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      Today’s Top 10 Penny Stock Premarket Gainers

      By Wasim Omar

      Published on

      November 16, 2023

      7:18 PM UTC

      Last Updated on

      November 16, 2023

      7:19 PM UTC

      Today’s Top 10 Penny Stock Premarket Gainers

      In the stock market, sharp traders recognize the value of penny stocks, a domain where substantial short-term gains can easily be captured.

      However, for those seeking to amplify their profit potential, the synergy of penny stock exploration under the umbrella of premarket trading unveils a strategy that extends beyond the ordinary.

      The premarket arena provides traders with a unique advantage—a head start that sets them apart from the broader market’s pace.

      In this exclusive exploration, we delve into the top 10 penny stock premarket gainers, spotlighting the morning’s most promising performers.

      This strategic fusion of premarket dynamics and penny stock potential equips traders with invaluable insights, offering a glimpse into opportunities that materialize before the traditional trading day even commences.

      As we dissect the penny stock premarket gainers, join us in navigating this intersection of volatility and opportunity, where the premarket hours become a fertile ground for those poised to seize the early momentum.

      Today’s Top Penny Stock Premarket Gainers

      Now getting onto the crux of our report, lets unveil the top penny stock premarket gainers, and individually assess what has been causing them to take off while the rest of the market remains asleep.

      Keep in mind that each of the following have been displaying exceptional momentum, and riding them early on can deliver you a stellar advantage even throughout the regular trade hours of the upcoming day:

      Symbol Company Name Pre-market Change % Price Change % Volume Market Cap
      RBOT Vicarious Surgical Inc. +41.03% 0.2368 USD +7.49% 3.747M 40.802M USD
      KNTE Kinnate Biopharma Inc. +37.26% 2.50 USD +59.24% 62.393M 117.782M USD
      HRTX Heron Therapeutics, Inc. +31.74% 0.8600 USD +59.26% 22.211M 121.053M USD
      HSCS Heart Test Laboratories, Inc. +26.74% 0.1500 USD −16.62% 68.843M 1.601M USD
      MGOL MGO Global Inc. +21.39% 0.5960 USD +18.02% 10.093M 8.488M USD
      DRMA Dermata Therapeutics, Inc. +19.17% 0.6520 USD +1.45% 11.173K 2.079M USD
      NEGG Newegg Commerce, Inc. +19.02% 1.0000 USD +30.80% 5.17M 377.759M USD
      FEMY Femasys Inc. +18.28% 1.01 USD +8.60% 4.547M 16.994M USD
      SLDB Solid Biosciences Inc. +17.84% 2.73 USD +27.93% 12.935M 54.984M USD
      NICK Nicholas Financial, Inc. +17.65% 6.69 USD +22.98% 100.292K 48.837M USD
      1. Vicarious Surgical Inc. (RBOT)

        Vicarious Surgical’s (RBOT) remarkable pre-market gain of +41.03% sparks interest despite challenges. Technical indicators signal a bullish rebound among penny stock premarket gainers, though hurdles persist.

        Crafting surgical robots, the company faces intricacies and costs evident in delays. Analysts express caution as Vicarious Surgical adjusts its timeline, citing financial constraints and integration hurdles.

        With a cautious tone, Zimmerman notes the company’s tight financial position, emphasizing the potential for extended development timelines and capital acquisition challenges.

        Despite risks, the significant pre-market surge suggests investor optimism, making Vicarious Surgical a noteworthy choice in today’s volatile market.

      2. Kinnate Biopharma Inc. (KNTE)

        Despite red flags in Kinnate Biopharma Inc.’s (KNTE) fundamentals and a notable stock reduction by rbiMed Advisors LLC, the company witnessed an extraordinary pre-market gain of +37.26% today.

        This surge, commonly termed a “dead horse bounce” in technical jargon, may be attributed to short-term market dynamics or speculative trading.

        Investors should exercise caution due to the conflicting signals from the stock’s performance and recent actions by major stakeholders.

        It’s crucial to thoroughly analyze the reasons behind this pre-market spike and consider potential risks before making any investment decisions in KNTE, and all other penny stock premarket gainers.

