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      Best EV Charging Stocks to Invest in Right Now

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      September 21, 2022

      9:59 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      August 10, 2023

      12:20 PM UTC

      Best EV Charging Stocks to Invest in Right Now

      Embracing the electrification revolution, the automotive industry has witnessed an unprecedented surge in Electric Vehicles (EVs).

      As environmentally conscious consumers shift towards EVs, the demand for robust charging infrastructure becomes ever more crucial.

      Many of those best EV charging stocks present a lucrative investment opportunity in this fast-evolving landscape.

      These companies play a pivotal role in shaping the future of transportation, offering innovative and efficient solutions to meet the rising global charging needs.

      As governments worldwide emphasize sustainable initiatives and automakers pivot towards EV production, the potential for significant EV charging growth is undeniable.

      Investors looking to ride the wave of the EV revolution should consider exploring this promising avenue of investing in the best EV charging stocks.

      Understanding The EV Charging Landscape

      Understanding the EV charging landscape is crucial for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

      With diverse charging options like Level 1, 2, and 3, consumers can choose based on convenience and speed.

      Public charging stations, home installations, and workplace options contribute to the growing infrastructure, easing range anxiety.

      Embracing smart grid technology and renewable energy integration ensures a sustainable and efficient future.

      • Overview Of EV Charging Technologies: Fast Vs. Slow Charging

        The EV charging landscape offers two primary charging technologies: fast and slow charging.

        Fast charging, using DC power, enables rapid charging of EVs, typically reaching 80% capacity in 30 minutes.

        On the other hand, slow charging, utilizing AC power, takes longer to charge but is more common in home and workplace settings.

        Balancing the convenience of fast charging with the accessibility of slow charging is crucial for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

      • Major Players in The EV Charging Industry: Companies Leading The Charge

        Several key players dominate the EV charging industry. Tesla’s Supercharger network stands out as a pioneer, offering high-speed charging for its vehicles globally.

        Other notable companies include ChargePoint, Electrify America, and EVgo, with expansive networks, promoting EV infrastructure growth.

      • Global EV Charging Infrastructure Trends: Regional Variations and Growth Projections

        The growth of EV charging infrastructure varies across regions. In developed countries, charging infrastructure is more extensive, while emerging economies are catching up.

        Europe leads in public charging stations, while Asia experiences rapid expansion due to government incentives.

        Latin America and Africa show potential for growth with increasing EV adoption.

        As EV market share rises, investments in charging infrastructure will continue to surge, catalyzing the transition to sustainable transportation worldwide.

      The Case for Investing in the Best EV Charging Station Stocks

      Investing in the best EV charging station stocks presents a unique opportunity to align financial gains with environmental consciousness.

      The burgeoning EV market, coupled with government support and increasing environmental awareness, creates a favorable landscape for investors seeking to be part of the clean energy revolution.

      • Exploring The EV Market Growth: Rising EV Sales and Their Impact on Charging Demand

        The electric vehicle (EV) market has witnessed exponential growth, with an increasing number of consumers adopting cleaner and more sustainable transportation options.

        As EV sales surge, the demand for efficient charging infrastructure is set to skyrocket.

        Investing in the best EV charging station stocks offers a promising opportunity to capitalize on this rapidly expanding market and the corresponding need for charging stations worldwide.

      • Government Initiatives and Incentives: Supportive Policies Driving EV Charging Development

        Governments worldwide have been actively promoting the adoption of electric vehicles through various initiatives and incentives.

        These supportive policies are spurring the development of charging networks, providing a significant boost to EV charging companies.

        Investors can leverage this momentum by investing in EV charging stocks, poised to benefit from ongoing government backing.

      • Sustainability And Environmental Impact: Investing in A Cleaner Future

        The urgent need to address climate change has propelled the transition towards greener transportation alternatives.

        Electric vehicles, powered by renewable energy sources, play a pivotal role in reducing carbon emissions and enhancing environmental sustainability.

        By investing in EV charging stocks, investors contribute to building a cleaner and more sustainable future while capitalizing on the transformation of the global transportation sector.

      Key Factors for Evaluating EV Charging Stocks

      Evaluating EV charging stocks requires a multifaceted approach that considers market position, technological innovations, and financial performance.

      A successful investment in this sector demands insight into leaders and disruptors, cutting-edge solutions, and a sustainable business model.

      That model has the ability to navigate the dynamic landscape of electric vehicle adoption.

      • Market Position and Competitive Advantage: Leaders and Potential Disruptors

        When evaluating EV charging stocks, it’s crucial to assess the company’s market position and competitive advantage.

        Established industry leaders with widespread charging networks and strategic partnerships are likely to outperform competitors.

