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      The Top 10 Most Significant Premarket Gainers Today

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 15, 2023

      10:06 AM UTC

      The Top 10 Most Significant Premarket Gainers Today

      Every trader knows that staying ahead of the curve is paramount for navigating the stock market. In this article, we delve into the overlooked world of premarket trading, dissecting the most significant premarket gainers in the stock market.

      As the opening bell approaches, uncovering which stocks are making significant moves in the early hours can provide traders with a strategic advantage. By honing in on these premarket leaders, investors gain insights into emerging trends, potential catalysts, and market sentiment before the regular trading session begins.

      This proactive approach allows traders to position themselves strategically, capitalizing on opportunities and mitigating risks.

      Join us as we analyze and spotlight the most significant premarket gainers, offering a valuable resource for stock market participants keen on making informed decisions and optimizing their trading strategies in the ever-evolving financial landscape.

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      Presenting the crème de la crème of early market movers — our list of 10 most significant premarket gainers with blazing momentum today. Join us as we unravel the stories behind these market frontrunners, exploring the factors fueling their momentum and the potential ripples throughout the day:

      1. Biocardia Inc.

        BioCardia, Inc. (NASDAQ: BCDA) emerges as a great pick among the most significant premarket gainers, soaring by a whopping 233.28%.

        This price tripling follows the FDA’s green light for the Phase 3 trial of CardiAMP, the company’s revolutionary autologous cell therapy tackling ischemic heart failure.

        Acknowledged as a breakthrough therapy, CardiAMP utilizes a patient’s own bone marrow cells in a catheter-based procedure, potentially triggering the body’s natural healing.

        With the ongoing trial already demonstrating promising results, including a 59% lower risk of heart death and a 54% reduced risk of major adverse cardiovascular events, BioCardia stands out as a compelling choice among premarket gainers.

        It is certainly backed by its innovative and potentially life-changing medical advancements.

      2. reAlpha Tech Corp (AIRE)

        reAlpha Tech Corp. (AIRE) emerges as a compelling pick among the largest premarket movers, surging by an impressive 89.81%. Specializing in real estate technology, the company strategically operates in two segments: Platform Services and Rental Business.

        The Platform Services arm pioneers AI-based products for the real estate industry, while the Rental Business segment focuses on property syndication.

        Notably, this substantial premarket gain lacks explanation from recent press releases or SEC filings, and analysts haven’t provided coverage.

        Social media speculation revolving around biggest premarket gainers and losers hints at potential trader activity, possibly a pump and dump strategy.

        Despite the lack of clear news, the significant uptick in AIRE stock makes it a noteworthy consideration for traders navigating the premarket landscape.

      3. Theseus Pharmaceuticals (THRX)

        Theseus Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: THRX) has seen a stellar 44.86% climb in the premarket session, fueled by the company’s strategic review process to enhance shareholder value.

        The decision, disclosed in an 8-K filing on November 13, 2023, includes a substantial 72% reduction in the workforce, with notable departures, such as the President of Research and Development, Dr. William C. Shakespeare.

        The company’s current financial standing, boasting $225.4 million in cash, exceeds its market cap of $135 million, indicating potential for a lucrative sale or merger.

        Market analysts suggest a target price of around $4.90, signaling a further 70% upside, making THRX a compelling premarket gainer for today’s traders, among the most significant premarket gainers.

      4. Lilium (LILM)

        Lilium NV (NASDAQ: LILM) emerges as a compelling stock among USA premarket movers, surging over 31% early on. Known for developing all-electric vertical take-off and landing jets, Lilium focuses on revolutionary air transport.

        The Lilium Jet boasts low noise, high performance, and zero operating emissions, advancing air travel decarbonization.

        Recently partnering with DENSO, a Fortune 500 leader in powertrain electrification, Lilium gains critical technical assistance for efficient, scalable production.

        With DENSO’s 75 years of expertise and alliance with aerospace giant Honeywell, Lilium gears up for high-volume, reliable manufacturing of the Lilium Jet engine.

        This strategic collaboration bodes very well for the future of Lilium, while propelling it as a top choice among premarket gainers, driving innovation and sustainability in the aviation sector.

      5. Talis Biomedical (TLIS)

        Talis Biomedical Corp. stands out among the most significant premarket gainers today, with a remarkable 28.52% surge. The company’s commitment to advancing molecular testing for infectious diseases is evident.

        Recently, it announced a strategic review to maximize shareholder value, emphasizing its dedication to adapting to current market conditions.

        This proactive approach involves a special committee exploring various options, including financing alternatives and strategic transactions. To bolster financial resilience, Talis is implementing significant cost-saving measures, including a 90% reduction in its workforce.

        While ongoing developments are significant, potential investors should note that outcomes from the strategic review are uncertain, and progress updates will be provided judiciously.

        The surge is also influenced by the released Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results, revealing a reduced net loss and $88.0 million in cash and cash equivalents as of September 30, 2023.

      6. INVO Bioscience (INVO)

        INVO BioScience, Inc. (INVO) stands out as a compelling pick from premarket penny stock gainers with a notable 28% surge. The company, dedicated to fertility solutions, reported robust Q3 2023 results, showcasing a 314% revenue increase to $974,894.

        The recent acquisition of Wisconsin Fertility Institute (WFI) contributed to this growth, with pro forma revenue estimated at $1.5 million. INVO achieved adjusted EBITDA of $(0.6) million, a significant improvement from $(2.0) million in the previous year.

