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      Top 5G Companies to Invest In - Stocks Telegraph

      By Fahim Awan

      Published on

      May 10, 2022

      11:18 AM UTC

      Last Updated on

      June 14, 2023

      12:57 PM UTC

      Top 5G Companies to Invest In - Stocks Telegraph

      5G technology is one of the biggest developments of recent times. The roadmap of 5G mobile networking is well on its way toward implementation.

      And its rapid network construction will continue in 2023. 5G companies have been working on various dimensions of the technology.

      Based on that, these 5G companies to invest in have massive growth potential in the coming years. Here we are discussing the top 5G stocks to Invest in to get the maximum returns.

      According to Statista, global 5G subscriptions are expected to double and surpass 1 billion this year.

      Meanwhile, the global 5G infrastructure spending needed to support the change could increase by more than $83 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 45.3%. Therefore, 2023 could really be a good year for 5G stocks.

      Despite things speeding up in the 5G space, this massive technology rollout will take a few more years to complete. In the meanwhile, businesses and consumers will need to upgrade their devices and systems to 5G networks.

      What Is 5G Technology?

      5G technology is the fifth generation of wireless technology, designed to provide faster speeds, lower latency, and increased capacity compared to its predecessors.

      It aims to revolutionize communication and connectivity by enabling advanced applications such as autonomous vehicles, remote surgery, and smart cities.

      What Is 5G Technology

      5G operates on higher frequency bands and uses advanced antenna technologies to deliver faster data transfer rates and more reliable connections.

      Expected Market Size

      The market size for 5G technology is projected to be enormous. According to various industry reports, the global 5G market is expected to reach a value of over $2 trillion by 2030.

      The growth is fueled by the rising need for fast internet, the widespread use of connected devices, and the quick adoption of emerging technologies such as IoT and AI.

      Why Invest In 5G?

      Investing in 5G technology can be an attractive opportunity for several reasons:

      • Growth Potential

        With the expanding market and increasing demand for faster and more reliable connectivity, 5G technology is poised for significant growth.

        As more industries and sectors embrace digital transformation, there will be a surge in the need for 5G infrastructure, services, and hardware.

      • Technological Advancements

        5G technology unlocks new possibilities and applications that were previously not feasible.

        It enables innovations in areas such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), autonomous vehicles, and smart cities.

        Investing in top 5G stocks allows investors to be part of the technological advancements that will shape the future.

      • Competitive Advantage

        Companies that embrace 5G early on can gain a competitive edge in their respective industries. 5G offers faster download and upload speeds, low latency, and increased network capacity.

        With these features, 5G can improve operational efficiency, enhance customer experiences, and enable new business models.

      Ways To Invest In 5G

      Investors who are searching for the answer of how to invest in 5G stocks, there are several avenues for them to participate in the growth of 5G technology:

      • Infrastructure

        Investing in companies involved in building and maintaining 5G infrastructure can be a viable option. These companies include network equipment providers, tower operators, and infrastructure developers.Infrastructure - Network Equipment

        As the demand for 5G infrastructure increases, these companies are likely to benefit from long-term contracts and steady revenue streams.

      • Hardware

        Hardware manufacturers that produce 5G-compatible devices, such as smartphones, tablets, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, can be another avenue.

        As 5G adoption increases, the demand for compatible hardware will rise, presenting an opportunity for growth in this sector. So hardware manufacturer stock is also another answer to where to invest in 5G stocks.

      • Service Providers

        Investing in the top 5G stocks of telecommunication companies and service providers that offer 5G connectivity is another way to capitalize on the 5G revolution.

        These companies will benefit from increased subscriptions and data usage as consumers and businesses adopt 5G technology.

        Additionally, service providers with strong network infrastructure and coverage will have a competitive advantage in attracting customers.

      5G Companies to Invest In

      Investors seeking exposure to the 5G revolution should consider companies at the forefront of this transformative technology.

      These firms are innovating in areas such as network infrastructure, chip manufacturing, and telecommunications services.