      3. Heron Therapeutics, Inc. (HRTX)

        Heron Therapeutics Inc (HRTX) shines as a top premarket gainer among the largest premarket movers, boasting a notable +31.74% surge.

        This upward momentum is fueled by the company’s robust performance and positive financial outlook.

        Recently, in its 8-K filing, Heron revealed impressive third-quarter results and raised its 2023 net product sales guidance to $104 million to $106 million.

        CEO Craig Collard’s satisfaction with the ongoing corporate restructuring and strategic positioning adds confidence.

        With a cost reduction plan slashing operating expenses by 26%, the company projects a profitable 2024, reflecting the growth potential of its product portfolio and operational enhancements. A compelling choice amid today’s premarket gainers.

      4. Heart Test Laboratories, Inc. (HSCS)

        Heart Test Laboratories, Inc. (HSCS) stands out among premarket dollar gainers and losers with a remarkable pre-market gain of +26.74%, catching traders’ attention.

        Specializing in AI-enhanced electrocardiograms (ECG), HSCS aims to revolutionize cardiac screening, particularly in frontline clinical settings.

        Despite the premarket surge, no evident catalysts, such as press releases or analyst coverage, explain the spike. Notably, the massive trading volume, surpassing 21 million shares compared to the average 1.9 million, is sparking speculation on social media.

        The surge suggests a potential price explosion, making HSCS a compelling choice among today’s top premarket gainers. These dynamics certainly make the stock worth watching today.

      5. MGO Global Inc. (MGOL)

        MGO Global (MGOL) stands out as a compelling premarket gainer with a remarkable 21.39% surge.

        Following its Q3 2023 earnings release, the Messi-branded lifestyle company reported an impressive $1.47 million in revenue, marking a staggering 948% YoY increase.

        While the earnings per share widened to -17 cents from the previous year’s -6 cents, the lack of analyst estimates makes it challenging to draw direct comparisons.

        Nonetheless, the exponential revenue growth underscores MGO Global’s market potential, especially with its association with soccer icon Lionel Messi. This surge positions MGOL as a notable consideration among today’s top premarket small cap movers.

      6. Dermata Therapeutics, Inc. (DRMA)

        Dermata Therapeutics, Inc. (DRMA) emerges as a compelling choice among the biggest premarket gainers and losers with a significant +19.17% boost.

        Positioned as a clinical-stage dermatology innovator, the company achieved FDA recognition for its Phase 3 clinical program, signaling a pivotal move towards NDA filing.

        Dermata’s proactive response to FDA recommendations, including traditional measurements and ECGs, underscores its commitment to robust research.

        With Phase 3 initiation slated for 2023, starting with the STAR-1 trial targeting moderate-to-severe acne, Dermata aligns strategic milestones.

        Boasting $6.6 million in cash reserves and prudent financial management, Dermata appears poised for success, promising potential gains for astute investors.

      7. Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NEGG)

        Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NEGG) shines as a premarket standout, boasting a 19.02% gain.

        Positioned as a leading e-commerce player, Newegg specializes in IT components, electronics, entertainment, smart home, and gaming products, offering a global logistics backbone.

        The recent surge aligns with a strategic move—partnering with UCLA’s standout linebacker, Laiatu Latu, for a holiday sale promotion. As an NFL Draft prospect, Latu’s endorsement emphasizes Newegg’s stature as North America’s top online electronics retailer.

        Teaming up with data storage giant Seagate for Black Friday further enhances Newegg’s appeal among US premarket movers, showcasing a synergy of top-tier products and high-profile endorsements.

      8. Femasys Inc. (FEMY)

        Femasys, Inc. (FEMY) stands among premarket stock gainers and losers out with an impressive 18.28% pre-market gain, fueled by a substantial $6.85 million investment from PharmaCyte Biotech, Inc. and other healthcare investors.

        This strategic move supports Femasys’ mission to provide innovative reproductive healthcare solutions.

        Notably, their lead product, FemBloc, in late-stage development for permanent birth control, and FDA-cleared product, FemaSeed®, demonstrate the company’s commitment to accessible women’s health options.