        The strategic acquisition of NAYA Biosciences further underscores INVO’s commitment to growth and innovation, positioning it as a promising contender in both fertility and oncology.

        Due to these developments, INVO is closely watched by traders who normally focus on premarket stock gainers and losers. With a clear path to profitability, INVO BioScience demonstrates strong potential for traders looking to capitalize on its momentum.

      7. Supercom Ltd (SPCB)

        SuperCom Ltd. (SPCB) emerges as a compelling name on our list of US premarket movers, surging over 25%.

        This stock, renowned for traditional and digital identity solutions, boasts exceptional financials, with a staggering 550% YoY EBITDA growth and a 5-year-record net profit, recently reported for Q3 2023.

        Amid robust revenue growth, gross profit surged by 89%, reaching $4.0 million with a margin increase to 59.4%. The company’s strategic wins, including a $3.4 million order from Romania and a $3 million contract in California, reinforce its global impact and commitment to public safety.

        Notably, SuperCom’s innovative upgrades, integration of advanced AI, and successful public offering position it for sustained growth and expansion.

      8. Cellebrite DI (CLBT)

        Cellebrite DI Ltd. (CLBT) stands out among premarket small cap movers with a robust 23.95% surge, reflecting its stellar third-quarter 2023 performance. The management attributes this success to strong demand, reporting record quarterly revenue of $84.2 million—a 17% YoY increase.

        The company’s focus on digital forensic and investigative solutions is paying off, evident in a 27% YoY rise in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) to $295.2 million.

        Recent strategic moves, such as appointing Marcus Jewell as Global Chief Revenue Officer and securing substantial deals, showcase Cellebrite’s growth trajectory.

        With an impressive financial outlook, including raised revenue expectations to $315 million-$320 million, Cellebrite emerges as a compelling pick for traders.

      9. Moving iMage Technologies (MITQ)

        Moving iMage Technologies, Inc. (MITQ) shines as a top premarket gainer, surging by an impressive 20.38%. MITQ’s recent 10-Q filing reveals robust financial health, with a 13.4% revenue boost in the first quarter of fiscal 2024, reaching $6.6 million.

        Led by CEO Phil Rafnson, the company reported notable growth in gross profit, operating income, and net income. A strategic 10b5-1 trading program underscores their commitment to shareholder value, increasing share repurchase days to approximately 250 per year.

        MITQ’s success is underlined by a technology refresh cycle, strong Q1 results, and progress in innovative initiatives, making it a compelling choice for premarket enthusiasts.

      10. Tesla Inc. (TSLA)

        Tesla Inc., (TSLA) our final contender, secured a 6% premarket gain, reflecting a modest yet notable uptick, in the world of premarket dollar gainers and losers. While the percentage may seem conservative, Tesla’s appeal lies in its established position as an Electric Vehicle (EV) powerhouse.

        Beyond immediate gains, its enduring potential and commitment to sustainability make it an attractive prospect. Notably, the consumer discretionary sector, to which Tesla belongs, experienced a boost following favorable inflation data.

        The data hints at potential increased consumer spending power as inflationary pressures ease.

        In essence, Tesla combines stability, innovation, and sector momentum, making it a compelling choice among today’s premarket gainers.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why Should I Pay Attention to Premarket Gainers?

      Early market movers provide insights into emerging trends, potential catalysts, and market sentiment, giving traders a strategic advantage in decision-making.

      What Makes BCDA a Compelling Premarket Gainer?

      BioCardia’s 233.28% surge is driven by FDA approval for CardiAMP, a groundbreaking autologous cell therapy for ischemic heart failure, showcasing promising results in reducing heart-related risks.

      Why is reAlpha Tech Surging in the Premarket Without Clear News?

      Despite lacking recent press releases, AIRE’s 89.81% gain hints at potential trader activity, possibly a pump and dump strategy, making it a noteworthy consideration for traders.

      What Factors Contribute to THRX as a Premarket Gainer?

      THRX’s 44.86% climb results from a strategic review, including a substantial workforce reduction and a financial standing exceeding its market cap, making it a compelling choice for traders.

      Why is Lilium Considered a Top Premarket Gainer?

      Lilium’s 31% surge is fueled by its collaboration with DENSO for efficient, scalable production of its revolutionary Lilium Jet, emphasizing innovation and sustainability in air travel.

      What Sets Talis Biomedical Apart Among Premarket Gainers?

      TLIS’s 28.52% surge is influenced by a strategic review for shareholder value, significant cost-saving measures, and positive Third Quarter 2023 Financial Results, though outcomes from the review are uncertain.

      Why is INVO BioScience a Compelling Premarket Gainer?

      INVO’s 28% surge is driven by robust Q3 2023 results, including a 314% revenue increase, strategic acquisitions, and a clear path to profitability in fertility solutions and oncology.

      What Makes SPCB a Standout Premarket Gainer?

      SPCB’s 25% surge is supported by exceptional financials, including a 550% YoY EBITDA growth, strategic wins, and innovative upgrades, positioning it for sustained growth.

      Why is Cellebrite DI Emerging as a Compelling Premarket Gainer?

      CLBT’s 23.95% surge is attributed to a stellar third-quarter 2023 performance, strong demand for digital forensic solutions, and a positive financial outlook, making it an attractive pick for traders.

      What Contributes to MITQ as a Top Premarket Gainer?

      MITQ’s 20.38% surge is backed by robust financial health, CEO-led initiatives, and progress in innovative initiatives, reflecting its commitment to shareholder value and making it a compelling choice for premarket enthusiasts.

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