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      Mullen Automotive: Recent Developments and Stock Price

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      December 5, 2023

      5:53 AM UTC

      Mullen Automotive: Recent Developments and Stock Price

      In the world of electric vehicle (EV) stocks, Mullen Automotive Inc. (NASDAQ: MULN) has emerged as a focal point, sparking both intrigue and skepticism. Despite initial reservations surrounding transparency and predictability, recent market dynamics have thrust MULN into the spotlight.

      Back in May, a bearish analysis prompted unexpected attention, and now, the company is generating even more buzz. Notably, over the month of November alone, Mullen’s stock has plummeted by almost 50%. However, with the current price standing at $0.16 per share, it remains a striking 92% below its previous valuation at the time of the aforementioned bearish thesis.

      In this article, we delve into the recent developments shaping Mullen Automotive’s narrative and explore their potential ramifications on stock performance. Join us as we take a thorough look into MULN’s journey, seeking to provide clarity for stock market participants and traders navigating the dynamic EV market.

      Class 1 EV Cargo Van Approval

      Mullen Automotive Inc. and Rapid Response Defense Systems (RRDS) have taken a significant step toward securing the future of Mullen’s Class 1 EV cargo van in the U.S. market. Today, both companies jointly submitted responses for the final ruling and compliance from the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) regarding Mullen’s application. This pivotal move follows the strategic partnership announced in March 2023, designating Mullen as the exclusive provider of Class 1 EV cargo vans for RRDS, a prominent small business federal contractor.

      The Ruling Request Application, filed by RRDS on behalf of Mullen, meticulously outlines the extensive transformations undertaken to ensure compliance with U.S. Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards and Environmental Protection Agency regulations. These adaptations encompass the comprehensive design, testing, and validation of crucial safety systems such as airbags, sensors, control modules, rearview camera, front bumper system, wiring harnesses, and seating.

      Successful completion of this transformative process is crucial, as it will designate the Mullen ONE as a U.S.-made end product. If the ruling is in favor, it not only signifies Mullen’s dedication to fostering growth in the U.S. electric vehicle market but also proudly establishes the Mullen ONE as an American product, manufactured in America by Americans. The imminent outcome of this application holds substantial implications for Mullen’s stock performance, as it could potentially solidify the company’s position in the burgeoning electric vehicle sector, contributing to increased investor confidence and market interest in this dynamically evolving industry.Top of Form

      Mullen’s Milestone License and Production Surge

      Back in November, Mullen Automotive reached a pivotal milestone with its partner, the Randy Marion Automotive Group (RMA), securing a North Carolina license to retail Mullen’s commercial EVs. This critical dealer license empowers RMA to promptly deliver Mullen’s vehicles to customers. Notably, RMA has reported substantial interest in Mullen’s Class 1 and Class 3 vehicles, indicating a promising market reception.

      Effective November 20, 2023, RMA commenced shipping Class 3 vehicles to various destinations, including Adventure Coast Rentals in Tennessee and Georgia, Godotek in Michigan, and NRTC Automation Group in Alabama. Simultaneously, a new shipment of presold vehicles is expected to reach Duke Energy, Merchants Fleet, and MGT Leasing.

      With the Tunica assembly plant’s Class 1 vehicle production line operational since November 1, 2023, Mullen is now running both Class 1 and Class 3 production lines concurrently. The company aims to deliver 150 Class 3 and 300 Class 1 vehicles by year-end. This operational success underscores Mullen’s commitment to meeting production and delivery targets for 2023.

      The immediate impact on Mullen’s stock price is notable. The commencement of vehicle deliveries, especially to presold clients, strengthens revenue prospects, instilling confidence in investors. As Mullen progresses towards achieving its production goals, the stock’s volatility may see increased stability, attracting further attention from traders seeking opportunities in the burgeoning electric vehicle sector.


      When it comes to EV stocks, Mullen Automotive Inc. remains a captivating yet unpredictable player. Despite positive strides, including Class 1 EV Cargo Van approval and a milestone license with Randy Marion Automotive Group, Mullen’s stock has plunged nearly 50% in November alone, now standing at $0.16 per share. Even as the company achieves operational success with simultaneous production lines and a promising market reception, the stock’s persistent decline, 92% below its prior valuation, suggests profound volatility. The unfolding dichotomy between positive developments and market response accentuates the complex challenges influencing Mullen’s stock trajectory.

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