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      Unmasking The Last 3 Months Biggest Stock Losers

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 22, 2023

      6:02 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      November 24, 2023

      2:34 PM UTC

      Unmasking The Last 3 Months Biggest Stock Losers

      The last three months have unfolded against a backdrop of seismic geopolitical shifts and economic updates, leaving financial markets on the edge of their seats.

      As the world grapples with unprecedented challenges, financial markets have been a crucible of volatility, birthing winners and, inevitably, losers.

      In this exclusive exposé, we unveil the last 3 months biggest stock losers, dissecting the underlying factors that led to their precipitous fall. From the echo of policy decisions to the ripple effect of global events, the market shift reflects a delicate balance disrupted.

      Join us as we navigate the changing market dynamics, unmasking the companies that bore the brunt of this economic tempest and exploring the lessons hidden within the free fall of the last 3 months biggest stock losers.

      Today’s Top Losers on Nasdaq

      The last three months have seen some economic shifts of epic proportions with geopolitical and economic catalysts. The following in particular saw the biggest falls during this time, making it onto our list of the last 3 months biggest stock losers:

      No. Ticker Company Industry Market Cap 3-Month Performance Price
      1 SCLX Scilex Holding Company Drug Manufacturers – General 147.77 -69.33% 0.95
      2 PMVP PMV Pharmaceuticals Inc Biotechnology 115.11 -70.32% 2.25
      3 ARQT Arcutis Biotherapeutics Inc Biotechnology 178.38 -74.87% 1.89
      4 POL Inc Specialty Retail 155.74 -77.00% 1.48
      5 EVA Enviva Inc Lumber & Wood Production 109.52 -86.13% 1.47
      1. Scilex Holding Company

        Scilex Holding Co.’s (SCLX) recent 69.33% stock plunge over the last three months raises red flags for traders and puts the stock on our list of the last 3 months biggest stock losers.

        The company, specializing in non-opioid pain management products, faces significant challenges as revealed by recent legal maneuvers.

        On October 27, 2023, Scilex filed an emergency motion in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, seeking access to critical records from brokers and entities.

        Notably, a proposal was extended to Short Sellers, offering an opportunity to cover positions and escape associated costs. This had made SCLX among the biggest stock losers this week.

        Simultaneously, a similar proposition was made to lenders, emphasizing the urgency of returning loaned Scilex Dividend Stock. These developments suggest a turbulent financial landscape, urging traders to scrutinize the unfolding events closely.

      2. PMV Pharmaceuticals Inc

        PMV Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (PMVP) has undergone a significant downturn among last 3 months biggest stock losers, plummeting by 70.2% in the last three months, marking a crucial development for traders.

        Despite concerns about the stock dipping below a dollar, the company boasts a cash runway extending until 2025, offering a buffer against immediate financial strain.

        The fact that institutional investors have locked in real shares mitigates the risk of a mass sell-off. Notably, the broader biotech sector’s decline might be influencing PMVP’s slide, suggesting a potential sector-wide trend.

        Adopting a strategic approach, investors can leverage this downturn by employing dollar-cost averaging. PMVP currently resides in oversold undervalued territory, indicating a potential reversal.

        Encouragingly, Wall Street analysts anticipate improved earnings, signaling a possible recovery and making PMVP a compelling prospect for traders navigating the volatile market landscape of top losers and gainers.

      3. Arcutis Biotherapeutics Inc

        Arcutis Biotherapeutics’ (ARQT) staggering 74.87% decline in the last three months makes it a critical focus for traders who are eyeing biggest Nasdaq stock losers today. The biotech company specializes in dermatological disease treatments, particularly plaque psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

        Despite positive aspects like rising Zoryve sales and a $100 million equity boost, a looming threat emerged. Jones Research highlighted a loan agreement with SLR Investment Corp., labeling it a “near-term risk of technical default.” The potential need for “significant additional capital” raised concerns about equity dilution.

        Notably, Arcutis achieved FDA approval to market Zoryve for ages 6-11, expanding its reach in treating plaque psoriasis.