        The investment, led by seasoned executive Joshua Silverman, not only strengthens Femasys’ financial position but also brings valuable expertise, aligning with their goal of near-term shareholder value.

      9. Solid Biosciences Inc. (SLDB)

        Solid Biosciences, Inc. (SLDB) stands out with a 17.84% pre-market gain due to its groundbreaking progress in Duchenne muscular dystrophy (Duchenne) treatment.

        Recently FDA-cleared for clinical trials, their SGT-003 gene therapy exhibits promise, combining a unique microdystrophin transgene with an advanced capsid and manufacturing process.

        The CEO, Bo Cumbo, emphasizes its potential to address unmet needs. With impressive preclinical results, rapid transduction, and enhanced safety in animal models, Solid aims to initiate a Phase 1/2 trial swiftly.

        This advancement signifies a crucial step in revolutionizing Duchenne treatment, making Solid a compelling choice among USA premarket movers for premarket investors.

      10. Nicholas Financial, Inc. (NICK)

        Nicholas Financial, Inc. (NICK) stands out among most significant premarket gainers with a pre-market gain of 17.65%.

        As a consumer finance services provider, it manages automobile finance contracts and offers direct consumer loans. A recent SEC filing unveils an earnings release and financial exhibit, indicating a noteworthy increase in quarterly net loss from $3 million to over $10 million.

        On a positive note, cash reserves saw an uptick from $450,000 to $650,000. Despite the rise, caution is warranted, as the surge appears linked to a potential short squeeze. Investors should weigh the financial dynamics and implications of this surge before considering it as a pick.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What Are Penny Stocks in The Stock Market?

      Penny stocks are low-priced stocks, often trading below $5 per share. Despite the potential for substantial short-term gains, they come with higher volatility and risks due to smaller market capitalization.

      Why Is Premarket Trading Advantageous for Stock Traders?

      Premarket trading provides a unique advantage by allowing traders to react to news and events before the regular market opens. It offers a head start, enabling them to make informed decisions ahead of the broader market.

      How Does RBOT Stand Out Despite Challenges?

      Despite facing challenges in timelines and financial constraints, RBOT’s remarkable +41.03% pre-market gain signals investor optimism. Analysts, while cautious, acknowledge the potential for a bullish rebound in this surgical robotics company.

      What Should Investors Consider About KNTE?

      Despite a notable +37.26% pre-market gain, investors should exercise caution with KNTE due to red flags in fundamentals and a recent stock reduction by rbiMed Advisors LLC. Thorough analysis of the stock’s performance and potential risks is crucial.

      Why is HRTX Considered a Compelling Choice?

      With a +31.74% pre-market surge, HRTX shines due to robust third-quarter results, raised sales guidance, and a cost reduction plan. CEO Craig Collard’s positive outlook and strategic positioning make it a compelling choice among premarket gainers.

      What Makes HSCS Intriguing?

      Specializing in AI-enhanced electrocardiograms, HSCS’s +26.74% pre-market gain with massive trading volume sparks speculation. The potential for a price explosion in this cardiac screening innovator makes it worth watching.

      Why is MGO Global a Notable Consideration?

      With a 21.39% pre-market surge and impressive revenue growth, MGOL, a Messi-branded lifestyle company, stands out. Despite widened earnings per share, its association with soccer icon Lionel Messi positions it as a notable consideration.

      What Milestones Position DRMA as a Compelling Choice?

      With a significant +19.17% pre-market gain, DRMA, a clinical-stage dermatology innovator, achieved FDA recognition for its Phase 3 clinical program. Proactive responses to FDA recommendations and prudent financial management make it poised for success.

      Why is NEGG a Premarket Standout?

      Boasting a 19.02% gain, NEGG, a leading e-commerce player, strategically partners with UCLA’s standout linebacker and data storage giant Seagate. The synergy of top-tier products and high-profile endorsements positions NEGG as a premarket standout.

      What Drives FEMY as a Compelling Choice?

      FEMY’s impressive pre-market gain is fueled by a $6.85 million investment, supporting its mission for innovative reproductive healthcare solutions. With lead products in late-stage development and strategic investments, FEMY is well-positioned for near-term shareholder value.

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