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      Best Biotech Stocks with 10x Growth Potential

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      July 18, 2022

      2:26 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      June 23, 2023

      11:40 AM UTC

      Best Biotech Stocks with 10x Growth Potential

      The world of biotechnology is an interesting one. Many claims that we are currently living in the age of innovation and discovery. Pharmaceuticals alone have made strides unparalleled throughout human history.

      Treatments and medications for diseases that were once life-threatening are now readily available at one’s nearest dispensary. Similarly, biotech companies are increasingly working towards the development of treatments for various diseases and conditions that are prevalent across the world.

      Many are also proactively working towards the establishment of diagnostic technologies that work to optimize healthcare. For investors, taking early long positions in promising biotech stocks could result in explosive growth opportunities.

      The research process is laden with high-risk, and low certainty. However, with proper planning and foresight, one could make a fortune with the right pick.

      Here we present a list of 5 biotech companies’ stocks that could potentially drive up your portfolio by a growth factor of 10.

      What Are Biotech Stocks?

      Biotech stocks are fascinating investments that can potentially offer significant growth opportunities in the field of biotechnology.

      So, what exactly are biotech stocks? Well, think of them as companies that specialize in utilizing biological processes to develop innovative solutions in areas such as healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and agriculture.

      When it comes to biotech stocks, there are two main categories to consider: large-cap and small-cap.

      Large-Cap Biotech Stocks

      Let’s start with large-cap biotech stocks. These are the big players in the industry, with a market capitalization exceeding $10 billion. These companies have a solid track record, diverse product pipelines, and established financial stability.

      While large-cap biotech company stocks may not experience wild swings in value like their smaller counterparts, they still have the potential to deliver steady growth over time.

      Small-Cap Biotech Stocks

      On the other hand, small-cap biotech stocks refer to companies with a market capitalization below $2 billion.

      These companies are usually in the early stages of development, and their success hinges on the successful commercialization of their innovative products.

      Small-cap biotech stocks can offer significant growth potential but also involve higher risk due to their relative financial fragility.

      Top Biotech Stocks In 2023

      Top biotech stocks in 2023

      1. Axsome Therapeutics

        Axsome Therapeutics (AXSM) is a biotech gem. Their candidate, AXS-05, is nearing FDA approval for major depressive disorder.

        With the recent Sunosi acquisition and plans for ADHD trials, Axsome is poised for explosive growth. Don’t miss out on this stock’s immense potential and exciting future prospects.

      2. BioMarin Pharmaceutical

        BioMarin Pharmaceutical Inc. (BMRN) is a biotech treasure with a focus on rare, life-threatening conditions.

        Their robust pipeline includes the hemophilia treatment ValRox, close to commercialization, and the FDA-approved Voxzogo for achondroplasia. This high-growth phase could potentially multiply your portfolio several times over. Don’t miss out!

      3. Vertex Pharmaceuticals

        Vertex Pharmaceuticals Incorporated (VRTX) is a game-changer in biotech. With commercialized products for cystic fibrosis, it enjoys reduced risk and strong cash flow.

        Their diversified pipeline covers areas like pain treatment, sickle cell disease, and gene editing, ensuring explosive growth potential. Invest in Vertex for a bright biotech future.

      4. Global Blood Therapeutics

        Global Blood Therapeutics, Inc. is an innovative biopharmaceutical company that stands out in the biotech world. Despite economic conditions, GBT’s forward-thinking approach promises exponential growth.

        While their pipeline shows great promise, it’s their commercialized product, Oxbryta, that impresses. With $375 million in sales and EU approval for younger patients, GBT’s revenue could skyrocket.

        Investing in GBT now could lead to substantial capital gains in the future.

      5. SIGA Technologies

        SIGA Technologies (SIGA) is another biotech gem with a focus on infectious diseases. Their FDA-approved product, T-poxx, treats monkeypox and holds tremendous growth potential.

        With government support and widespread vaccination efforts, investing in SIGA now could lead to handsome returns as the disease spreads. Don’t miss out on this strategic opportunity.

      6. Recursion Pharmaceuticals

        Recursion Pharmaceuticals (RXRX) stands out as a top investment choice. Their AI-driven drug discovery platform, strong financials, and diverse pipeline differentiate them from rivals like AstraZeneca, Novartis, Roche, and Biogen.

