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      The 10 Best USA Premarket Movers Recorded Today

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 16, 2023

      3:53 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      November 16, 2023

      3:54 PM UTC

      The 10 Best USA Premarket Movers Recorded Today

      Finance is all about timing. For this reason, the most skilled of traders know that keeping a pulse on the premarket movers is essential for informed decision-making.

      Today, we delve into the top 10 USA premarket movers, providing traders with valuable insights before the opening bell. Unlike their global counterparts facing geopolitical uncertainties, American stocks offer a comparatively stable terrain for the typical U.S. trader.

      Navigating through the intricacies of premarket sessions can be a challenging endeavor, but focusing on domestic equities helps mitigate some of the inherent volatility.

      This morning’s market activity reflects a snapshot of potential opportunities and risks that can shape the day’s trading landscape. Join us as we dissect the standout USA premarket movers, unraveling the underlying factors driving their premarket momentum.

      Regardless of where you stand on the stock market skill spectrum, understanding these movers can be the key to gaining a competitive edge in the constantly turning world of stock trading.

      Today’s List of Top US Premarket Gainers to Watch

      Today, we’re highlighting the standout USA premarket movers. These top American stocks are catching everyone’s eye by taking off early while most traders are still sleeping.

      The big question is, how high can they go when the market is in full swing? We’ll break down these early stars, giving you a glimpse into the potential they hold. So, let’s dive into, and unravel, the story of each of these early risers:

      Here is the information presented in a tabular format:

      Symbol Company Name  Change (Pre) Volume (Pre) Price Volume Market cap
      BBLG Bone Biologics Corp +49.51% 4.461M 0.5431 USD 4.702M 1.702M USD
      AFIB Acutus Medical, Inc. +36.97% 1.697M 0.2080 USD 2.697M 6.086M USD
      NVIV InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. +26.16% 3.383K 0.6016 USD 17.205K 1.868M USD
      CHSN Chanson International Holding +24.83% 45.78K 1.45 USD 333.379K 17.965M USD
      CISO CISO Global, Inc.


      +24.38% 15.024M 0.1600 USD 118.588M 28.828M USD
      BIVI BioVie Inc.


      +18.73% 25.126K 3.15 USD 158.917K 118.889M USD
      JGGC Jaguar Global Growth Corporation +16.47% 896.506K 1.70 USD 3.834M 125.783M USD
      CLNN Clene Inc. +13.38% 2.113K 0.4410 USD 218.382K 56.631M USD
      UTRS Minerva Surgical, Inc.


      +13.37% 886 1.72 USD 70.543K 15.271M USD
      CVKD Cadrenal Therapeutics, Inc. +12.31% 99.809K 0.4897 USD 290.185K 6.377M USD
      1. Bone Biologics Corp

        Bone Biologics Corp. (BBLG), a medical device company specializing in bone regeneration, saw a remarkable premarket surge of +49.51%, making it a top contender on our list of USA premarket movers.

        Although lacking a specific catalyst or news, the unexpected spike involved a significant volume of over 4 million shares changing hands. This surge, seemingly without a clear reason, raises cautionary flags, resembling characteristics of a potential pump and dump scenario.

        Traders should approach with diligence, considering the unusual trading activity and the absence of identifiable driving factors behind the substantial premarket gain. It is a great pick for a short-term boost, as long as you can time your trade well.

      2. Acutus Medical, Inc.

        Acutus Medical, Inc. (AFIB) emerges as a compelling premarket mover due to its recent strategic realignment focusing on the Medtronic heart device. The California-based company’s Q3 2023 report boasts a 44% YoY revenue increase to $5.2 million, propelled by the Medtronic distribution deal.

        Notably, operating expenses slashed, leading to a reduced net loss of $13.2 million.

        Despite a recent dip following the company’s restructuring announcement, the current premarket surge signals a market correction from overselling, presenting an opportune moment.

        With positive financial indicators and strategic focus, AFIB stands out as a potential upward mover among USA premarket movers throughout the day.

      3. InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp.

        Invivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. (NVIV) surged an impressive +26.16% in the premarket, among premarket penny stock gainers, catching attention despite the absence of news or earnings releases.

        The notable uptick, fueled by technical indicators, suggests a potential rebound above the lower band, potentially aiming for the middle band.