      With the potential for enhanced connectivity, faster speeds, and expanded IoT capabilities, investing in 5G companies could unlock significant growth opportunities in the future.

      So, here we have compiled the five best 5G companies to invest in.

      Skyworks Solutions (SWKS)

      Skyworks Solutions (SWKS) is first in our list of best 5G companies to invest in which leads the way in transforming connectivity.

      With its revolutionary SKY5 platform and 5G small cell, the company excels in delivering lightning-fast end-to-end 5G connections.

      Their radio frequency chip designs empower mobile phones to seamlessly connect to networks, making them a prime beneficiary of the surging 5G adoption.

      During the fiscal second quarter, Skyworks accomplished several significant milestones across various industries, showcasing their diverse expertise and innovative solutions.

      Skyworks delivered the Sky5 platforms, supporting Samsung’s premium and mass-tier smartphone launches, providing cutting-edge technology and seamless connectivity.

      • Partnering with Cisco, SWKS enabled enhanced Power-over-Ethernet functionality for enterprise networks, improving power delivery and productivity.
      • In the networking sector, Skyworks introduced tri-band gateways for companies like CommScope and ASUS, catering to the demand for high-speed internet.
      • SWKS secured partnerships with a market leader in mobile computing to integrate their advanced 5G platforms, setting new standards in connectivity.
      • Skyworks also shipped programmable timing solutions to a top US satellite provider and enabled small-cell infrastructure deployments with a Japanese telecommunications company.
      • Expanding into the industrial sector, SWKS collaborated with a smart meter company.
      • In the automotive sector, Skyworks worked with a European automotive supplier and a Korean automotive OEM to enhance EV technology and digital radio capabilities.

      Through these diverse accomplishments, Skyworks has demonstrated its commitment to driving technological advancements.

      And that was across multiple industries, solidifying SWKS’ position as a global leader in innovative connectivity solutions and a better choice among many of the 5G companies to invest in.

      Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

      Second, on our list of top 5G companies to invest in is Advanced Micro Devices (AMD).

      The semiconductor firm has become a significant player in the 5G market after acquiring Xilinx, a leading provider of FPGA chips.

      The acquisition, completed in February 2022, combined the strengths of both companies and expanded AMD’s product portfolio.

      Xilinx’s FPGA chips are highly adaptable, making them ideal for building the infrastructure required for deploying 5G technology.

      Additionally, Xilinx’s higher profit margins compared to traditional AMD chips improved AMD’s profitability.

      During its fiscal first quarter of 2023, AMD has the following achievement in different business segments.

      • AMD leads in confidential computing with major cloud service providers adopting AMD EPYC processors.
      • AMD expands capabilities for developers in AI solutions with support for PyTorch 2.0 framework and TensorFlow-ZenDNN plug-in.
      • AMD introduces the AMD Alveo MA35D media accelerator with an integrated AI processor for live interactive streaming services.
      • AMD enhances its embedded processor portfolio with Ryzen Embedded 5000 Series and EPYC Embedded 9004 Series processors for networking, security, and storage systems.
      • AMD strengthens its presence in the telco space through a testing lab, Zynq UltraScale+ RFSoC products, and collaboration with Nokia for energy-efficient solutions.
      • AMD Ryzen mobile processors power new commercial, consumer, and gaming experiences, including handheld PC gaming consoles.
      • HPI, Lenovo, Framework, and Samsung announce devices featuring AMD Ryzen processors.
      • AMD extends its partnership with Samsung to bring high-performance Radeon graphics solutions to Samsung Exynos SoCs.
      • AMD introduces the AMD Radeon PRO W7000 Series graphics for professionals.
      • AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution technology is supported in numerous games, with FSR 2 being the latest update.

      With these developments, AMD stock is seen as a promising investment among the best 5G companies to invest in, particularly in the 5G sector.

      Verizon Communications (VZ)

      When it comes to 5G winners, network carriers are at the top of the list of Top 5G companies to Invest in. Verizon Communications (VZ) is certainly one of the biggest 5G companies to invest in.

      Verizon Business lands a $145M, 10-year USPS contract as their main contact center and customer experience partner.