        With a remarkable 128% YoY revenue growth in Q1 2023 and strategic acquisitions, Recursion leads the way in unparalleled drug discovery.

      7. Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals

        Arrowhead Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARWR) is a great biotech stock! With its robust platform and diverse drug pipeline, they’re taking on a range of diseases—from the liver to cardiovascular, pulmonary, and even central nervous system ailments.

        The team behind Arrowhead is an impressive bunch, combining expertise with a burning passion. Investing in them promises rewarding returns for your biotech/pharma portfolio.

      8. BeiGene Ltd.

        Let’s talk about BeiGene Ltd. (BGNE), a biotech powerhouse focused on oncology treatments. They had a solid Q1 2023, but face a patent lawsuit from AbbVie.

        Despite the challenge, BGNE’s diverse drug portfolio, strong R&D, and momentum make it a hold for existing shareholders. Potential investors should monitor the lawsuit and profitability. Stay informed, and invest wisely!

      9. MaxCyte

        MaxCyte Inc. (MXCT) is a game-changer in the world of biotech. Their cutting-edge cellular engineering platform opens up a world of possibilities in areas like cell-based therapies, gene editing, and drug discovery.

        With a backlog of over $1.55 billion in milestones and the potential for long-term royalties, investing in MaxCyte seems like a smart move.

        This innovative firm has the potential to revolutionize the biotech industry and deliver substantial returns for investors.

      10. FibroGen

        FibroGen, Inc. (FGEN) is an exciting investment prospect with imminent phase 3 study results for treating Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

        With a projected $2.1 billion market opportunity by 2031 and upcoming findings for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, this biotech stock holds significant growth potential. Stay tuned for remarkable developments!

      11. Precigen

        Despite financial setbacks, Precigen Inc. (PGEN) shines in its clinical programs. PRGN-2012 shows promise in treating respiratory papillomatosis, with a remarkable 50% complete response rate in severe cases after 12 months.

        A ‘buy’ for investors with a high-risk tolerance and a long-term perspective on the transformative gene and cell therapy potential.

      12. Pyxis Oncology

        Looking for a high-growth biotech stock? Check out Pyxis Oncology (PYXS). Their phase 1 studies on PYX-201 (anti-EDB ADC) and PYX-106 (anti-Siglec-15 drug) target various cancers.

        Excitingly, results are expected in late 2023 and early 2024. Plus, the company’s cash reserves can support operations until 1H 2025. A promising speculative play!

      13. Krystal Biotech

        Krystal Biotech, Inc. (KRYS) is a thrilling gem in the world of gene therapy. Their flagship product, B-vec, brings hope to those battling dystrophic epidermolysis bullosa, a distressing skin condition.

        While the market for B-vec may be modest, Krystal Biotech’s broader portfolio includes KB407, a gene therapy for cystic fibrosis with immense potential. Investing in KRYS means supporting cutting-edge innovation with vast market opportunities.

      14. Werewolf Therapeutics

        Werewolf Therapeutics, Inc. (HOWL) is an exciting biotech stock with immense potential. They’re close to revealing data from WTX-124’s phase 1 trial, and a partnership with JAZZ might trigger a milestone.

        Though WTX-330’s data might be delayed until H1’24, HOWL’s cash runway is solid until at least Q4’24. Invest in HOWL for promising growth.

      15. Cabaletta Bio

        Cabaletta Bio (CABA) is an exciting biotech play. With IND clearance for a lupus study and upcoming results for pemphigus vulgaris and myasthenia gravis trials, investing in CABA means betting on innovation and potential growth in a $3.6 billion market.

      16. Apellis Pharmaceuticals

        Apellis Pharmaceuticals (APLS) is a biotech gem. Its C3 inhibitor, pegcetacoplan (Syfovre), impresses with positive Phase III trials for PNH and GA.

        Q1 2023 sales surpassed expectations, and with a solid cash balance of $765.1 million, Apellis is set for growth. A speculative buy with a differentiated pipeline.

      17. PDS Biotechnology

        PDS Biotechnology (PDSB) is an exciting biotech stock to consider. Their upcoming phase 3 study using PDS0101 and Keytruda for head and neck cancer, along with the projected $6.2 billion market by 2029, make it promising.

        They’ve also licensed PDS0301 from Merck KGaA. Keep an eye on PDSB as they may need to raise additional funds.