        However, potential disruptors with innovative business models and expansion plans can offer significant growth opportunities.

        Understanding the competitive landscape is essential for predicting long-term success in this rapidly evolving sector.

      • Technological Innovations: Cutting-Edge Solutions For Improved Charging Experiences

        Investors should focus on EV charging companies that prioritize technological innovations.

        Advanced charging solutions can enhance the charging experience for customers and increase market appeal.

        Those include ultra-fast chargers, smart grid integration, and scalable software platforms.

        Companies with a focus on improving charging efficiency, user convenience, and seamless integration with electric vehicles will likely gain a competitive edge.

      • Financial Performance and Stability: Analyzing Revenue Streams and Profitability

        A thorough analysis of the financial performance and stability of EV charging stocks is vital.

        Investors should examine revenue streams, including charging fees, subscription models, and potential partnerships with utilities or governments.

        Sustainable profitability, efficient cost management, and healthy cash flow are indicators of a company’s ability to weather market fluctuations and fund future growth initiatives.

      Best EV Charging Stocks to Watch

      With our list of the 5 best EV charging stocks, discover the top stocks to monitor, offering promising growth in the electric vehicle industry.

      These companies excel in charging infrastructure development, influencing green transportation trends.

      Smart investors recognize their potential to capitalize on the electrification surge.

      Stay updated with their performance to seize lucrative opportunities in the ever-evolving market.

      1. ChargePoint (CHPT)

        ChargePoint (NYSE: CHPT) tops our list of best EV charging stocks.

        Operating in over 14 countries, it holds a dominant position in the industry and is set to capitalize on the rising EV adoption.

        The company foresees an impressive 59% sales surge in the coming years, indicating sustained revenue expansion.

        Over the last five quarters, ChargePoint has consistently achieved 49% revenue growth, despite facing declining profits.

        However, analysts project a turnaround in the near future, with losses expected to decrease by the following year, presenting lucrative opportunities for investors.

        Despite a recent 49% dip in CHPT shares, the company’s track record inspires optimism.

        Currently serving 76% of Fortune 50 companies, as these businesses integrate more EVs, ChargePoint’s revenue and profits are predicted to soar.

        Its competitive edge and exceptional achievements make it a strong candidate to break through within the next three years.

      2. SunPower Corporation (SPWR)

        SunPower Corporation (NASDAQ: SPWR), second in our list of best EV charging stocks, is a Californian EV company that utilizes the power of solar energy.

        SunPower emphasizes reducing the carbon footprint through its focus on EV technology and cleaner energy sources, notably solar energy.

        In partnership with Wallbox N.V., the company commenced its charging station deployment in July 2021.

        Despite being relatively new in the market, it already attracts over 390 institutional holders and exhibits steady revenue growth.

        Notably, the performance of energy vehicle station stocks has been impressive, with prices surging from $5.99 in January 2018 to a peak of $52, albeit briefly, in 2021.

        As the company has thousands of stations still awaiting installation, investors see it as a promising option for future investments.

        The potential of SPWR stock to soar to previous levels remains, especially given its alignment with eco-conscious trends and the growing demand for electric vehicles.

      3. Blink Charging Co (BLNK)

        Consider investing in Blink Charging Co (NASDAQ: BLNK), another best EV charging stocks with immense potential in the clean energy vehicle infrastructure sector.

        While its stock currently undervalues its growth prospects, seizing this opportunity now could lead to substantial long-term gains, despite possible volatility.

        Blink Charging’s global reach goes beyond the U.S., evident by its strategic acquisition of EB Charging in April 2022, rebranded as Blink Charging UK.

        This move expanded their presence in the U.K. and Ireland with over 1,225 additional chargers.

        Furthermore, Blink Charging is securing contracts both domestically and internationally, serving markets in the U.S., the U.K., and India.

        However, some shareholders fail to acknowledge the company’s true potential on a global scale, presenting an opening for investors to join in its expansion.

        BLNK stock offers promising long-term returns, given its aggressive expansion strategy and growing global influence in the EV charging industry.

      4. EVgo (EVGO)

        EVgo (NASDAQ: EVGO) emerges as a prominent player among the best EV charging stock landscape, presenting an intriguing growth opportunity.

        Funded by a generous $6.6 million state award, the company is ambitiously expanding its fast-charging network in California.

        It is slated to add over 100 DC fast charging stalls across 17 key locations in the central and eastern regions.

        Such an expansion, financed externally, is expected to propel both the company’s top and bottom lines, consequently stimulating an upward trajectory in EVGO’s stock price.

        The company’s strategic focus on California appears to be well-founded, given the region’s high EV penetration, making it a ripe market for charging solutions.