      The deal includes cloud solutions, real-time reporting, and infrastructure upgrades to enhance server and storage systems.

      By eliminating premise infrastructure and hardware costs, Verizon reduces USPS’ IT burden and operational expenses.

      Verizon’s first-quarter results showcased increased cash flow and the highest number of broadband net additions in over ten years.

      • Total consolidated operating revenue in Q1 2023 was $32.9 billion, experiencing a 1.9% decrease from Q1 2022. This decline was primarily due to lower equipment revenue and continued drops in Business wireline services.
      • Q1 2023 witnessed a 3.0% year-over-year increase in total wireless service revenue. This growth included a 185 basis point benefit from reallocating administrative and telco recovery fees, partially offset by the impact of the 3G network shutdown.
      • Net income reached $5.0 billion, marking a 6.5% increase compared to Q1 2022, while adjusted EBITDA stood at $11.9 billion, reflecting a 1.1% decrease year over year.
      • Cash flow from operations rose to $8.3 billion in Q1 2023, driven by improvements in working capital, lower inventory levels, and reduced phone upgrades. Improved customer payment patterns also drove that rise despite macroeconomic uncertainties.
      • The quarter witnessed a significant milestone with 437,000 total broadband net additions, the highest in over a decade. This strong performance was attributed to robust demand for fixed wireless and Fios products.
      • Among the net additions, there were 393,000 fixed wireless and 67,000 Fios Internet net additions. That demonstrated an increase compared to the previous quarter and Q1 2023, respectively.

      With its strong performance in broadband net additions and 5G technology, Verizon (VZ) holds great potential among the top 5G companies to invest in as a long-term investment in the 5G market.

      Marvell Technology (MRVL)

      Marvell Technology (MRVL) is a well-known manufacturer of semiconductors which also stands tall among 5G companies to invest in.

      The company is working in the 5G space with its highly flexible end-to-end optimized 5G platform.

      Marvell’s goal is to exceed OEM design demands, accelerate the development of 5G New Radio, and ultimately, speed global carrier deployments.

      Marvell’s Q1 FY2024 financials:

      • Net revenue exceeded guidance by $22M, totaling $1.322B.
      • GAAP net loss stood at $(168.9)M, $(0.20) per diluted share.
      • Non-GAAP net income reached $264M, $0.31 per diluted share.
      • Cash flow from operations amounted to $208.4M in Q1.

      Marvell’s Brightlane Q622x series introduces Automotive Ethernet switches that revolutionize vehicle computing architectures.

      These powerful switches enhance safety and enable software-defined services for the next generation of cars.

      Traditional domain networking schemes and point-to-point connections are being replaced by zonal networking architectures.

      Those are based on scalable Ethernet, empowering automakers to advance onboard computing capabilities.

      This exposes MRVL stock as a promising 5G company among the top 5G companies to invest in with significant potential. It’s an opportunity worth considering.

      SBA Communications (SBAC)

      SBA Communications (SBAC) thrives as a global 5G tower operator, spanning continents. Amidst the worldwide 5G boom, SBAC emerges as an enticing stock.

      The US market fuels over 80% of its revenue, granting it an advantageous position for the 2023 5G surge. Furthermore, SBA remains resilient to regulations, interest rates, and pandemic upheavals.

      SBA Communications’ Q1 2023 revenue surged to $675.5M, up 9% from 2022. Net income hit $100.6M ($0.92 per share).

      Q1 adjusted EBITDA rose by 8.4% to $459.3M compared to the previous year. Impressive growth signals a prosperous start to 2023.

      In Q1 2023, SBA acquired 14 sites for $8.6M and built 52 towers. By March 31, 2023, SBA owned 39,362 sites, 17,418 in the US and territories, and 21,944 internationally. They spent $11.6M on land, easements, and lease extensions.

      Total cash expenses for Q1 2023 were $69.1M, with $11.8M for maintenance and corporate expenses. About $57.3M of expenses were for new towers, augmentations, acquisitions, land, and easements.

