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      Top 10 US Stocks Average Dividend Yield by Sector

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      August 23, 2023

      5:29 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      August 28, 2023

      12:40 PM UTC

      Top 10 US Stocks Average Dividend Yield by Sector

      In the dynamic landscape of the US stock market, a company’s dividend yield stands as a vital indicator of its financial health and potential returns for investors.

      This comprehensive report, “Top 10 US Stocks Average Dividend Yield by Sector,” delves into the dividend landscape, unveiling the highest yielding stocks across various sectors.

      From technology to healthcare, energy to finance, we present an insightful breakdown of the leading dividend-paying stocks, shedding light on the average yields that investors can expect within each sector.

      Stay informed about these prominent dividend players driving the market’s performance in diverse industries.


      The tech sector offers enticing opportunities for investors seeking top US stocks dividend due to its robust growth potential and increasing willingness of tech companies to initiate dividend programs.

      Historically focused on reinvesting profits for expansion, tech firms are increasingly generating substantial cash flows and an impressive US stocks average dividend yield.

      Major players like Apple, Microsoft, and Intel have embraced dividends, indicating stable financials.

      While tech dividends may be lower than traditional sectors, their growth potential and evolving dividend policies make the sector attractive for investors seeking a balance of income and long-term capital appreciation.

      Consider the following picks from this promising sector:

      Name Ticker Yield
      Broadcom AVGO 3.56%
      Microsoft MSFT 3.36%
      Intel INTC 3.08%
      Cisco Systems CSCO 2.73%
      Texas Instruments TXN 2.55%


      The Healthcare sector emerges as a compelling choice for dividend investors due to its stability and consistent demand.

      With an aging population and the ongoing need for medical services and pharmaceuticals, companies within this sector often enjoy reliable revenue streams.

      These factors make healthcare a top performer, relative to the Dowjones dividend yield.

      Regulatory frameworks and long-term contracts further bolster stability.

      This, in turn, can translate into steady dividend payouts, offering investors a potential hedge against market volatility.

      As a vital industry, Healthcare provides a resilient platform for those seeking dependable dividends in their investment portfolios.

      The following are compelling healthcare US stocks dividend to look into:

      Name Ticker Yield
      Johnson & Johnson JNJ 2.52%
      AbbVie ABBV 4.17%
      UnitedHealth Group UNH 2.07%
      Pfizer PFE 4.14%
      Merck & Co. MRK 3.57%


      The Finance sector offers a compelling choice for dividend investors due to its consistent dividend distributions and attractive US stocks average dividend yield.

      Financial institutions, like banks and insurance companies, tend to generate stable cash flows, enabling them to provide reliable dividends.

      Regulations often require these companies to maintain strong financial positions, further supporting consistent payouts.

      Moreover, the sector’s integral role in the economy ensures its resilience even during market fluctuations.

      This stability, combined with potential for capital appreciation, makes the Finance sector an attractive destination for dividend-focused investors seeking long-term returns.

      Consider the following US stocks dividend to gain exposure to the financial sector:

      Name Ticker Yield
      Wells Fargo WFC 3.78%
      Bank of America BAC 2.64%
      Citigroup C 1.70%
      Goldman Sachs GS 2.26%
      Morgan Stanley MS 2.97%


      The Energy sector offers an appealing option for dividend investors due to its historical track record of consistent payouts, and a generally appealing US stocks average dividend yield.

      Established energy companies often generate substantial cash flow from their operations, enabling them to provide reliable dividends.

      Additionally, energy demand remains relatively stable over time, offering a degree of predictability in revenue streams.

      While market fluctuations can impact stock prices, the sector’s essential role in global economies underscores its long-term stability.

      Due to this, energy stocks typically have an impressive US stocks dividend history.

      However, investors should consider factors such as regulatory changes and the transition to renewable energy sources when assessing investment prospects.

      The following are among the best dividend payers to choose from in the booming energy sector.

      Name Ticker Yield
      Exxon Mobil XOM 3.63%
      Chevron CVX 3.21%
      ConocoPhillips COP 3.11%
      EOG Resources EOG 2.89%
      Occidental Petroleum OXY 3.07%

      Consumer Goods

      The Consumer Goods sector stands out as a favorable choice for dividend investors due to its inherent stability and consistent demand.

      For this reason, its US stocks average dividend yield has typically been sought after, and usually have a stellar US stocks dividend history.

      Renowned for offering products like food, beverages, and household items, companies within this sector often maintain resilient performance even during economic downturns.

      Their reliable cash flows enable them to distribute dividends consistently.

      Furthermore, the sector’s focus on everyday essentials ensures a steady customer base.

      As a result, dividend investors are drawn to Consumer Goods for its potential to provide reliable income through dividends, underpinned by enduring market demand.

      Look into the following US stock dividend list from the consumer goods game:

      Name Ticker Yield
      Procter & Gamble PG 2.62%
      Coca-Cola KO 2.84%
      Colgate-Palmolive CL 2.58%
      Johnson & Johnson JNJ 2.52%
      Kimberly-Clark KMB 3.25%


      The Utilities sector is yet another sphere that stands out for dividend investors due to its stable revenue streams and consistent demand, which deliver to it a prominent US stocks average dividend yield.

      As a regulated industry, utilities often operate in monopolistic or oligopolistic markets, providing essential services like electricity, water, and gas.

      This reliable demand translates to steady cash flows, enabling companies to maintain and distribute dividends consistently.

      Furthermore, stringent regulations create barriers to entry, reducing competition and enhancing sector stability.

      While growth prospects might be moderate, the Utilities sector’s defensive nature and attractive dividend yields make it appealing for income-focused investors.