      18. Poseida Therapeutics

        Poseida Therapeutics (PSTX) is an exciting biotech stock with high-growth potential. Phase 1 study results for P-MUC1C-ALLO1 and P-BCMA-ALLO1 are due in 2023.

        A partnership with Roche could bring up to $6 billion in milestone payments. Keep an eye out for their upcoming IND filing and gene therapy candidates. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

      19. Ardelyx

        Consider investing in Ardelyx (ARDX), a promising speculative biotech. Watch out for their May 2023 earnings release to gauge ibsrela sales growth.

        With the global irritable bowel syndrome market set to reach $2.01 billion by 2026, Ardelyx holds significant potential. The FDA’s acceptance of XPHOZAH’s NDA and an upcoming review by mid-May 2023 hint at exciting prospects.

        Expect the commercial launch of XPHOZAH in the second half of 2023.

      20. argenx SE

        argenx SE (ARGX) impresses with $218M Q1 Vyvgart revenue, but risks arise from the CIDP ADHERE trial’s historically high placebo responses and limitations.

        The frothy valuation and clinical development risks warrant caution. We maintain a hold rating due to uncertainties and an inflated $21Bn valuation, though we believe in argenx’s long-term potential.

      21. Amylyx Pharmaceuticals

        Amylyx Pharmaceuticals (AMLX) is a biotech name that shines bright amidst uncertainties. Relyvrio, their ALS treatment, raked in $71.4M in Q1 2023, fueling projections of over $1B annual revenue.

        A 9% share price drop signals undervaluation, upgrading it to a definite “Buy.” Brace for fluctuations and regulatory discussions until late 2024.

      22. NewAmsterdam Pharma

        NewAmsterdam Pharma is a hidden gem in the biotech world. With their focus on cardiovascular diseases, they’ve developed a game-changer called Obicetrapib.

        This promising drug has demonstrated remarkable potential in lowering LDL-C and apoB levels. As Phase III trials progress, we anticipate further validation of its unique qualities, boosting investor trust and propelling the stock price.

        NewAmsterdam Pharma has a resounding buy rating.

      23. Astria Therapeutics

        Astria Therapeutics (ATXS) is a promising biotech stock. Their STAR-0215 shows potential as a preventative Hereditary Angioedema therapy. Anticipate phase 1b/2 ALPHA-STAR study results in mid-2024.

        The global HAE market could reach $6.5 billion by 2025. Astria has $226.4 million in cash, sustaining operations until H1 2025. ATXS is an exciting investment opportunity.

      24. Legend Biotech Corporation

        Legend Biotech Corporation (LEGN) is an exciting investment choice.

        Carvykti’s impressive performance in the CARTITUDE-4 trial, with a hazard ratio of 0.26 and no safety concerns, along with J&J’s $72 million net sales, positions LEGN to capture a significant market share in multiple myeloma. A compelling opportunity indeed.

      25. Equillium

        Equillium Inc. (EQ) is an exciting biotech stock. They secured a lucrative deal with Ono Pharmaceutical for Itolizumab rights, and now focus on two promising multi-cytokine inhibitor programs.

        Analysts undervalue these programs, offering significant upside potential. Even if the programs fail, the cash and Ono deal provides a 2X upside. It’s a compelling investment opportunity.

      26. Omeros Corporation

        Omeros Corporation (OMER) shows great promise for investors.

        With upcoming milestones like the BLA resubmission for narsoplimab and the IgAN trial results, coupled with solid financials and an attractive risk/reward balance, Omeros is an exciting biotech stock worth considering for high-growth potential.

      27. Achieve Life Sciences

        Achieve Life Sciences (ACHV) is a biotech gem. With stellar Phase 2 results for cytisinicline in helping users quit vaping, it’s up 200%+ this year. Safe and potentially FDA-approved, upcoming Phase 3 outcomes make it a stock to watch. Just be mindful of cash and regulatory risks, and the need for a pharma partnership.

      28. Hookipa Pharma

        Hookipa Pharma Inc. (HOOK) is an exciting biotech stock. Their platform uses arenaviruses to stimulate the immune system against infectious diseases and cancer.

        With partnerships including Gilead, Merck, and Roche, HOOK has huge growth potential. Trading at a discount and with a negative enterprise value, it’s a worthy addition to my watchlist.