      After Q1 2023, SBA plans to acquire 66 sites for $63.7M by Q4 2023. SBA excels in 5G globally, making it a strong choice among the best 5G companies to invest in.

      We have also compiled a list of 20+ of the best 5G companies to invest in:

      Best 5G Companies Stocks
      QCOM Qualcomm Incorporated
      NOK Nokia Oyj
      ERIC Ericsson
      005930.KS Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
      T AT&T Inc.
      0941.HK China Mobile Limited
      TMUS T-Mobile US, Inc.
      AVGO Broadcom Inc.
      MDTKF MediaTek Inc.
      CSCO Cisco Systems, Inc.
      066570.KS LG Electronics Inc.
      VOD Vodafone Group Plc
      0728.HK China Telecom Corporation Limited
      KEYS Keysight Technologies, Inc.
      ADI Analog Devices, Inc.
      KT KT Corporation
      0763.HK ZTE Corporation
      CCI Crown Castle International Corp.
      COMM CommScope Holding Company, Inc.
      UI Ubiquiti Inc.
      TEF Telefonica S.A.
      SBAC SBA Communications Corporation
      VEON VEON Ltd.

      Best 5G Equipment and Infrastructure Stocks

      Best 5G Equipment and Infrastructure Stocks
      AMT American Tower Corporation
      MRVL Marvell Technology Group Ltd.
      SWKS Skyworks Solutions, Inc.
      CIEN Ciena Corporation
      GLW Corning Incorporated
      LITE Lumentum Holdings Inc.
      MTSI MACOM Technology Solutions Holdings, Inc.
      VIAV Viavi Solutions Inc.
      INSG Inseego Corp.
      IDCC InterDigital, Inc.
      ATEN A10 Networks, Inc.
      ADTN ADTRAN, Inc.
      AMKR Amkor Technology, Inc.
      RBBN Ribbon Communications Inc.
      CASA Casa Systems, Inc.
      CAMP CalAmp Corp.
      CMTL Comtech Telecommunications Corp.
      CMBM Cambium Networks Corporation
      BDC Belden Inc.
      JNPR Juniper Networks, Inc.
      ASX ASE Technology Holding Co., Ltd.
      DLR Digital Realty Trust, Inc.
      EQIX Equinix, Inc.

      Best 5G Real Estate Investments

      Best 5G Real Estate Investments

      Best 5G Real Estate Investments
      IIPR Innovative Industrial Properties, Inc.
      PLD Prologis, Inc.
      ARE Alexandria Real Estate Equities, Inc.
      TRNO Terreno Realty Corporation
      PSA Public Storage
      EXR Extra Space Storage Inc.
      CUBE CubeSmart
      FRT Federal Realty Investment Trust
      AVB AvalonBay Communities, Inc.
      ESS Essex Property Trust, Inc.
      SPG Simon Property Group, Inc.
      VTR Ventas, Inc.
      WELL Welltower Inc.
      PEAK Healthpeak Properties, Inc.
      BXP Boston Properties, Inc.
      O Realty Income Corporation
      WPC W. P. Carey Inc.
      SLG SL Green Realty Corp.
      KRC Kilroy Realty Corporation
      HIW Highwoods Properties, Inc.
      EQR Equity Residential

      Best 5G Stocks By Hardware Sector

      Best 5G Stocks by Hardware Sector
      QRVO Qorvo, Inc.
      MXL MaxLinear, Inc.
      VECO Veeco Instruments Inc.
      MCHP Microchip Technology Incorporated
      TXN Texas Instruments Incorporated
      STM STMicroelectronics N.V.
      IFNNF Infineon Technologies AG
      NXPI NXP Semiconductors N.V.
      ON ON Semiconductor Corporation
      LRCX Lam Research Corporation
      AMAT Applied Materials, Inc.
      KLAC KLA Corporation

      Satellite And Space Exploration

      Satellite And Space Exploration

      Satellite and Space Exploration Companies
      LMT Lockheed Martin Corporation
      NOC Northrop Grumman Corporation
      BA Boeing Company
      2JD.BE Maxar Technologies Inc.
      VSAT Viasat, Inc.
      IRDM Iridium Communications Inc.
      SESG.PA SES S.A.
      EUTLF Eutelsat Communications S.A.
      SATS EchoStar Corporation
      BALL Ball Corporation
      LHX L3Harris Technologies, Inc.
      KTOS Kratos Defense & Security Solutions, Inc.
      RTX Raytheon Technologies Corporation
      GD General Dynamics Corporation

      Where To Buy The Best 5G Shares

      Investing in 5G technology is a lucrative opportunity for those looking to capitalize on the next generation of connectivity.