      The following are the most attractive names from the utilities sector to consider:

      Name Ticker Yield
      NextEra Energy, Inc. NEE 3.98%
      The Southern Company SO 4.47%
      Duke Energy Corporation DUK 3.84%
      Dominion Energy, Inc. D 3.58%
      American Electric Power Company, Inc. AEP 3.46%

      Real Estate

      The Real Estate sector presents a lucrative opportunity for dividend investors due to its steady income potential and incredibly high US stocks average dividend yield.

      Real estate investment trusts (REITs), common in this sector, are legally required to distribute a significant portion of their income as dividends. In fact, some of the most impressive US stocks dividend aristocrats are actually REITs

      These dividends often offer attractive yields that can provide consistent cash flow.

      The sector’s stability, driven by property rental income and long-term leases, further enhances its appeal to income-focused investors seeking reliable returns, making real estate a favorable choice for those looking for regular dividend income.

      Name Ticker Yield
      Realty Income Corporation O 4.98%
      American Tower Corporation AMT 3.50%
      Equinix, Inc. EQIX 3.04%
      Prologis, Inc. PLD 2.88%
      Federal Realty Investment Trust FRT 3.97%


      The industrial sector offers an attractive option for dividend investors due to its established companies with a history of strength across the economic cycle, making it attractive throughout the US stocks dividend calendar.

      These firms are often engaged in essential industries such as manufacturing, infrastructure, and transportation, fostering resilience in various economic conditions.

      Additionally, the sector’s mature nature typically leads to fewer aggressive growth pursuits, enabling a higher proportion of profits to be allocated to dividends.

      This combination of stability, reliable income, and historical performance makes Industrials appealing to dividend-focused investors. Some top US stocks with these features are listed below:

      Name Ticker Yield
      Illinois Tool Works ITW 2.39%
      United Technologies UTX 2.19%
      Honeywell International HON 2.00%
      General Electric GE 1.91%
      3M MMM 2.11%

      Consumer Services

      The Consumer Services sector presents an appealing choice for dividend investors due to its resilience even during economic fluctuations.

      This sector encompasses businesses such as retail, hospitality, and entertainment, which provide essential and leisure-related services while containing players with remarkable US stocks dividend yield.

      These companies typically generate consistent cash flows, enabling them to distribute dividends regularly.

      Additionally, as consumer spending remains a fundamental aspect of the economy, well-established companies in this sector tend to exhibit resilience and the ability to sustain dividends over time, making them attractive options for income-oriented investors.

      Name Ticker Yield
      McDonald’s Corporation MCD 2.76%
      The Walt Disney Company DIS 1.78%
      Starbucks Corporation SBUX 2.34%
      Procter & Gamble Company PG 2.67%
      Johnson & Johnson JNJ 2.56%

      Communication Services

      The Communication Services sector offers an appealing avenue for dividend investors due to the pivotal role communications holds in the world.

      With established companies spanning telecommunications, media, and entertainment, this sector enjoys resilient demand even in economic downturns.

      Many firms have a history of distributing dividends, showcasing their commitment to shareholder returns.

      Recognizable brands within the sector, coupled with growing demand for connectivity and content, further bolster the sector’s potential for sustained income generation, making it an attractive choice for dividend-focused investors.

      Name Ticker Yield
      Comcast Corporation CMCSA 1.75%
      Verizon Communications Inc. VZ 4.38%
      AT&T Inc. T 5.21%
      BCE Inc. BCE 4.73%
      Telefonica Deutschland Holding AG TEF 4.02%


      When it comes to the US stock market, the dividend yield stands as a barometer of financial strength and potential returns.

      The report “Top 10 US Stocks Average Dividend Yield by Sector” uncovers a panorama of dividend landscapes across sectors.

      From the tech marvels to the resilient healthcare domain, the consistent finance realm to the enduring energy sector, and beyond, this report illuminates the stars of dividend distribution.

      With names like Apple, Johnson & Johnson, Wells Fargo, Exxon Mobil, Procter & Gamble, NextEra Energy, and more, investors can navigate a diversified array of sectors to fuel their portfolios with stability, growth, and income.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What Is the Significance Of Dividend Yield In Stock Investing?

      Dividend yield indicates the annual dividend income as a percentage of a stock’s current price, helping investors assess potential returns.

      How Is the Average Dividend Yield Calculated for These Top US Stocks?

      The average dividend yield is obtained by summing up individual dividend yields of selected stocks within a sector and dividing by the number of stocks.

      Which Sectors Are Covered in The Article’s List of Top US Stocks?

      The article covers sectors like technology, healthcare, finance, energy, consumer goods, and more.

      Why Should Investors Consider Dividend-Paying Stocks?

      Dividend-paying stocks can provide a steady income stream and offer a buffer during market volatility.

      Are High Dividend Yields Always Indicative of a Good Investment?

      Not necessarily. High yields could be a result of stock price declines, potentially signaling financial troubles for the company.

      How Often Are Dividend Payments Usually Made?

      Dividend payments can be quarterly, semi-annually, or annually, depending on the company’s policy.

      What Are Some Factors Besides Yield That Investors Should Consider When Evaluating Stocks?

      Factors include company fundamentals, growth potential, industry trends, and the stability of dividend payments.

      Can Dividend Yields Change Over Time?

      Yes, dividend yields can change based on fluctuations in stock price and adjustments in dividend payouts.

      Are Dividend Yields Taxed as Regular Income?

      US stocks dividend tax treatment varies by country; in the US, dividends are generally taxed at a different rate than regular income. The US stock dividend withholding tax is also something to be considered in this regard.

      Should Investors Solely Focus on Stocks with The Highest Dividend Yields?

      No, a balanced approach is recommended. It’s important to consider a stock’s overall potential, financial health, and long-term prospects.

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