      29. Geron

        Geron Corporation (GERN) shines as a high-growth biotech stock. Their drug Imetelstat delivers impressive results for lower-risk myelodysplastic syndromes (LR-MDS). FDA approval, priority review, and a launch in H1 2024 are on the horizon.

        GERN’s differentiator? It excels in heavily transfusion-dependent patients, setting it apart from competitors. Invest with confidence!

      30. Gilead Sciences

        Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD) is a worthwhile investment. Even without growth, it’s priced at a bigger discount than AbbVie or Amgen.

        You don’t have to guess about growth; it’s all extra. With the lowest debt cost, beta, and equity cost, Gilead offers relative safety for investors.

      31. AquaBounty

        AquaBounty (AQB) is a biotech company in aquaculture with big ambitions. It aims to genetically engineer protein and feed the world, by pioneering in the science of aquaculture.

        Despite challenges in the current economic climate, its increasing product revenue and planned production capacity show promising growth potential, even though it’s still small compared to industry giants.

      32. Royalty Pharma

        Royalty Pharma (RPRX) is worth investing in because it acquires drug royalties, with cash receipts expected to reach $3B this year.

        The company has a clear asset allocation strategy and strong projected cash flow. For capital gains, consider buying the stock; for income, go for the 5%+ yielding debt.

      33. Eli Lily

        Investing in Eli Lilly (LLY) is a no-brainer despite its seemingly disproportionate market cap. The key lies in its groundbreaking drug, Tirzepatide, which has the potential to revolutionize diabetes and weight loss treatment.

        With impressive clinical trial results and a massive market opportunity in both diabetes and obesity, Lilly’s Tirzepatide could become a trillion-dollar phenomenon. Investors are flocking to Lilly for good reason – this stock is poised for tremendous growth.

      34. Taro Pharmaceutical

        Taro Pharmaceutical Industries (TARO) received a $38 per share acquisition offer from Sun Pharma, its largest shareholder. This presents a buying opportunity as TARO has seen value erosion.

        The deal suggests undervaluation, the potential for competing bids, and an attractive exit point for investors. Invest in TARO to avail this brilliant opportunity.

      35. Verona Pharma

        Verona Pharma (VRNA) offers an exciting investment opportunity in biotech. Their groundbreaking compound, ensifentrine, targets COPD, a life-threatening lung disease.

        With promising results from ENHANCE trials and potential revenue in the global COPD market, Verona Pharma shows significant growth potential.

        Despite risks, a ‘Buy’ rating is recommended, while closely monitoring future trials for a better understanding of ensifentrine’s value.

      Investing In Gene-Editing Stocks

      Investing in the top gene-editing stocks is an exciting opportunity that merges science and finance. Imagine unraveling our genetic code to tackle diseases at their core.

      Investing in Gene-Editing Stocks

      Gene editing, with technologies like CRISPR-Cas9, promises revolutionary medical breakthroughs.

      Investing here means betting on personalized medicine, where genetic diseases are cured and human potential soars.

      The leading biotech companies attract top talent and secure valuable partnerships, fueling growth and returns.

      If you seek an investment combining cutting-edge science and profit potential, gene-editing stocks deserve attention.

      It’s a chance to be part of a transformative journey and make a meaningful impact.

      Top Gene Editing Stocks to Buy In 2023

      Listed below are the twenty top gene-editing stocks to buy in 2023:

      1. CRISPR Therapeutics AG (CRSP)
      2. Editas Medicine, Inc. (EDIT)
      3. Intellia Therapeutics, Inc. (NTLA)
      4. Beam Therapeutics Inc. (BEAM)
      5. Caribou Biosciences, Inc. (CRBU)
      6. Twist Bioscience Corporation (TWST)
      7. Graphite Bio, Inc. (GRPH)
      8. Adaptive Biotechnologies Corporation (ADPT)
      9. Ginkgo Bioworks Holdings, Inc. (DNA)
      10. Verve Therapeutics, Inc. (VERV)
      11. Vertex Pharmaceuticals Inc. (VRTX)
      12. AbbVie Inc. (ABBV)
      13. Agilent Technologies, Inc. (A)
      14. Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc. (SGMO)
      15. Fate Therapeutics, Inc. (FATE)
      16. Regenxbio Inc. (RGNX)
      17. ProQR Therapeutics NV (PRQR)
      18. Astellas Pharma Inc.
      19. uniQure N.V. (QURE)
      20. Cellect Biotechnology Ltd.