        While the stock’s recent struggles are apparent, the FDA victory unveils a new market avenue, emphasizing the importance of monitoring Arcutis Biotherapeutics for traders navigating the biotech sector’s nuances. It is an interesting name among the top 10 worst stocks today.

      4., Inc., Inc.’s (POL) staggering 77.00% stock decline over the past three months raises red flags for traders. Those watching falling stocks to buy should especially steer clear.

        The company recently underwent a 1-for-50 reverse stock split to boost its share price, aiming to regain compliance with the NYSE American’s minimum closing price requirement.

        This move reduces outstanding shares from 105.5 million to approximately 2.1 million, signaling a strategic effort to maintain listing status. faces headwinds, reporting a net loss of $6.6 million in Q3 2023, with net product sales dropping from $143.6 million to $77.8 million. CEO Rick Bunka highlights challenges in consumer spending and housing but emphasizes cost controls and improved margins.

        The extended loan maturity to November 30, 2024, underscores liquidity concerns. With 2023 sales projected between $330 million and $350 million, navigates uncertainties, making it crucial for traders to monitor this stock’s trajectory amidst industry challenges.

      5. Enviva Inc

        Enviva, Inc., (EVA) a major wood biomass producer, and a noteworthy name among top S&P 500 losers is crucial for traders due to its staggering 86.13% stock drop in the last three months.

        As America’s leading wood pellet exporter, its plummet signals a critical industry shift. Analysts have been pointing out the jeopardy of Enviva’s future amid surging global demand for wood pellets as a coal substitute.

        The stock crash follows bad news on Enviva’s dividend elimination and a strategic shift in building new plants, hoping to capitalize on the pine tree surplus. Traders must heed this plunge, understanding that emotions can sway markets.

        Enviva’s downfall reflects broader environmental debates, emphasizing biomass’s role in offsetting fossil fuels. Investors should stay vigilant amid industry dynamics, ensuring well-informed decisions in this volatile market landscape.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What Caused SCLX Significant Stock Plunge in The Last Three Months?

      Scilex Holding Co. (SCLX) faced challenges, including legal issues, leading to a 69.33% decline. Emergency motions and proposals suggest a turbulent financial landscape. It is being watched closely on top US stock gainers and losers watchlists.

      How Can Traders Navigate the Challenges Faced By SCLX?

      Scrutinize unfolding events closely, considering legal maneuvers and proposals made to Short Sellers and lenders. Stay informed about the company’s financial landscape.

      Why Did PMVP Experience a Downturn Recently?

      PMVP faced a sector-wide decline in the biotech sector, influencing its stock. Despite concerns, institutional investors locking in real shares provide a buffer and a strategic approach like dollar-cost averaging can be employed.

      What Factors Mitigate the Risk for PMV Investors?

      PMVP has a cash runway until 2025, and the company resides in oversold undervalued territory. Analysts anticipate improved earnings, signaling a possible recovery.

      What Led to ARQT To a Staggering Decline?

      Despite positive aspects like rising Zoryve sales and FDA approval, a loan agreement labeled a “near-term risk of technical default” raised concerns about equity dilution.

      What Makes ARQT Crucial for Traders?

      The FDA victory opens a new market avenue, emphasizing the importance of monitoring the company amidst the nuances of the biotech sector.

      Why Did POL Undergo A 1-For-50 Reverse Stock Split?

      POL’s strategic move aimed to boost its share price and regain compliance with the NYSE American’s minimum closing price requirement.

      What Challenges Does POL Face Amidst Its Stock Decline?

      POL reported a net loss, emphasizing challenges in consumer spending and housing. The extended loan maturity underscores liquidity concerns, making it crucial for traders to monitor.

      Why Is EVA’s Stock Drop Significant for Traders?

      Enviva’s drop signals a critical industry shift in wood biomass production. Traders should understand the impact on global demand, dividend elimination, and strategic shifts.

      How Does EVA’s Downfall Reflect Broader Environmental Debates?

      Enviva’s plunge emphasizes biomass’s role in offsetting fossil fuels, reflecting broader environmental debates. Traders must stay vigilant amid industry dynamics for well-informed decisions.

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