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      Best Copper Stocks to Invest in For the Long Term

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      September 9, 2022

      6:50 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      August 10, 2023

      11:50 AM UTC

      Best Copper Stocks to Invest in For the Long Term

      Copper remains one of the most widely used metals, covering a range of different applications.

      It is the reason that stocks with exposure to this crucial commodity are widely followed by investors across the globe.

      Copper is not only fundamental to the world’s industries and to wider development but its price is also seen as being one of the leading indicators of the global economy.

      For this reason, Copper stocks have also gathered a reputation of being ideal inflation-hedging stocks.

      With the fears of a global recession impending, Copper prices had seen a steady decline throughout the prior months.

      The situation now appears less dire, and with the relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions on China, demand may see a surge in the short term.

      Many in the market perceive the present situation as being an ideal entry point for those looking to invest in Copper stocks.

      In light of this, we bring to you some of the best options for you to consider, which will ensure long-term portfolio growth.

      What Is The Best Copper Stock?

      The quest for the best copper stock hinges on various factors, such as market conditions, a company’s financial health, and its growth prospects.

      While numerous copper-related companies exist, a standout candidate might be one with robust fundamentals, a diversified portfolio, and a solid track record.

      Investors should scrutinize key players like Freeport-McMoRan, BHP Group, or Rio Tinto for their operational efficiency and long-term sustainability.

      Additionally, considering the copper industry’s sensitivity to geopolitical shifts and global demand, a comprehensive analysis is crucial. Remember, what might be the best copper stock today could change, making ongoing research vital for informed investment decisions.

      What Are Copper Futures?

      Copper futures are financial contracts that enable traders to speculate on the future price movements of copper.

      These agreements set a predetermined price for the delivery of a specific amount of copper at a future date.

      Investors use copper futures to hedge against price volatility or to profit from anticipated price fluctuations.

      Trading on recognized exchanges, such as the CME Group or the London Metal Exchange, copper futures provide liquidity and transparency.

      However, they come with inherent risks due to the volatile nature of commodity markets.

      As a result, individuals or companies engaging in copper futures should be well-informed and have a risk management strategy.

      Top Copper Stocks to Buy In 2023

      1. Capstone Copper Corp.

        To start with our list of best copper stocks, we take a look at Canadian mining company, Capstone Copper Corp. (OTC: CSCCF).

        Capstone primarily focuses on copper mining throughout the Western hemisphere, particularly in the northern and Central Americas.

        Despite falling copper prices worldwide, as well as the fears of a looming recession, Capstone had seen a rise of nearly 36% since the start of the year.

        This fundamental improvement alone suggests a serious undervaluation of the stock, which is due for a significant correction in the short term.

        To add to Capstone’s prospects, its management recently announced a critical update relating to its Mantos Blancos project.

        According to Capstone, the Mantos Blancos Concentrator Debottlenecking project has been a major success and has met all the objectives that had been laid out.

        In non-technical terms, this would allow the company to extract higher volumes of copper in the site, for a longer duration of time.

        The combined result of both these aspects is a larger gap between the company’s actual and target price. CAD, therefore, presents a stellar opportunity to invest in copper for long-term growth.

      2. Imperial Metals Corporation

        For the second number on our list of best copper stocks, we turn to Imperial Metals Corporation (OTC: IPMLF).

        Imperial Metals stands as one of the best-positioned stocks to capture the oncoming copper boom and has been incorporated as far back as the 1950s.

        This gives the company a rich experience, which allows it to maneuver through the metals industry, amidst wider uncertainties.

        IPMLF holds significant exposure to rising copper prices, given its 100% ownership of Mount Polley, within which seven copper mining leases are included.

        Similarly, the company also owns a 30% stake in the Red Chris, which is an open-pit gold and copper mine that delivers 30,000 tons of metal per day.

        Imperial Metal’s profile as well as its strategic positioning makes it of the best names in the Copper industry for one to bet on.

        Similarly, it is also one of the safest stocks on this list, as it delivers complete exposure to copper gains, whilst also cushioning against volatility.

        It does this given its wider exposure to other metal classes such as gold, lead, and zinc.

        At present, the company’s cash holdings and inventory stand at $34.84 million and $46.62 million, respectively.

        Moreover, Imperial Metals is fully debt-free, which further enhances its overall safety factor for investors looking to invest in copper.

      3. Tech Resources Limited

        Number three copper stock on our list is the metals mining giant, Tech Resources Ltd. (NYSE: TECK) The company, is valued at almost $22 billion, indicating the scale of its business.

        Although TECK presently stands as the world’s largest Zinc producer, it has disclosed its ambitions to heavily enhance its copper exposure.