        In Q2, EVgo reported a remarkable 457% YoY surge in revenue, amounting to $50.6 million.

        This milestone contributed to a Year-to-date revenue of $75.83 million, signifying a 352% YoY increase. Building on this success, EVgo augmented its charging stalls by approximately 900 so far this year.

        Market analysts have projected promising revenue figures for EVgo, with estimates of $140 million in 2023 and a substantial leap to $266.6 million in 2024.

        While opinions on the company’s future vary among analysts, many investors and hedge funds remain confident in its ability to capitalize on the flourishing EV market.

        Its eco-conscious policies and the escalating adoption of electric vehicles bolstered that confident.

        While EVgo’s revenue projection for 2023 fell short of some expectations, the company remains optimistic about more than doubling its revenue in the coming year.

        Furthermore, analysts predict a reduction in losses over the next two years, signaling a pathway to profitability.

        The company’s promising outlook stems from its expanding user base, steady revenue growth, and strides toward financial stability.

        EVgo forges ahead with its ambitious expansion plans and capitalizes on the burgeoning EV market.

        It stands as a compelling choice for investors seeking growth opportunities in the EV charging sector.

      5. Tesla Inc (TSLA)

        When exploring the best EV charging stocks, Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) stands out as the undeniable elephant in the room.

        In 2021, particularly during Q2 and Q3, the company’s success was remarkable.

        That was fueled by the surge in electric car sales in Europe and China and the global expansion of its EV charging stations.

        As a frontrunner in the EV sector, led by visionary Elon Musk, Tesla’s market share and sales are expected to keep growing, securing its position as a key industry player.

        The number of Superchargers available in the United States is about 60% accounted for by Tesla.

        Considering its global and domestic dominance, competitors seem unlikely to displace Tesla in the foreseeable future.

        While the stock prices already reflect its strong presence, many investors believe there is still potential to profit from the continuous EV growth throughout 2023 and beyond.

        Tesla’s journey remains one to watch closely as it shapes the landscape of sustainable transportation.

      We have also compiled a list of more of the best EV charging stocks to keep an eye on in 2023.

      No. Name Ticker
      1 Lucid Group, Inc. LCID
      2 Ford Motor Company F
      3 NIO Inc. NIO
      4 Rivian Automotive, Inc. RIVN
      5 Workhorse Group Inc. WKHS
      6 XPeng Inc. XPEV
      7 ON Semiconductor Corporation ON
      8 QuantumScape Corporation QS
      9 Li Auto Inc. LI
      10 NaaS Technology Inc. NAAS
      11 Nuvve Holding Corp. NVVE
      12 Albemarle Corporation ALB
      13 Wallbox N.V. WBX
      14 Aehr Test Systems AEHR
      15 Tritium DCFC Limited DCFC
      16 Charge Enterprises, Inc. CRGE
      17 Beam Global BEEM
      18 Allego N.V. ALLG

      Long-Term Outlook for EV Charging Stocks

      The long-term outlook for EV charging stocks appears promising due to the growing global shift towards electric vehicles.

      As EV adoption increases, the demand for reliable charging infrastructure is expected to surge.

      Investors anticipate steady growth in this sector, as governments and businesses invest in sustainable transportation solutions.

      EV charging stocks hold the potential for substantial returns.

      • Forecasting The Growth Trajectory: Projected Market Size and Future Potential

        The long-term outlook for EV charging stocks appears highly promising as the electric vehicle market continues to expand.

        With governments worldwide supporting sustainability initiatives and phasing out internal combustion engines, the demand for EV charging infrastructure is set to soar.

        Analysts project an exponential growth trajectory, with the EV charging market reaching substantial figures in the coming years.

        As more automakers shift to electric vehicles, the need for efficient and widespread charging networks becomes evident.

        Investors can expect lucrative returns as the EV charging industry aligns with the unstoppable rise of electric mobility.

      • Integration With Renewable Energy: The Synergy Between EVs, Charging, And Renewables

        The seamless integration of EV charging with renewable energy sources offers a dynamic synergy that will shape the future of sustainable transportation.

        Charging stations that leverage solar, wind, and other renewables not only reduce carbon footprints but also enhance energy efficiency.

        Smart grid technologies enable optimal energy distribution, maximizing clean energy usage.

        This combination empowers consumers with guilt-free, eco-friendly driving experiences.

        Companies investing in this green ecosystem stand to benefit from the increasing demand for eco-conscious solutions.

        It also creates a virtuous cycle of sustainable growth and environmental impact.

      • Global Expansion Opportunities: Identifying Untapped Markets and Investment Prospects

        The EV charging sector presents vast global expansion opportunities, particularly in developing economies with growing EV adoption rates.