        While the surge lacks specific catalysts, traders observing the trend may find it opportune for stock acquisition or exploring call options.

        Chatter in the social media sphere reveals that a historical pattern of NVIV’s price bouncing back after breaking its lower Bollinger Band, providing additional insight for those considering a position in this premarket mover.

      4. Chanson International Holding

        Chanson International Holding (CHSN) stands out among premarket dollar gainers and losers with a robust +24.83% surge.

        Despite the absence of significant news, bullish momentum persists, possibly fueled by a notably low float. This thin float suggests the potential for substantial upward movement—indicative of a moonshot.

        The absence of negative catalysts, combined with a 72% inside ownership, signals strong investor confidence. Chanson, specializing in bakery, seasonal, and beverage products, with eat-in services, operates in both China and the United States.

        The compelling premarket climb positions it as a promising pick, displaying key traits of a rebounding stock.

      5. CISO Global, Inc.

        CISO Global, Inc. (CISO) stands out among premarket gainers with a notable +24.38% increase today. Specializing in cybersecurity services, the company’s participation in the Microsoft Security Copilot Partner Private Preview underscores its expertise and strategic alignment with industry leaders.

        Despite being 95% below its 52-week high, the stock exhibits resilience, hinting at a potential upward trajectory.

        This remarkable premarket performance, coupled with its pivotal role in emerging technologies and close ties with Microsoft, positions CISO Global as an intriguing choice for investors seeking both immediate gains and long-term value in the dynamic cybersecurity sector.

      6. BioVie Inc.

        BioVie (NASDAQ: BIVI) surged 18.73% in premarket trading, currently valued at $120 million. With upcoming Phase 3 data on NE3107 for Alzheimer’s disease, BioVie’s groundbreaking results at CTAD 2023 revealed unexpected reductions in amyloid burden and strong cognitive improvements, setting it apart from traditional anti-amyloid antibodies.

        The biomarker data, including epigenetics and TNF reduction, suggests potential disease modification. If confirmed, BioVie’s NE3107 could outshine competitors and address key Alzheimer’s targets without safety concerns.

        Market reactions to similar Phase 3 successes hint at significant potential gains, making BioVie a very bullish prospect among premarket small-cap movers in the evolving Alzheimer’s landscape.

      7. Jaguar Global Growth Corporation

        Captivision Inc. emerges as a promising pick among today’s premarket gainers, following Jaguar Global Growth Corp.’s (JGGC) successful business combination.

        As of November 16, 2023, the newly formed public entity is set to trade on Nasdaq. This has put it on the radars of traders closely watching the biggest premarket gainers and losers.

        Captivision’s revolutionary technology, including proprietary G-Glass, positions it for global growth, aiming to transform buildings into expansive media devices.

        Despite Jaguar Global’s recent dip from $9.40 to $1.70 in anticipation of the closure, today’s premarket surge reflects a bullish correction, signaling potential gains amid overselling. Captivision’s milestone move to Nasdaq marks a pivotal step toward broader market impact.

      8. Clene Inc.

        Clene, Inc. (CLNN) stands out among US premarket movers with a remarkable 13.38% premarket jump, showcasing its potential as a premarket gainer.

        Specializing in neurodegenerative disease therapeutics, the company’s flagship product, CNM-Au8, is an orally administered gold nanocrystal suspension.

        Backed by a substantial $45.1 million grant, the Expanded Access Protocol study for CNM-Au8 focuses on ALS treatment, a critical advancement supported by the recently enacted “Act for ALS.”

        With proven safety and improved survival demonstrated in Phase 2 trials, CNM-Au8’s innovative approach, catalyzing energy metabolites and protecting neurons, positions Clene as a compelling choice among premarket movers.

      9. Minerva Surgical, Inc.

        Minerva Surgical, Inc. (UTRS) stands out among premarket gainers with a robust +13.37% climb today. The company reported Q3 revenue of $12.0 million, showcasing a 19% increase in Symphion product revenue.

        Despite an overall 5% revenue decline, the CEO, Todd Usen, expressed confidence in long-term growth. Notably, Minerva ES revenue increased by 3% year-to-date.