      But, there are still many investors who are searching for how to invest in 5G stocks.

      As this cutting-edge technology continues to expand and revolutionize various industries, it is crucial to identify the best platforms to buy 5G shares. Here are a few notable options about where to invest in 5G stocks:

      • Online Brokerages

        Several established online brokerages offer a wide range of investment options, including 5G shares.

        These platforms provide user-friendly interfaces, educational resources, and research tools to help investors make informed decisions.

      • Traditional Stock Exchanges

        Major stock exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) and NASDAQ list numerous companies involved in 5G development.

        Investors can access these exchanges through brokerage accounts or financial advisors.

      • Direct Stock Purchase Plans (DSPP)

        Some companies offer DSPP, allowing investors to buy shares directly from the issuing company.

        This method is also a suitable answer to how to invest in 5G stocks which eliminates the need for a brokerage account and may provide cost savings.

      • Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)

        5G-focused ETFs offer a diversified investment approach, allowing investors to gain exposure to multiple companies involved in 5G technology.

        These funds can be purchased through brokerage accounts like traditional stocks.

      • Robo-Advisors

        Robo-advisory platforms leverage algorithms and artificial intelligence to automate investment decisions.Robo-Advisors

        Some robo-advisors offer specialized portfolios that include 5G stocks.

      Why Does 5G Create a Different Opportunity for Investors?

      5G technology represents a paradigm shift in the world of connectivity, creating a unique opportunity for investors. Here’s why:

      • Market Potential

        The global rollout of 5G networks opens up vast market potential across various sectors.

        From autonomous vehicles and smart cities to telemedicine and virtual reality, 5G enables transformative advancements.

        This presents investors with a wide range of industries and companies to invest in, each with the potential for significant growth.

      • Infrastructure Development

        Implementing 5G technology requires extensive infrastructure development, including the installation of new cell towers, fiber-optic cables, and networking equipment.

        This infrastructure build-out creates investment opportunities for companies involved in the construction, manufacturing, and deployment of 5G-related infrastructure.

      • Disruptive Innovation

        5G’s high-speed, low-latency capabilities pave the way for disruptive innovations and business models.

        Startups and established companies alike are leveraging 5G to create groundbreaking solutions.

        Investors who identify these innovative companies early on can benefit from their potential for rapid growth and market dominance.

      • Diversification

        Investing in 5G provides an opportunity for diversification.

        The technology spans multiple sectors, from telecommunications and semiconductor manufacturing to healthcare and entertainment.

        By investing in a diverse range of 5G companies, investors can mitigate risks associated with individual stock volatility and capitalize on the overall growth of the industry.

      • Long-Term Growth

        5G’s impact is expected to unfold over the long term.

        As the technology continues to mature and new applications emerge, companies at the forefront of 5G innovation have the potential for sustained growth.

        This long-term growth outlook makes 5G an attractive investment opportunity for patient investors seeking capital appreciation.


      The world of 5G technology presents a myriad of investment opportunities. With the global demand for faster and more reliable connectivity on the rise, investing in leading 5G companies is a strategic move.

      These companies have demonstrated their ability to innovate, adapt, and capitalize on the transformative power of 5G networks.

      As the world embraces the potential of this technology, investors can expect substantial growth and potential returns. However, thorough research and analysis remain crucial in seeking where to invest in 5G stocks.

      By staying ahead of the curve and investing wisely in this dynamic sector, investors can position themselves for a prosperous future in the 5G revolution.

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