        Identifying untapped markets and investing in charging infrastructure ventures in regions like Asia, Latin America, and Africa could yield significant returns.

        Governments in these areas are actively incentivizing EV adoption, offering a fertile ground for charging network expansion.

        As these markets mature and EV ownership rises, the demand for reliable and accessible charging solutions will soar.

        This will translate into attractive investment prospects for forward-looking investors in the EV charging sector.

      Risks and Challenges of Investing In EV Charging Stocks

      Investing in EV charging stocks presents exciting opportunities, but it’s not without risks.

      Fluctuating demand due to EV adoption rates, regulatory changes, and technological advancements can impact stock performance.

      Infrastructure costs, competition, and potential operational challenges pose additional concerns.

      Risk/Challenge Description
      Infrastructure Development of charging networks and stations
      Regulation Changes in government policies and incentives
      Competition Numerous companies vying for market dominance
      Technological Advancement Rapid evolution of EV charging technologies
      Consumer Adoption Uptake of electric vehicles and charging usage
      Grid Capacity Strain on electricity grids due to high demand
      Revenue Model Uncertainty Sustainable and profitable business strategies
      Global Economic Factors Impact of economic fluctuations on investments
      Supply Chain Disruptions Delays or shortages in equipment and components
      Environmental Concerns Public perception and impact on sustainability
      Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities to hacking and data breaches
      Interoperability Compatibility between different charging systems
      Cost of Installation Initial expenses for setting up charging points
      Land Use and Zoning Challenges in securing appropriate locations

      Best Practices for Investing In EV Charging Stocks

      Investing in EV charging stocks is crucial due to the exponential growth in the electric vehicle market.

      Best practices ensure well-informed decisions, mitigating risks, and optimizing returns.

      As governments worldwide prioritize clean energy, EV infrastructure will expand, making charging companies promising investments.

      Complying with industry standards, researching market trends, and diversifying the portfolio aid in capitalizing on this sustainable revolution.

      • Diversification Strategies: Balancing EV Charging Stocks with Other Clean Energy Investments

        Optimize your portfolio by combining EV charging stocks with diverse clean energy investments to spread risk and capitalize on various green sectors.

      • Conducting Due Diligence: Research and Analysis Techniques for Informed Decisions

        Thoroughly investigate EV charging companies’ financials, growth prospects, competitive advantages, and partnerships.

        Analyze industry trends, regulatory support, and market demand to make well-informed investment choices.

      • Risk Management: Mitigating Potential Downsides While Maximizing Upside Potential

        Hedge risks by avoiding overconcentration in a single stock or sector.

        Set stop-loss limits, diversify across different charging technologies, and keep an eye on changing market dynamics.


      Investing in the best EV charging stocks presents a compelling opportunity to not only participate in the electrified future but also play a pivotal role in shaping a sustainable tomorrow.

      As electric vehicles gain traction, the demand for efficient and scalable charging infrastructure is set to skyrocket, creating immense potential for investors.

      By choosing wisely and staying informed, we can align our financial goals with our commitment to environmental stewardship.

      As these companies revolutionize transportation, investors hold the key to empowering positive change and driving the transition towards a cleaner, greener energy landscape.

      Together, we can be catalysts for progress and pave the way for a brighter, more sustainable future.


      Which Company Has The Most EV Charging Stations?

      The vast ChargePoint network places it in the first position which extends across 15,454 locations, offering an impressive 48,946 charging ports throughout America.

      This makes it the largest and most comprehensive network of EV charging stations in the United States.

      ChargePoint’s network is constantly expanding to accommodate more EV drivers. This ensures that electric car owners can enjoy a convenient charging experience.

      Tesla, securing the second position, boasts 27,257 charging ports.

      How Big Is The EV Charging Market?

      The electric vehicle charging industry is witnessing swift expansion due to the rising popularity of EVs.

      Valued at approximately $14.5 billion in the year 2021, this sector’s growth is fueled by the increasing adoption of electric vehicles and significant investments.

      Governmental support through incentives also contributed to the sector aiming at expanding the charging infrastructure.

      It is projected that the EV charging market will experience a compound annual growth rate of 28.21 percent from 2022 to 2030.

      Who Makes The Fastest EV Charging Stations?

      Numerous firms vie to deliver the swiftest EV charging options. Tesla Supercharger permits rapid charging at a velocity of 250W and is positioned along public highways.

      Tesla also offers home EV chargers fit for residential areas.

      However, the ultimate speedster in EV charging is ABB’s Terra 360, boasting a whopping 360 kW output for the quickest e-mobility market experience.

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