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      Mullen USA Stock Price Forecast 2025

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      August 18, 2023

      2:02 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      September 15, 2023

      5:02 PM UTC

      Mullen USA Stock Price Forecast 2025

      Mullen Automotive (NASDAQ: MULN) has gained attention among US stocks due to a recent rally driven by market updates, including a $25 million common share buyback.

      However, caution is warranted. Previous warnings of analysts have been validated as the company’s stock price plummeted 90% since February.

      This drastic decline in Mullen USA stock reflects market skepticism about Mullen’s viability.

      Recent Updates

      Concerns escalated following a 1-for-25 reverse stock split, prompting another reverse split with a 1-for-9 ratio for Mullen stock.

      Yet, fundamental issues persist. Dilution and cash burn remain unaddressed, despite a buyback decision amidst a 147% rise in shares outstanding.

      Mullen’s reliance on stock monetization to cover a $206.8 million 12-month cash outflow underscores financial fragility.

      Cash and equivalents have dwindled ($86.3 million), and escalating cash burn threatens its tenuous position.

      Amidst market turbulence for EV companies, the survival of Mullen USA stock hinges on navigating cash challenges and sustaining revenue growth.

      Stock Buyback Implications

      Mullen USA stock has initiated a $25 million stock buyback program, starting with the repurchase of 3.7 million common shares.

      CEO David Michery also personally acquired 102,040 shares.

      The move aligns with the company’s efforts to regain compliance with NASDAQ’s minimum $1.00 bid price requirement, which it has to meet for a consecutive period of 10 to 20 business days.

      The announcement reflects management’s belief that Mullen stock is undervalued, and it aims to demonstrate its strong balance sheet and ongoing EV production to boost investor confidence.

      However, the effectiveness of the buyback in supporting the stock Mullen price will depend on factors such as trading volume, market interest, and price trends.

      While the potential of a Mullen USA stock short squeeze could lead to temporary spikes, long-term sustainability hinges on addressing operational challenges, achieving revenue growth, and maintaining investor interest.

      MULN Price Forecast

      Based on assessments by, the Mullen USA stock price forecast for 2025 provides a detailed monthly outlook, projecting an average price of $16.74, accompanied by a high forecast of $21.71 and a low forecast of $0.7074.

      Notably, the projected average MULN stock price for 2025 signifies a remarkable increase of +1765.10% compared to the previous price of $0.8978.

      These forecasts reflect potential significant market shifts and MULN stock anticipated performance over the coming year, offering investors insights into potential trends and opportunities within the stock.

      As with any forecast, it’s important to consider various factors that may influence market dynamics and stock movements throughout the forecasted period.

      Potential Price Surge in a Year

      Forward-looking prediction systems and candlestick patterns anticipate a remarkable surge for Mullen USA stock, projecting its price to reach an impressive $10.32 (+1049.93%) within just one year.

      For those considering an investment, this translates to an exciting prospect: an initial $100 investment could potentially grow to a substantial $1,150 by August 17, 2024.

      This forecast positions Mullen stock as a compelling addition to your portfolio, particularly within bullish trading environments.

      With a projected surge of this magnitude, capitalizing on upward market trends becomes notably more attainable, potentially yielding substantial returns for astute investors.

      As you explore potential avenues for portfolio enhancement, consider the enticing potential this stock holds and its alignment with bullish market dynamics, as well as volatility.

      Bullish Long-Term Sentiment for MULN

      As of the time of writing this article, the overall sentiment for Mullen’s stock forecast leans bullish.

      This sentiment is substantiated by 20 technical analysis indicators pointing towards favorable market conditions, indicative of potential upward movement.

      Conversely, 6 technical indicators suggest a bearish outlook, signaling caution.

      This mixed signal, according to insight from CoinCodex highlights a complex market dynamic, where positive indicators outweigh negative ones.