        Specifically, the company aims to increase its copper output by a staggering 40% to 375,000 tonnes this year from 270,000 tonnes produced in 2022 and become a top 10 producer of the lucrative metal.

        This shift has just opened up a substantial opportunity in the world of copper for investors looking to climb aboard the growth train.

        TECK brings some excellent strength, which other copper stocks simply do not compete with.

        For one, the company brought in recorded revenue of $3.2 billion in the recent quarter with an EPS of $0.98.

        It also has a median PE figure of 8.29, making its valuation not just attractive, but extremely attractive.

        Similarly, its buyback programs are aimed at returning value to shareholders in a strategic and timely manner.

        TECK has all the great markings of a stock that is a screaming buy. The stock is likely to soar in the long term.

      4. Lundin Mining Corporation

        Moving on to our list of best copper stocks is Lundin Mining Corp. (OTC: LUNMF). Lundin is a diversified base metal miner with a truly global presence.

        With a presence in Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Sweden, and the United States, the company has an extensive copper supply chain network.

        This factor alone gives Lundin a tremendous competitive edge over its peers.

        A recent technical report on the company’s Candelaria plant demonstrates that it is fully able to maintain an output of 29 million tons of ore per annum until at least 2040.

        This mine, in Chile, presently reflects nearly 44% of Lundin’s total revenue.

        Considering that the present value of the Candelaria plant alone amounts to over $5 billion, the company’s total market capitalization of $6.7 billion may be up for serious upward correction.

        This is especially true when factoring in all other mining sites and assets which account for 56% of Lundin’s revenues.

        As per the company’s latest quarterly release, it has a total cash holding of $191 million and an asset total of over $8 billion.

        This indicates the robust financial position the company holds, as well as promising prospects.

        Lundin offers stability and predictable growth, for all those seeking to win big in the copper industry.

      5. Copper Mountain Mining Corporation

        The last copper stock on our list is that of Copper Mountain Mining Corporation (OTC: CPPMF).

        Copper Mountain is a Canadian company with assets in both Canada and Australia, which explores copper, gold, and silver.

        As its name suggests, however, copper is the prime focus of the company’s entire business model.

        Copper Mountain is a great copper stock for those seeking exposure to this lucrative industry.

        There are several reasons to believe the company could boost its organic production in the short term, given some key information delivered by its management.

        For one, the company has in the works some substantial plant improvements, which include a massive expansion of the floatation circuit of its flagship project, Copper Mountain, in Canada.

        Copper Mountain is in its fourth phase of the extraction cycle, and the expansion would allow for enhanced copper recovery.

        To further enhance extraction, the discovery of higher-grade copper within the site will result in fewer impurities and therefore higher overall production.

        Moreover, the company’s Eva copper project in Queensland, Australia has achieved a new milestone post-discovery, which will allow for a surge in its production.

        The CPPMF management remains certain that each of these positive updates could see present levels of production almost tripling in the next couple of years.

        The profitable enterprise has just been bought by Hudbay Minerals through executing its previously revealed court-endorsed plan with Copper Mountain.

        As part of the deal, Hudbay has secured all of Copper Mountain’s current ordinary stocks, in June 2023.

        Consequently, Copper Mountain has transformed into a wholly-owned subordinate of Hudbay.

      The list of copper stocks has also been expanded with 10 more stocks.

      1. Ero Copper Corp. (ERO)
      2. BHP Group Limited (BHP)
      3. Taseko Mines Limited (TGB)
      4. Ivanhoe Electric Inc. ( IE)
      5. Rio Tinto Group (RIO)
      6. Southern Copper Corporation (SCCO)
      7. Freeport-McMoRan Inc. (FCX)
      8. Hudbay Minerals Inc. (HBM)
      9. McEwen Mining Inc. (MUX)
      10. Gatos Silver, Inc. (GATO)
      11. Compania de Minas Buenaventura S.A.A. (BVN)
      12. Avino Silver & Gold Mines Ltd. (ASM)

      Copper Price Forecast

      Copper price forecast refers to the projection of future copper prices in the market based on various economic, geopolitical, and industrial factors.

      Analysts and experts analyze supply and demand dynamics, global trade patterns, and technological advancements to predict potential fluctuations in copper’s value.

      These forecasts aid businesses, investors, and policymakers in making informed decisions, mitigating risks, and planning for market changes.

      Copper & Copper Investment Basics

      Copper investment presents a compelling opportunity due to its industrial importance, inflation hedging potential, and diversification benefits.

      A well-informed and balanced approach can unlock the potential of this essential red metal for a diversified investment strategy.

      • The Appeal of Copper

        Copper, the versatile “red metal,” holds a unique allure in the investment world.