      Understanding The Biotech Industry

      Investing in the biotech industry is like venturing into a world of limitless possibilities. Picture this: scientists and researchers toiling away in laboratories, fueled by an insatiable curiosity to cure diseases and transform lives.

      Understanding the biotech industry

      Biotech companies are at the forefront of groundbreaking innovations, developing therapies that were once deemed impossible. It’s a field where science meets business, and the potential for growth is staggering.

      From gene editing to precision medicine, the biotech industry holds the key to addressing unmet medical needs and revolutionizing healthcare.

      As an investor, being part of this journey means supporting life-changing advancements while reaping the rewards of high-growth potential.

      So buckle up, because the biotech industry is poised to make incredible strides, and your investments can be the catalyst for a healthier future.

      Pros and Cons of Investing in Biotech Stocks

      Discussed below are the pros and cons of investing in biotech stocks:

      Pros Cons
      Exciting Innovation:

      Investing in biotech stocks lets you be part of groundbreaking advancements in medicine, supporting life-changing therapies and cutting-edge technologies.


      Biotech stocks can be highly volatile due to regulatory hurdles, clinical trial outcomes, and market sentiment, which may unsettle risk-averse investors.

      High Growth Potential:

      Biotech stocks offer significant returns through rapid growth, driven by successful drug approvals, partnerships, and clinical trial results.

      Regulatory Risks:

      Lengthy approval processes and stringent safety standards pose challenges, and setbacks in clinical trials or approvals can significantly impact stock performance.


      Including biotech stocks in your portfolio enhances diversification by adding exposure to a unique and dynamic industry, potentially reducing overall portfolio risk and providing a hedge against other sectors.

      High Failure Rates:

      Biotech research and development carry inherent risks, as many drug candidates fail to achieve regulatory approval or commercial success. Careful assessment of a company’s pipeline and prospects is crucial to mitigate the risk of investing in unsuccessful ventures.

      How To Buy Biotech Stocks

      So you’re interested in investing in the exciting world of biotech? Great choice! Biotech stocks offer incredible growth potential, fueled by groundbreaking innovations that can revolutionize healthcare. It is important to know where to buy biotech stocks from before you proceed.

      Let’s explore two approaches to consider:

      • Individual Biotech Stocks

        Investing in individual biotech stocks allows you to handpick companies with promising breakthroughs. It’s like being part of their journey, cheering for their success, and reaping the rewards if they hit the jackpot. It’s thrilling and potentially profitable!

      • Biotech Stock ETFs

        For those seeking a more diversified approach, biotech stock ETFs are the way to go. These funds pool together a collection of biotech companies, spreading the risk while capturing the industry’s overall growth potential.

        It’s like having a basket filled with high-potential stocks, minimizing the impact of any single company’s performance. A smart move for long-term investors!

      Risks of Biotech Stocks

      Investing in biotech stocks can carry a certain level of risk, as with any investment in the stock market. The biotech industry is highly dynamic and subject to various factors that can impact stock prices.

      Market volatility, regulatory hurdles, clinical trial outcomes, competition, and broader market uncertainties are some of the general risks that investors may encounter.

      However, it’s important to note that risk and potential reward often go hand in hand. Biotech stocks also offer the potential for substantial growth and the opportunity to be part of groundbreaking scientific advancements.

      Investors should carefully assess their risk tolerance, conduct thorough research, and diversify their portfolios to make informed investment decisions in the biotech sector.


      The biotech industry is typically perceived as being one that is highly rewarding, yet, laden with significant risk.

      Even in the case where testing goes positively, there is no guarantee as to whether or not a profit will be turned.

      For this reason, it is crucial for investors to remain strategic in their analyses, and identify which stocks hold the lowest risk and highest growth potential.

      Each of the stocks mentioned would ensure you stand exposed to the explosive growth opportunities that the innovative biotech industry is likely to achieve.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Why Other Stocks Didn’t Make the Cut

      Other stocks didn’t make the cut because they lacked the growth potential and transformative impact that biotech stocks offer. Investing in biotech means being part of a scientific revolution that can shape the future of healthcare.

      Is The Golden Age of Biotech Stocks Over?

      No, the golden age of biotech stocks is far from over! With breakthrough innovations, expanding global healthcare needs, and the potential for life-changing treatments, the biotech sector continues to offer exciting investment opportunities.

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