      Throughout the current calendar year, Mullen anticipates a gradual escalation in production volume.

      Once reaching peak production, the Tunica facility is poised to manufacture 3,000 Class 3 vehicles annually per shift.

      However, as the adoption of electric vehicles surges, Mullen envisions augmenting production efficiency by introducing a second shift.

      This strategic move will bolster overall capacity to an impressive 6,000 vehicles per year, thereby further propelling the company’s pioneering role in the realm of sustainable automotive innovation.

      Recent Shareholder Concerns

      Concerns have arisen within the Mullen community, prompting discussions about reaching out to FINRA (Financial Industry Regulatory Authority) for resolution.

      The discourse revolves around a perceived coordinated effort involving market participants such as market makers, brokers, dealers, and hedge funds.

      This purported collaboration has led to suspicions of a concerted attempt to undermine the company and its investments, which, in turn, has implications for the company’s share price.

      It’s noteworthy that broker dealers operate within the regulatory framework overseen by entities like FINRA and the DTC (Depository Trust Company).

      These bodies hold the responsibility of overseeing broker dealer actions and curbing any potential manipulation.

      Some Mullen Automotive Inc stock investors have voiced concerns over reported imbalances provided by broker dealers and institutions.

      Moreover, claims have been made about a practice colloquially known as “painting the tape,” where hedge funds might allegedly manipulate end-of-day trading dynamics through broker dealers.

      Naked shorting, a practice wherein shares are shorted without proper borrowing or delivery, adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

      As discussions evolve, some stakeholders are emphasizing the importance of collective action to address these matters and seek resolution.

      The outcome of these discussions will likely contribute to the ongoing discourse around transparency, fairness, and regulatory oversight within the investment landscape.


      Mullen Automotive Inc. has commanded attention in the electric vehicle realm, riding waves of stock price surges and subsequent retractions.

      As MULN navigates an EV landscape marked by government investment, its capacity for 50,000 EVs yearly and battery innovations stand as promising factors.

      Amidst market fluctuations, cautious optimism guides investors tracking MULN’s strategic moves.

      With a spectrum of vehicle offerings and solid-state polymer battery advancements, Mullen Automotive Inc. is an EV pioneer.

      Despite recent shareholder concerns about market manipulation, the path toward transparency and oversight remains ongoing.

      MULN’s journey reflects both the potential and challenges in the dynamic world of electric vehicles and investments.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What Is Mullen Automotive Inc.?

      Mullen Automotive Inc. is an American electric vehicle manufacturer based in Brea, California.

      What Is the Abbreviated Symbol Used to Represent Mullen Automotive Inc. Stock?

      The ticker symbol for Mullen Automotive Inc. stock is MULN.

      What Is the Current Stock Price of Mullen Automotive Inc.?

      As of August 22, 2023, the current stock price of Mullen Automotive Inc. is $0.61.

      What Is the Highest Price That Mullen Automotive Inc. Stock Has Reached in The Last 52 Weeks?

      The 52-week high for Mullen Automotive Inc stock is recorded at $190.01.

      What Is the Lowest Price That Mullen Automotive Inc. Stock Has Reached in The Past 52 Weeks?

      The 52-week low for Mullen Automotive Inc stock stands at $0.43.

      What Is the Market Capitalization of Mullen Automotive Inc.?

      The market capitalization of Mullen Automotive Inc. is $118.46 million.

      How Many Shares of Mullen Automotive Inc. Are Outstanding?

      There are 184.17 million shares of Mullen Automotive Inc. outstanding.

      What Is the Average Volume of Mullen Automotive Inc. Stock?

      The average volume of Mullen Automotive Inc. stock is 34.05 million.

      What Is the Short Interest of Mullen Automotive Inc. Stock?

      The short interest of Mullen Automotive Inc stock is 13.86 million.

      Is Investing in Mullen Automotive Inc. Stock A Wise Decision?

      Investing in Mullen Automotive Inc stock is currently not a wise decision given its price collapse in the last year and its various red flags.

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