        Its exceptional conductivity, corrosion resistance, and malleability make it a vital component in various industries, including electronics, construction, and renewable energy.

      • Supply and Demand Dynamics

        The interplay of global supply and demand greatly impacts copper prices.

        Emerging economies’ growth, infrastructure development, and technological advancements influence demand, while mine output, labor disputes, and geopolitical factors affect supply.

      • Inflation Hedge

        Copper investment is often considered an inflation hedge. During times of rising inflation, its value tends to rise due to increased demand for commodities as a store of wealth.

      • Diversification Benefits

        Adding copper to an investment portfolio can enhance diversification, as it may not always move in tandem with other assets, like stocks and bonds.

      • Mining Companies Vs. Copper ETFs

        Investors can access copper through mining company stocks or copper-focused exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

        Each option has its pros and cons, depending on risk appetite and investment strategy.

      • Long-Term Prospects

        Copper’s long-term prospects remain positive, driven by the ongoing global shift toward renewable energy, electric vehicles, and the expansion of smart infrastructure.

      • Geopolitical Risks

        Investors must be mindful of geopolitical risks, as copper production is concentrated in a few countries, and changes in policies or disruptions can impact the market significantly.

      • Environmental Considerations

        Environmental concerns surrounding copper mining and its carbon footprint can influence investor sentiment and prompt a shift toward sustainable practices.

      • Technological Advancements

        Advancements in copper recycling and innovative usage in high-tech applications may further boost demand and open up new investment opportunities.

      • Market Volatility and Risk Management

        As with any commodity, copper prices can be volatile. Employing risk management strategies is crucial to navigate market fluctuations and protect investment capital.

      • Global Economic Indicators

        Monitoring macroeconomic indicators like GDP growth, manufacturing activity, and trade patterns can provide valuable insights into copper’s demand outlook.

      • Regulatory and Policy Impacts

        Changes in mining regulations, trade policies, or environmental standards can exert significant influence on the copper market and require careful consideration by investors.

      • Market Sentiment and Speculation

        Market sentiment and speculative trading can sometimes lead to short-term price swings.

        This makes it essential for investors to differentiate between genuine trends and speculative bubbles.

      • Industrial Labor Market

        Fluctuations in labor availability, particularly in mining-intensive regions, can affect production levels and potentially impact copper prices.

      • Technological Substitutes

        Despite copper’s remarkable properties, technological advancements may introduce substitutes, potentially affecting its long-term demand outlook.

      Who Can Invest In Copper?

      Investing in copper is not restricted to a specific group, making it accessible to various individuals and entities.

      Copper appeals to both individual retail investors as well as institutional investors seeking portfolio diversification and inflation hedges.

      Furthermore, mining companies and manufacturing firms often invest in copper to secure a stable supply for their operations.

      Additionally, copper exchange-traded funds (ETFs) offer an opportunity for passive investment.

      With copper’s vital role in numerous industries, its investment appeal transcends borders and attracts a wide range of stakeholders, contributing to its global investment popularity.

      How To Invest in Copper

      Investing in copper can be a lucrative venture due to its diverse industrial applications and growing demand. Here’s how you can invest in copper directly and indirectly:

      • Investing In Copper Directly

        • Copper Futures

          Trade on commodity exchanges, allowing you to speculate on copper’s future price movements.

        • Copper Stocks

          Invest in mining companies engaged in copper extraction, production, and exploration.

        • Copper Bullion

          Purchase physical copper bars or coins as a tangible asset with the potential for long-term value appreciation.

      • Investing In Copper Indirectly

        • Copper ETFs

          Opt for Exchange-Traded Funds focused on copper mining stocks, offering diversified exposure to the industry.

        • Copper-Dependent Industries

          Invest in sectors like construction, electronics, and renewable energy that heavily rely on copper, indirectly benefitting from its demand surge.

      Pros & Cons of Investing In Copper

      Pros Cons
      Diverse Industrial Uses Price Volatility
      Global Demand Economic Dependency
      Limited Supply Environmental Concerns
      Inflation Hedge Geopolitical Risks
      Infrastructure Growth Support Technological Substitution
      Potential for Capital Growth Cyclical Industry
      Copper Recycling Currency Fluctuations
      Emerging Market Growth Labor Conditions
      Copper as a Dr. Copper Regulatory Changes
      Portfolio Diversification Speculative Investment

      Researching Copper Investments

      Researching copper investments requires a comprehensive approach, combining technical analysis, fundamental research, and a keen understanding of geopolitical trends.

      It’s essential to stay patient, diligent, and informed throughout the investment journey.

      • Understanding Copper’s Role in The Global Economy

        Copper is a vital industrial metal, with extensive applications in construction, electronics, transportation, and renewable energy sectors.