      Investors may find opportunities in the bullish signals, yet should remain mindful of the existing bearish indicators, emphasizing the importance of careful analysis and strategic decision-making regarding stock MULN.

      Short-Term Red Flags

      Although technical indicators suggest a bullish outlook for Mullen USA stock, the short term is littered with red flags. The following are particularly important to pay attention to:

      • Financial Strain and Operational Hurdles

        Mullen lacks substantial revenue streams and grapples with escalating operating expenses.

        In the second quarter, research and development expenses surged, further depleting cash reserves.

        Acquisitions like Electric Last Mile Solutions strain resources and contribute to substantial cash outflows.

      • Cash Flow Woes and Complex Capital Structure

        Mullen’s significant cash burn raises concerns about its short-term viability.

        While the company boasts a cash-heavy market cap, this may not suffice to cover ongoing operational expenses.

        A convoluted capital structure, compounded by dilution risks, could exacerbate financial instability.

      • Uncertain Revenue Prospects and Market Challenges

        The company’s limited revenue sources and intense market competition, coupled with its delayed entry into the market, may hinder its ability to rebound.

        Shareholders’ reliance on short squeezes further muddles the picture, potentially masking deeper issues.


      In conclusion, Mullen USA stock has garnered attention with recent market updates, including a substantial stock buyback, yet prudent caution prevails.

      Despite a recent rally, the stock has suffered a steep decline of 90% since February, indicative of market skepticism and fundamental concerns.

      While short-term price forecasts and potential surges offer tantalizing prospects, it is essential to tread carefully.

      Mullen’s long-term sustainability rests on effectively addressing operational hurdles, achieving sustained revenue growth, and maintaining investor interest.

      With a mixed outlook of bullish and bearish indicators, investors are advised to exercise prudent analysis and strategic decision-making.

      The company’s financial strain, complex capital structure, uncertain revenue prospects, and market challenges pose red flags that must be carefully considered in any investment evaluation.

      As the path forward remains intricate, a cautious stance remains advisable when considering Mullen Automotive as part of your investment strategy.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What Is the Highest Price Mullen USA Stock Has Ever Reached?

      $222.25 on October 9, 2012.

      What Is the Current Price of MULN Stock?

      $1.14 as of August 18, 2023.

      What Is the Consensus Price Prediction for MULN Stock?

      The average price prediction for MULN stock is $2.50 by the end of 2023.

      What Are the Factors That Could Influence MULN Stock’s Price?

      The company’s production and delivery of its electric vehicles, its financial performance, and the overall market conditions.

      Is Mullen USA Stock a Good Investment?

      The long-term prospects for MULN stock are positive, but there is no guarantee of success.

      What Is the Riskiest Factor for MULN Stock?

      The company is still in the early stages of development and has not yet generated any significant revenue.

      What Is the Most Bullish Price Prediction for MULN Stock?

      Some analysts believe that MULN stock could reach $5 by the end of 2023.

      What Is the Most Bearish Price Prediction for MULN Stock?

      Some analysts believe that MULN stock could fall to $0.50 by the end of 2023.

      When Will MULN Stock Reach Its Peak Price?

      It is difficult to say when MULN stock will reach its peak price. It could happen in the next few months, or it could take several years.

      What Is the Best Way To Buy Mullen USA Stock?

      You can buy MULN stock through a brokerage firm.

      Why MULN Stock Is Up?

      MULN stock is up due to the initiation of a $25 million stock buyback program by Mullen Automotive and CEO David Michery’s personal acquisition of shares. This reflects management’s belief that the stock is undervalued and aims to boost investor confidence by demonstrating a strong balance sheet and ongoing EV production efforts.

      Is MULN Stock Undervalued?

      MULN stock appears to be undervalued according to management’s belief in initiating a $25 million stock buyback program to boost investor confidence, despite the stock’s recent decline and financial challenges. However, caution is warranted due to the company’s financial fragility and operational challenges.

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