        Although gross margin slightly decreased to 52.0%, a strategic realignment reduced operating expenses, leading to a net loss improvement from $11.3 million (2022) to $7.2 million (2023).

        With Adjusted EBITDA at negative $3.8 million, Minerva’s potential patent acquisition fuels anticipation among investors for a significant UTRS price surge, putting it on this list of premarket stock gainers and losers.

      10. Cadrenal Therapeutics, Inc.

        Cadrenal Therapeutics, Inc.’s (CVKD) premarket leap of +12.31% positions it as a top choice among most significant premarket gainers.

        The company’s focus on tecarfarin, a novel therapy addressing rare medical conditions like AFib and LVADs, expands its market potential to over $2 billion annually in the U.S.

        Recent corporate strides include hiring consultants for drug development, completing a $7.5 million private placement, and maintaining robust cash balances of $9.1 million.

        With Tecarfarin’s promise to fill market gaps left by existing anticoagulants, Cadrenal’s strategic expansion and fiscal prudence make it a compelling premarket mover amidst current bullish market sentiment.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why Did Bone Biologics Experience a Surge?

      Bone Biologics Corp. (BBLG) saw a +49.51% surge without a clear catalyst. Traders should exercise diligence due to the unusual activity, resembling characteristics of a potential pump and dump, and make the largest premarket movers suitable for short-term gains if timed well.

      What Makes Acutus Medical a Compelling Pick?

      Acutus Medical, Inc. (AFIB) stands out due to its strategic realignment and Q3 2023 report, showing a 44% YoY revenue increase. Despite a recent dip, the premarket surge suggests a market correction from overselling, presenting an opportune moment for traders.

      Why Did INVO Experience a Premarket Surge?

      InVivo Therapeutics Holdings Corp. (NVIV) surged +26.16% in the premarket without specific catalysts. Traders observing the trend may find it opportune for stock acquisition or exploring call options, considering historical patterns of price rebound after breaking the lower Bollinger Band.

      What Factors Contribute to Chanson’s Premarket Surge?

      Chanson International Holding (CHSN) surged +24.83% with a notably low float, indicating potential substantial upward movement. Strong investor confidence, the absence of negative catalysts, and the company’s focus on bakery and beverage products position CHSN as a promising pick.

      What Makes CISO an Intriguing Choice for Investors?

      CISO Global, Inc. (CISO), specializing in cybersecurity services, exhibits resilience and a notable +24.38% premarket increase. Its pivotal role in emerging technologies and close ties with Microsoft make it an intriguing choice for investors seeking both immediate gains and long-term value in the dynamic cybersecurity sector.

      Why Did BioVie Inc. Experience a Premarket Surge?

      BioVie (BIVI) surged 18.73% in premarket trading, with upcoming Phase 3 data on NE3107 for Alzheimer’s disease. Groundbreaking results at CTAD 2023 suggest potential disease modification, making BioVie a very bullish prospect in the evolving Alzheimer’s landscape.

      What Factors Contribute to Jaguar Global Growth’s Surge?

      Jaguar Global Growth Corporation (JGGC) saw a premarket surge following a successful business combination with Captivision Inc. The milestone move to Nasdaq for Captivision, with its revolutionary technology, positions it for global growth, signaling potential gains amid overselling.

      Why Does Clene Inc. Stand Out Among Premarket Gainers?

      Clene, Inc. (CLNN) showcases a remarkable 13.38% premarket jump, specializing in neurodegenerative disease therapeutics. With substantial grants and promising Phase 2 trial results for CNM-Au8, Clene stands as a compelling choice among premarket movers.

      What Factors Contribute to Minerva Surgical, Inc.’s Premarket Climb?

      Minerva Surgical, Inc. (UTRS) stands out with a robust +13.37% premarket climb, driven by positive Q3 revenue and strategic realignment. Despite a slight revenue decline, improved net loss and confidence in long-term growth make Minerva a potential choice for investors anticipating a significant price surge.

      What Makes Cadrenal Therapeutics, an Attractive Premarket Mover?

      Cadrenal Therapeutics, Inc. (CIVKD) experienced a premarket leap of +12.31%, focusing on tecarfarin for rare medical conditions. With strategic expansion, fiscal prudence, and promising market potential, Cadrenal emerges as a compelling premarket mover amidst bullish market sentiment.

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