        Investigate how copper demand is influenced by economic trends and technological advancements.

      • ESG Factors In Copper Mining

        Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are crucial for responsible investing.

        Conduct research on mining companies’ sustainability practices, labor conditions, and their impact on local communities.

      • Technological Advancements in Copper Production

        Investigate emerging technologies that could impact copper mining and refining processes.

        Innovations like leaching techniques, recycling, and energy-efficient extraction methods may influence the industry’s profitability.

      • Future Outlook for Copper

        Explore long-term projections for copper demand and supply.

        Consider factors like urbanization, technological advancements, and climate change policies that may influence copper’s future value.

      • Risk Management and Exit Strategies

        Establish clear risk management and exit strategies based on thorough research.

        Determine price targets, stop-loss levels, and the maximum allocation of your portfolio to copper investments.

      • Consultation With Industry Experts

        Seek advice from financial advisors or industry experts experienced in copper investments. They can offer valuable insights and help you navigate the complexities of the market.

      • Legal and Regulatory Considerations

        Understand the legal and regulatory framework governing copper investments, both domestically and internationally.

        Comply with tax regulations and stay informed about any policy changes that may impact your investments.

      Trends In Copper Stocks

      In recent times, trends in copper stocks have witnessed significant fluctuations, influenced by global economic conditions and supply chain disruptions.

      Growing demand for renewable energy and electric vehicles has led to an increased need for copper, driving its prices upward.

      Additionally, geopolitical tensions and trade policies have impacted copper supply and trade dynamics, resulting in unpredictable market movements.

      Moreover, sustainability concerns have prompted investors to focus on eco-friendly mining practices and ethically sourced copper.

      Technological advancements in extraction methods and recycling processes are also reshaping the industry.

      Amidst these challenges and opportunities, investors are closely monitoring copper stocks for diversification and potential long-term gains.

      Risks Of Copper Stock Investing

      Risk Category Description
      Market Risk Volatility, Price Fluctuations, Market Sentiment, Economic Conditions, Global Demand
      Supply Risk Production Disruptions, Resource Depletion, Mining Strikes, Political Unrest
      Demand Risk Economic Growth, Industrial Demand, Technological Shifts, Substitutes
      Currency Risk Exchange Rates, Forex Fluctuations, International Trade, Inflation
      Geopolitical Risk Trade Wars, Sanctions, Tariffs, Political Instability
      Environmental Risk Environmental Regulations, Pollution Control, and Sustainability Concerns
      Financial Risk Debt Levels, Interest Rates, Credit Ratings, Liquidity
      Company-Specific Risk Management Decisions, Financial Performance, Labor Issues, Legal Disputes
      Commodities Risk Commodity Price Volatility, Speculative Trading, Supply/Demand Imbalances
      Macroeconomic Risk GDP Growth, Unemployment, Inflation, Fiscal Policies


      The opportunity present in the copper stocks has gone far too long unnoticed. It is about time the market turns focus toward this lucrative metal.

      Following the brief price dip since the start of the year, the forward-looking opportunity looks especially promising.

      This is especially so because Chinese industries are likely to resume full-throttle operations in the coming months, as a result of the relaxations of Covid-related restrictions.

      Each of the stocks in this list is highly likely to fly high in the upcoming demand surge that copper is on the verge of experiencing.


      Should You Invest in Copper Stocks?

      Investing in copper stocks can be a smart move due to copper’s vital role in various industries like construction, electronics, and renewable energy.

      As global demand rises, copper’s value is likely to appreciate. However, be mindful of market volatility and supply fluctuations.

      Diversify your portfolio and research thoroughly before investing.

      The Investment Opportunity for Copper

      Copper presents an exceptional investment opportunity due to its indispensability in various industries, including electronics, construction, and renewable energy.

      Growing demand, coupled with limited supply, boosts its long-term value.

      As technology advances, copper’s role will become even more critical, making it an attractive asset for investors seeking stable and sustainable returns.

      Why Are Experts Predicting A Rise In Copper Prices?

      Experts are predicting a rise in copper prices due to several factors. Growing demand from emerging economies, such as China and India, is expected to fuel consumption.

      Additionally, the shift towards renewable energy and electric vehicles requires substantial copper for infrastructure.

      Supply constraints from mining disruptions and geopolitical tensions add further pressure, leading to a bullish outlook.

      Is It Good To Invest In Copper Now?

      Investing in copper can be a promising opportunity now. Its vital role in various industries like construction, electronics, and renewable energy ensures consistent demand.

      The push for green technologies further boosts copper’s prospects. However, risks exist due to global economic fluctuations and geopolitical factors.

      Diversification and careful analysis are essential for successful copper investments.

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